snow days.

Sound the alarms.  Dallas had a bit of an ice storm!  This Kansas girl can't help but chuckle when EVERYTHING closes down because of 2 centimeters of ice/snow.  Mr. Anderson is on day 2 of being home because even his office is closed.  Listen though, I'm not complaining---snow days are fun!  Until someone gets hurt, or they come in crying because they can no longer feel their fingers or toes.  We live in Dallas for goodness sake.  Ain't nobody got time for proper winter gear here.
But fret not.  
We do have a snowboard, and the kids take advantage of that snowboard and our tiny slope of a driveway...thus creating a sled.  Good times, good times!

(I think I spy Kohen with no socks on.  Shaking my head.  For your info I did not know this while it was happening.)
Our poor, snow deprived children.  I even think I saw a few of them trying to make snow angels in this icy/snow mixture.
It didn't even cover the grass, so they were basically making wilted grass angels.
And then they brought cups of water out to make "snowballs".  They needed the water to break apart the icy mixture, so basically they were pelting each other with ice balls.  This is where most of the tears came from.
I laughed at them all from INSIDE the house, cause ain't no mama got time for ice/snow.  I'll drink my tea and watch y'all freeze your buns off, thank you very much.


vita flex points - free printable

It’s our last day to team up with Lindsay from Pen & Paint, and today we are sharing a fun print that all oil lovers must have!  We hope you’ve learned a little something this week :)


We talk a lot about rubbing oils onto our feet.  Well, it isn’t all crazy talk.  There are vita-flex points located all over the feet, and when we massage an oil into those points, they get into our bloodstream and to the corresponding organ quickly.

Final tip of the week:
Find the corresponding organ on the chart, and massage the oils into the vita-flex point for relief.  My favorite is my big toe, connected to my brain.  I like to rub Lavender, Peace & Calming or Cedarwood on it right before bed, to help me fall asleep.

To download and print your Vita Flex graphic CLICK HERE.  Printable sized as two 5.5 x 8.5 images (print on an 8.5 x  11). Please remember this is for personal use only. You may print it and enjoy it, but it may not be altered, reproduced for sale, or redistributed. Printable created by Pen & Paint, all rights reserved.


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Disclaimer- This info is my opinion based on my experiences and resources, please take it as that. Use common sense and the advice of your qualified health professional when making your health decisions. These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.  Thank you so much!