easter verses.

Easter is only a few days away, and I love sharing what our family does for it.
This will be the third year that we have skipped out on the traditional Easter baskets and gone with a more simple, yet powerful approach.
You can read all about it here, but the main idea is that we pick verses out for each of the kids, for that year.  Those particular verses are prayed over our children all year long.  And then the following Easter, we pick new ones.

As I go through the year, I jot down verses in my journal that stick out to me...then it's simply a matter of praying and narrowing it down, what we feel like the Lord wants us to pray over each child.
This wasn't the easiest of transitions, going from Easter baskets galore to an egg with a piece of paper in it :)
But, I know eventually it will mean something.  My oldest son tapes his verses to the wall by his bed, so that gives me hope that they all will care about their verses one day!  I'd like to even incorporate this one day with their spouses...picking a verse out for them as well.
Praying for your children is a very powerful thing.

Like I said, you can read more about it all here, and see what it actually looks like.
And also the importance of praying for your kiddos here.


hope spoken link up.

 I posted a bit about Hope Spoken on this post.
And today, some of our lovely attendees are sharing their hearts on the weekend too.  If you're one of those women who joined us, and have shared your experience on your blog, or FB, then link up below so we can read!