a lot of olive.

My dad gently (read: not gently at all) reminded me this weekend that I've totally failed in the blogging department.  That I made a promise of blogging more and I've broken my promise.  Oy.  Instagram has smothered my blog.  With a big fat pillow.
But, I miss blogging.  So, I'm in this serious first world dilemma:  to blog or not to blog.
While I ponder that question, and many more of life's questions, I'll leave you with an Anderson update in pictures, which basically means a lot of Olive.  Because...well, it's Olive.  #duh



happy (belated) birthday mr. anderson

I should definitely get the best wife award because not only am I a week late in publicly wishing Mr. Anderson a happy birthday, but I was also a total turd to him on the big day.
I mean, I was like HANGRY (hungry + angry) times ten billion.
Some days my grumpiness just goes everywhere with me, and that happened to be on his birthday.
But, let's stop talking about how I could have competed with Grumpy Cat and won, and instead focus on Mr. A, shall we?
(I'm really not that tall, in fact I'm a total shorty pants.  I was standing way up high on my tip toes in that picture)
He deserves all the attention because 1. he is so dang cute and 2. he loves me and the kids well.
We've been married for almost 12 years and while it's not been easy (can somebody say 6 kids in 7 years) I wouldn't want to do it with anybody else.
Mr. Anderson you've turned 35 and I love you more now, than I did 13 years ago.
While I dislike growing old, I'm happy to be doing it with you.
You are the peanut butter to my jelly, the macaroni to my cheese, the Harry to my Potter.
You're basically the best. 
And you're so much older than me.  #oldman
Plus, our kids can't go to sleep unless you pray with them...that's something special right there.
Thanks for loving us so well.