give me all the stress away.

It's been a whirlwind of a week the last 7 days.  We drove up with my best friend and her 5 kids to Kansas, spent the week with our other best friend and her 3 kids...you read that right.  3 adults, 14 kids. 
We were highly outnumbered. 
And drinking a lot of wine at night to help us cope.  (I kid, I kid...sort of).
I'm pretty sure I used an entire bottle of Stress Away whilst there.  Give me all the Stress Away oil.
Speaking of oils...you need Stress Away in your life.  Even if you don't have 14 kids running around you like wild monkeys.
Stress Away comes in the Premium Starter Kit and the next 10 people that sign up with me from now until the end of the month, will get a few extra goodies:
For $150, you will receive the following:
Premium Starter Kit
Essential Oils Pocket Reference
15ml bottle Cedarwood
1 bottle Thieves hand purifier
All of my favorite things!
The Premium Starter Kit is an awesome way to get started with oils.  You get 11 oils PLUS a home diffuser.  Not to mention samples, product guide and some educational materials.
The Essential Oils Pocket Reference is a great book for beginners as it dives into what oils are, how they work, what each oil does, vita-flex points AND you can look up your ailment and see what oils to use and how.  Perfect compliment to your starter kit and 11 oils you'll be receiving!
Cedarwood has been known to help hair growth, sleeping and any skin/scalp issues.  It's one of my favorites for seasonal sniffles too. 
Thieves hand purifier is my go-to, don't leave home without it product.  Every time we hop back in the car the kids put their hands out and get a small amount of this safe purifier.  This isn't like traditional hand sanitizers with chemicals, this is an all natural, waterless hand purifier.  And a tiny bit goes a long way!
When you purchase the kit, you become a wholesale member, so everything is 24% off for you!
Not only do you receive all of that, you also get access to our incredible Essential Families team.  We are at almost 5,000 members and growing. 
We have a private FB page where you can ask any oily related question (a great resource).
You'll also have access to The Family Room (resources and materials to help guide you if you'd like to make this a business---but no pressure of course!)
Our team is committed to encouraging, equipping and educating so that you aren't left in the dark after your purchase.
So, do you want to join us?
Follow these easy steps and let's get started!
(After signing up with a kit, please email me andersonfamilycrew(at)gmail(dot)com with a good address to mail your goodies!)
  • Go to: Member Sign-up Page
  • Please make sure Wholesale Member is checked (and not retail customer---you will not get wholesale prices as a customer)
  • If it's not already filled out, please enter #1412088 in the sponsor ID and enroller ID areas
  • Check your country and language preference
  • On the next page, fill out your info (Why do they ask for your social? When signing up to be a wholesale member, it's required by the government for YL to have your social on file. If you ever sell anything, they will need it for tax purposes. If you don't sell, your social will never be used).
  • Agree to the terms and conditions
  • Select your kit (the Premium Starter Kit, $150, is what I recommend. This should be your first option in the starter kits)
  • At this point you can add more to your order if you'd like, or you can check out with your starter kit. (when your PV value of your order reaches 190, you will earn the free oils for the month! If you want to do this, you will need to add approximately 90PV more to your order)
  • All finished, welcome to the family!
 Have any questions?  Shoot me an email and we can chat! 
*Remember this offer is only good until March 31st at midnight and is for my US friends only*
Happy oiling!



Mother nature must have heard me poking fun at the ice storm she gave us a few weeks back, because NO JOKE, like 3 days later she dumped a ton of snow on us.
Now, most of it was melted by the weekend, but it sure was pretty (and fun!) while it lasted!

Warming up by the fire...
It snowed off an on for a few days, but the really pretty snow came just after midnight one night...I was still up (I'm a night owl) and when I was checking on the kids before heading to bed, I noticed the sky was white outside.  I poked my head out to see the most beautiful snow I've ever seen.
It was so beautiful that I decided to get my snow boots and coat on, and just go stand outside letting it fall on me.  There is something so peaceful about snow at night.  And it somewhat made me emotional...snow!  Why?  I don't know, I'm all kinds of emotional about everything these days.
When you live in an area that only gets maybe 1 snow a year, you have to soak it in!
I love snow, and I'm sure that's because I don't have to drive in it the next day, but man...I love it.
Have a happy weekend!