happy (belated) birthday mr. anderson

I should definitely get the best wife award because not only am I a week late in publicly wishing Mr. Anderson a happy birthday, but I was also a total turd to him on the big day.
I mean, I was like HANGRY (hungry + angry) times ten billion.
Some days my grumpiness just goes everywhere with me, and that happened to be on his birthday.
But, let's stop talking about how I could have competed with Grumpy Cat and won, and instead focus on Mr. A, shall we?
(I'm really not that tall, in fact I'm a total shorty pants.  I was standing way up high on my tip toes in that picture)
He deserves all the attention because 1. he is so dang cute and 2. he loves me and the kids well.
We've been married for almost 12 years and while it's not been easy (can somebody say 6 kids in 7 years) I wouldn't want to do it with anybody else.
Mr. Anderson you've turned 35 and I love you more now, than I did 13 years ago.
While I dislike growing old, I'm happy to be doing it with you.
You are the peanut butter to my jelly, the macaroni to my cheese, the Harry to my Potter.
You're basically the best. 
And you're so much older than me.  #oldman
Plus, our kids can't go to sleep unless you pray with them...that's something special right there.
Thanks for loving us so well.


doodle doodle doodle.

At our Flourish retreat a few months ago, we had a lovely speaker named Casey.  Casey's story is one for the books---she has suffered heartache beyond what any mother should feel.  And yet, she is clinging to the lord with all that she has in her.  She's an older women, wise beyond her years.
I learned SO many beautiful things from her that weekend, but one of my favorites was on the subject of doodling.  I was an art major in college although I would say I'm not very artsy.  My subject was photography, and so anytime I had to do anything that involved drawing or painting or whatever...I totally failed. 
But that's why I love doodling.  It speaks to my soul.  It doesn't have to be perfect and when you  mess up, you can just incorporate that into your doodle.
Casey encouraged us all to doodle and I've been loving it ever since.  I bring my little book and pens with me when we go places and if there is free time I try to pull that out, rather than my phone.
I also have been doodling in church which I find helps me to listen so much better.  I felt bad at first, because it honestly looks like I'm bored and not paying attention, but then I quickly got over it.  Who cares what other people think, right?

A certain little 5 year old of mine (cough*KOHEN*cough) will not go into kids church anymore.  Since my mom passed away, he has clung to me and refuses to go to any sort of non-mommy event.  Church, co-op, etc.  It really bothered me at first, but he sits so quietly in church that it makes no difference to me anymore.  I just expect him to sit with us now, that I might actually miss it if he decides to actually start attending kids church again.
Anyways, my point with all of that is that he is a doodler now too.  And I love it!

For Christmas, all of the kids got these doodle books from Start Creative in their stockings.

I love what their website says:

Start Creative is built on the belief that we all have an artist inside. Sometimes, we just need a little start to get our creativity flowing.
Each Start Creative product is designed to spark creativity. Use your imagination to continue creating and design your unique style of artwork. Perfect for travel, party favors or even a wait at the doctor’s office or restaurant. We provide the start. You get creative.
Each little mini doodle book has a few designs drawn onto it already, then you go from there.  They are so fun!  Kohen and I had a blast in church yesterday, doodling (and listening!)
Amy is offering you lovely readers 10% off through January 18th!  Use the code CREW10 when you shop.
Seriously y'all, these books are worth every penny to get your kiddos a bit inspired in the art department.  And they are tiny so you can fit them in your pocket. 
So, if you haven't ever doodled, I challenge you to pick up a book and some pens.  You may find that you are actually a creative person---and you said you weren't! 
It's fun...and therapeutic.
Happy Monday y'all---and happy 2015!