olive's birthday.

About 4 kids ago, I used to make an elaborate birthday cake for each kiddo on their birthday.  I would let them sift through the birthday cake book we own and pick out their favorite cake.
Now the birthday child gets a tower of donuts with some candles in them.  If they're lucky, the donuts have frosting.
Ollie was no exception to this, when she turned 3 a few weeks ago. 
She woke up to balloons, chalkboard writing and a 3 piece donut stand.


Recently when I've pulled my big camera out, she gets as close as possible to it and says "cheeeeese" as loud and crazy as she can.  So I have a lot of these pictures:
Our sweet Olive girl.  3 years old.
How bittersweet is time?  Watching my babies grow up.  Learning and exploring and bossing...she's a pro at all of those.
I say it again and again, but I am so thankful the lord knew better than us when it came to the amount of kids we would have.  We were good with 5.  The lord said one more.
And one more we got...and she's a whole lot of personality combined into one.
Happy birthday Olive!
You're the perfect caboose to this train!



A few days ago I remembered I had a blog.
Hello there!
If I'm being honest, I haven't really known what to say.
It's been a rough few months and piling it into a bunch of words seems silly to me.
But I'll write anyways, cause writing does my soul good.
A few days before Thanksgiving, my Grandpa passed away. When I was younger and my parents divorced, my Dad and I moved in with my Grandpa and Grandma.  We lived there for quite awhile (years) and I was fortunate enough to create a bond with them.  I have such fond memories of my Grandpa.  Fishing with him, going to UMKC basketball games, listening to the Royals on our back porch under the stars, helping at his different organizations with him.  He loved me well, just like he loved everyone well. 
He was so special.  He shared a birthday with our Elsa.  And even a few weeks before he passed, they were here in town visiting and playing with the kids. 
We all know death comes eventually, but you're never prepared for it.
Losing my Mom and now my Grandpa feels surreal.  The longer it's been since their deaths, the more I feel like they are farther away.  Memories are literally all we have to hold on to.
My Grandpa lived a long and wonderful life.  He started dating my Grandma when they were only 14 & 15.  For their whole lives, they have loved each other.  It's such a beautiful picture of marriage.  Till death do us part.  And I watched as my Grandma stayed by his side the whole time.  In the end, he peacefully passed away with those that love him most in this world, by his side.