ch-ch-ch-changes and why i love a mlm

When I shared about oils on my blog almost 2 years ago, I had no idea what that would mean for me.   Now I sit here with a full fledged business under my belt, an amazing team of like-minded oilers, a community which has been such an unexpected blessing, a paycheck that I never even dreamed about and a husband that will be home FULL TIME in the fall because our Young Living income is enough (and then some) to support our family.
Our lives are so different, all thanks to sharing about some oils.
I love oils.  I really do.  They have changed our lives in every way possible.
The past 2 weeks I have gone on 2 different trips with Young Living.  One to Utah and one to Washington.  I got to go with 2 of my best friends and together we got to experience 2 Young Living farms, their corporate office and warehouse and some pretty swanky hotels.
I'm telling you, I work for THE greatest company ever.
I know people say "oh I don't want to buy those oils because it's a MLM company"...well I'm here to tell you that a MLM (multi-level marketing) is not what you think it is.
I've heard "it's a pyramid scheme" and to that I simply say: it's actually not.  The people at the "top" do not necessarily make the most money.  Someone who is signed up 8 levels below me could get paid more than me if they wanted too.  It just takes work.
I also like to remind people that the corporate, 9-5 job they are working is actually in fact, a pyramid scheme.  Who gets paid the most?  The CEO...and then so on.
My favorite things about an MLM:
1. The sky is literally the limit.  I am my own boss, I set my own work hours, my family gets to be involved as well.  I'm not gone all day, I'm home.
2. I love that when you purchase oils, or any other product through an MLM, you are supporting a stay-at-home mom trying to bring in a little extra income.  Even a working parent who is trying hard to make enough so that they can be home with their family.  Or even a college aged person, trying to keep out of debt while they are in school.  Getting the idea here?
You aren't supporting Whole Foods, Target, etc.  You are supporting a person.
And I love that.
Now, I will be the first person to tell you that some distributors go about this all the wrong way.  YES, people can be pushy.  YES, people can be manipulating.  YES, people can downright beg.
All of that is tacky, and it's unfortunate that some companies teach their distributors to behave this way. 
This is NOT how Young Living does things (will there be pushy YL distributors?  Yes.  But YL does not teach this).
Their simple business model is:  Love it?  Share it!
The product comes first, not some tactic about how you can make X amount of money per month.
You get your product, fall in love with it and then naturally want to share it. 
It's so simple.
So, do you want to try these oils yet?
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I would love to help you!


mother of the year. always.

I had to unload a ton of junk at the resale store today.  Being the sneaky mom that I am, I added this huge toy that my kids haven't touched in the last 2 years.  It just sits in our living room, collecting LOTS of dust.  I thought to myself "I'm gonna put this in the trunk for a few days to see if anybody even notices it's gone".  They didn't.
So, today I gathered them all up and took them to drop off our stuff.
I told the man "look, I've got 6 kids in there that will fight me if they see I'm giving this away...so, be sneaky".
Apparently I was supposed to slip him a twenty along with my request, because he was the furthest thing from sneaky.
I got back in my car and all 6 of my children were CRYING.
I sat there for a few minutes, holding up the line, explaining how they haven't played with it for a few years and that some other kids would be so excited to get it.
They weren't buying it.
You would have thought I gave away a baby puppy or something.
The man even walks up and asks if everything is okay and I let him know that I'm gonna need that huge toy back.  Please and thank you.
So, we bring it home and Olive is still sobbing in the car.  The whole way home.
She tells me that she can't believe I gave away her ducky jammies.  You know, the ones that she wore when she was ONE YEAR OLD.
I'm all Olive, listen, you're too big for them.  Sobbing.
Another baby will love having them.  Sobbing.
You have plenty of other comfy jammies that actually fit you.  Sobbing.
The ducky jammies were her most favorite thing ever apparently. 
I mean, seriously.
These pictures have nothing to do with the post---oh well.
Enjoy Caedmon at 11 years old and Elsa at 8 years old. 
Both of whom look like they could be teenagers.
Hold me.