a nice pile drive to the face.

We have a rule in this house...you sleep in your own bed, UNLESS it's your birthday.  Then (and only then) you get to sleep in mom and dads bed on your birthday night.
One night of the year.
I was recently reminded of why we have this rule.  Kohen and I had to share a bed while staying at a friends house.
After being punched in every body part imaginable, I realized how much I hate sharing a bed with my children.
At what point in your life, do you learn to sleep like an adult?  Where you don't end up with your feet on the pillow?  I mean, all my kids are weird like that.
Basically, somehow someway, their tiny little bodies end up taking up our gigantic king size bed.  They somehow manage to wrangle their way into every nook and cranny, pushing us further and further to the edges.
The two unsuspecting normal bed dwellers lay at the edges of the bed, grasping for morning time so they can stop getting pile drives to the face from tiny people.
Basically, 6 times a year, I despise sleeping.  Who made up this rule anyways?  Oh that's right.  Me.  Good one, mom.
This post is pointless, carry on with your life.  But just know, all parents getting kicked in the face while they sleep...UNITE.


the terrific twos.

2 years old is such an interesting age.
On their way to being "big kids" but still wanting to enjoy the baby side of things.  Life is rough for a 2 year old. 
Don't even think about helping them get dressed, they prefer to do that by themselves.  It doesn't even matter if they put underwear on over their pants (which is over their diaper---underwear isn't even needed) but you better believe they are gonna do what they want.  And their shirts?  Didn't you know that wearing your shirt backwards and inside out is what all the cool kids do?  Duh.
They want to help you do everything, from putting the dishes away (and breaking a few) to disciplining all the other kids.  Olive loves to repeat everything I say to the big kids:  "I said to be nice to your brother!"  "I say beeee nice to yur brover!"
They love to try new things.  And make funny faces.
They are happy one minute, then the next?  The world is ending.  All because we didn't let them have their favorite snack, or we buckled them in their car seat when they wanted to be the ones to do it.
Ohhhhhh car rides with a 2 year old.  I won't even go there.
They are interesting, yes.  But they are so fun.  I look at my sweet Olive and I can't believe I am getting to experience this stage again.  It's so bittersweet with her because she is our last.  Somehow the tantrums and fit throwing don't matter much when you know it's a season that passes quickly.  Trying to soak her last few months as a 2 year old up.
P.S. Who knew I would get a blonde child?  The lord is good.
Happy Monday!