first day of school, 2014

We are homeschooling (again) this year.  I will talk more on that subject later, but once we got back from Kansas, we started school.  I couldn't forget the first day of school pictures!
Enjoy :)

 True story.  She runs the show.  Always.
I couldn't decide on my favorites below, so you get to look at 89 different ones.
You're welcome.
^Clearly they were done with pictures^

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I was just reading my last post and I had to chuckle about it.  I wrote that in the middle of the night, while staying at a friends house.  I was forced to sleep with Kohen, and he literally beat me all night long.  So, while awake at 3:00 in the morning getting the life kicked out of me, I went to work writing that post.
Funny thing is, a few days later when I published that post, I had another kiddo decide to stay in my bed...Hadley. 
Different circumstances though.  My mom wasn't doing very well, and I was spending every waking minute with her.  Hadley texted me (from Grandpa's phone) and asked if she could sleep with me when I got home.  When I asked her why, she said "because I don't want you to feel sad about Gigi (my mom)".
How can I say no to that?
I've recently learned that when kids are dealing with loss and grief, one of the ways they cope is to help take care of others.  She just wanted to take care of her mama.
9 days ago, my mom passed away.  September 1st, labor day.  A day of rest.  She was 56 years young.
My mom fought a battle for 3 years, and in the end, she continued to fight.  When doctors gave her 24 hours to live, she continued on for 6 more days.  I sat with her nearly every waking moment that I could, and after she passed, my Dad said that he thinks she held on for so long because she enjoyed spending time with me and my sister.  Even if she wasn't "there"...she was.
My space here might be quiet for a little while...or it might not be.  Maybe writing is exactly what my heart needs right now.  Thanks to all of you who have prayed for our family during this difficult time.