trending topics are taking over my life.

My life is busy, as I'm sure yours is as well.  I wear the hat of many people:  wife, mom, Christ follower, business owner, leader, a horrible chef...you get it.  I'm busy.
But I can 100% say that my time management skills are the worst I've ever seen.  No literally, I'm worse than your spouse on Candy Crush when it comes to managing my time.  I am not lying when I say that YES I do all the things, but NO I don't do any of them well.  It feels like every area of my life is suffering because I can't manage my time well. 
I pop on to write an email and I get suckered into 4 other emails that I didn't intend to read/respond too.
I go to get dinner ready and I end up eating a pint of ice cream instead.  What the?
I pop on to update my oils Facebook group and I end up reading about Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis because THEIR LIFE IS SO IMPORTANT.
Time wasted, but I'm up to date on all my celeb gossip.  What the heck, someone remove the FB "trending topics" because this mama ain't got time for that.
Side track (story of my life), but I LI-TRA-LEE don't know how you people with Facebook friends accomplish anything in your life.  I have zero friends on there (on purpose, not because I'm lame) and I can't even accomplish what I would like to accomplish in a proper amount of time.  Right after I sign on, I forget why I'm there.  End side track.
I came into this summer excited for a new season.  I was going to get my hiney in gear---exercise more, eat better, meal plan, be nicer to my kids, yell less, organize more...you get it.
And now I'm looking at August 12th and I'm all like "uh closet?  Can you PLEASE organize yourself?  Why do I know about every celebrity breakup but my closet is still dirty?"
But really though, I may have failed at getting it all together this summer and every season in my life, but what I'm constantly being reminded of is that I DON'T HAVE TO HAVE IT ALL TOGETHER.  And neither do you.
I'll happily take all of your time management skillz that you'd like to dish out, but I'm also walking around knowing and believing that Jesus died on the cross for me.  For you.  And not so that we can be perfect.  We aren't meant to be perfect, and we need to remember that.  This doesn't mean we can't do things to better ourselves and our family.  Listen, we ALL could benefit from some time management skills, and in my case, a chill pill (or 12).  But let's remember that we have nothing to prove to God, because we are already loved by him.  That's done, and it won't change.  We need to stop living in the guilt of not being good enough.
Did this post even make sense?  I feel like, as with my life, I was all over the place.
Goodnight folks.


ch-ch-ch-changes and why i love a mlm

When I shared about oils on my blog almost 2 years ago, I had no idea what that would mean for me.   Now I sit here with a full fledged business under my belt, an amazing team of like-minded oilers, a community which has been such an unexpected blessing, a paycheck that I never even dreamed about and a husband that will be home FULL TIME in the fall because our Young Living income is enough (and then some) to support our family.
Our lives are so different, all thanks to sharing about some oils.
I love oils.  I really do.  They have changed our lives in every way possible.
The past 2 weeks I have gone on 2 different trips with Young Living.  One to Utah and one to Washington.  I got to go with 2 of my best friends and together we got to experience 2 Young Living farms, their corporate office and warehouse and some pretty swanky hotels.
I'm telling you, I work for THE greatest company ever.
I know people say "oh I don't want to buy those oils because it's a MLM company"...well I'm here to tell you that a MLM (multi-level marketing) is not what you think it is.
I've heard "it's a pyramid scheme" and to that I simply say: it's actually not.  The people at the "top" do not necessarily make the most money.  Someone who is signed up 8 levels below me could get paid more than me if they wanted too.  It just takes work.
I also like to remind people that the corporate, 9-5 job they are working is actually in fact, a pyramid scheme.  Who gets paid the most?  The CEO...and then so on.
My favorite things about an MLM:
1. The sky is literally the limit.  I am my own boss, I set my own work hours, my family gets to be involved as well.  I'm not gone all day, I'm home.
2. I love that when you purchase oils, or any other product through an MLM, you are supporting a stay-at-home mom trying to bring in a little extra income.  Even a working parent who is trying hard to make enough so that they can be home with their family.  Or even a college aged person, trying to keep out of debt while they are in school.  Getting the idea here?
You aren't supporting Whole Foods, Target, etc.  You are supporting a person.
And I love that.
Now, I will be the first person to tell you that some distributors go about this all the wrong way.  YES, people can be pushy.  YES, people can be manipulating.  YES, people can downright beg.
All of that is tacky, and it's unfortunate that some companies teach their distributors to behave this way. 
This is NOT how Young Living does things (will there be pushy YL distributors?  Yes.  But YL does not teach this).
Their simple business model is:  Love it?  Share it!
The product comes first, not some tactic about how you can make X amount of money per month.
You get your product, fall in love with it and then naturally want to share it. 
It's so simple.
So, do you want to try these oils yet?
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