mother of the year. always.

I had to unload a ton of junk at the resale store today.  Being the sneaky mom that I am, I added this huge toy that my kids haven't touched in the last 2 years.  It just sits in our living room, collecting LOTS of dust.  I thought to myself "I'm gonna put this in the trunk for a few days to see if anybody even notices it's gone".  They didn't.
So, today I gathered them all up and took them to drop off our stuff.
I told the man "look, I've got 6 kids in there that will fight me if they see I'm giving this away...so, be sneaky".
Apparently I was supposed to slip him a twenty along with my request, because he was the furthest thing from sneaky.
I got back in my car and all 6 of my children were CRYING.
I sat there for a few minutes, holding up the line, explaining how they haven't played with it for a few years and that some other kids would be so excited to get it.
They weren't buying it.
You would have thought I gave away a baby puppy or something.
The man even walks up and asks if everything is okay and I let him know that I'm gonna need that huge toy back.  Please and thank you.
So, we bring it home and Olive is still sobbing in the car.  The whole way home.
She tells me that she can't believe I gave away her ducky jammies.  You know, the ones that she wore when she was ONE YEAR OLD.
I'm all Olive, listen, you're too big for them.  Sobbing.
Another baby will love having them.  Sobbing.
You have plenty of other comfy jammies that actually fit you.  Sobbing.
The ducky jammies were her most favorite thing ever apparently. 
I mean, seriously.
These pictures have nothing to do with the post---oh well.
Enjoy Caedmon at 11 years old and Elsa at 8 years old. 
Both of whom look like they could be teenagers.
Hold me.



oilz and a sign up promotion

All during the month of June, my oils team Essential Families, will be sharing different oil tips and recipes that you can share with others or use for yourself!  Our goal is to be learning and sharing something new every day.   ALSO, read on to see what you will receive if you purchase a Premium Starter Kit with me in the month of June!
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Here are a few things we've shared thus far:
Perfect for a refreshing summer drink, and perfect for freezing as popsicles.
1 lemon juiced
4 drops Lemon YL oil
5 drops Citrus Fresh YL oil
2 cups strawberries
2 cups blueberries
3-4 cups ice water
Blend all ingredients together and enjoy!
(My crew and I actually tried this and it was delish.  This recipe also made A TON.  We had enough to each drink a small glass, and freeze for popsicles the next day.)
Citrus Fresh Essential Oil Uses:
1) Diffuse a few drops to give your home a fresh and clean aroma. Drop a few drops on a cotton ball and place inside the vent of your car or bathroom to freshen it up.
2) Add 1-2 drops of citrus fresh in your fruit smoothie for a delicious tropical taste.
3) Make a refreshing room or linen spray with water, a smidge of witch hazel and several drops of citrus fresh.
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Most of the home recipes we are posting this month were taken from these 2 books.  These little gems are AWESOME.  You'll also get a 15ml bottle of Cedarwood---which is one of my favorite oils to diffuse when I'm sleeping.
PLUS, while supplies last, Young Living is sending a free oil out with the starter kits.  You will either receive Orange, Tangerine or Lemongrass.  Y'all, this is 13 oils you will be getting!
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Happy Friday!