milo turns 7.

We celebrated Milo's birthday this weekend!  The kid is 7.  SEVEN!
How is this all possible...blah blah blah.  I say that for every birthday.  You think I would finally get it...IT'S POSSIBLE BECAUSE IT'S HAPPENING.
Anywho, I still remember his birth like it was yesterday.  He wasn't due until the end of August, but brother felt like July would be a good month to be born.  He basically ruined my plan of having everyone in our family get their own birthday month.  He was born in mine of course.  Rude.
I remember I started having contractions that seemed pretty intense.  After visiting with my midwife later that day, she declared that I was not in labor.  Great!  We still had a date planned that night, so Mr. Anderson and I continued on with it.  Complete with a gigantic bean burrito and all.  I'm sure you know where I'm going with this one.
All throughout dinner I'm stopping to breathe through contractions.  Take a bite, breathe...take another bite, breathe.  I keep telling my husband "it's all good!  The midwife said I wasn't in labor!"
Well thankfully, I decided to go in late that night to be checked again and sure enough, mama was at a 7.
Time to have a baby!  And throw up a bean burrito.
A few short hours later, Milo entered our world.  With a full head of hair and no name.  It took us a few days to name him, he almost ended up as an Adler Anderson.  Cute, but definitely not Milo.
Happy 7th birthday little dude!
We love you and are so thankful you decided to grace us with your presence :)




"Your greatest contribution to the kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise."  -- Andy Stanley
One of my new favorite quotes!

Well, since we last talked, I've turned a year older.  My 33rd birthday happened last week...and I've decided that as you become older, birthdays become less about celebrating and more about reflecting.  I mean, it's exciting and humbling that I get to turn another year older, but I tend to be more reflective than celebratory. 
What has my past year looked like?  What will this year look like?  Am I the person I want to be?   Am I the person I always thought I would be?
Kind of depressing when you start to ask yourself those questions, lol.  I won't ever be who I am intended to be without Jesus to lead my way.  I have to remind myself that everyday--that I need him all day, everyday.  That I will fail all day, everyday.  But that there is grace in all that failure.  A grace that I couldn't ever possibly grasp or understand fully.  It's just there.
And I'm thankful for it.
Here's to the best year yet :)
Oh, and I did get Justin Timberlake tickets from Mr. Anderson, so I guess that's definite cause for celebration!