banana bread and fat babies.

bean and i spent the morning baking away.
not gonna lie here...baking with children stresses.me.out
i don't like crumbs.
i don't like crumbs on my floor.
baking makes lots of crumbs on my floor.
baking with children makes LOTS of crumbs on my floor.
especially when they are stirring and accidentally do a little flick of the wrist and flour goes flying.
yes, it's messy.
but, it's also important to me, to teach my kids how to bake/cook.
i want them to be totally self-sufficient when they get older.
like at age 8.
is that possible?

please excuse 3 things in the following picture:
1.  the smoothie crusted to bean's face.
2.  my bed head.
3.  the empty beer bottle in the background.
what?  i was thirsty.
totally kidding, that is mr. andersons.


another fun thing we like to do in this house is play
"push the fat baby around in a toy dumpster truck."
please disregard the facial expression.
i swear, he loves it.


  1. Ha! That expression is PRICELESS. ;)

  2. How fun that they all got involved in baking. Your kids are so cute :)

  3. Awww! They're both so cute :) Baking with Mommy is the best!

  4. mya loves to bake and i need to do this more often with her. i hate the mess too, and that's what deters me because i feel like all i do all day is pick up messes that the kids have made!!!! i somewhat avoid the mess and yet still let mya bake by getting the pre-made cookie dough and letting her roll into balls herself and bake it. that's about as much as i can handle. we'll graduate once they learn to clean up after themselves! love the photos... especially the bed head {and your beer :)......}
    love you,

  5. Banana bread and fat babies........LOVE 'em both! :)

  6. My three year old loves baking, too! His favorite is smooshing peanut butter cookies flat with a fork. He also loves pushing his 13 month old sister in our little wagon. I just love listening to the giggles from both of them as they speed around the house...sooooo cute! :)

  7. Oh Emily, you and your family are so cute!! :-) I know the crumbs might be annoying, but I'm sure Hadley will cherish those memories of baking with you! This post totally made me laugh!

  8. We have that same truck and my daughter used to love to sit in it too. She tried the other day and still fits, but risks tipping it over and falling on her head :) I also baked with her yesterday...biscuits...the flour was EVERYWHERE!! Just had to breath and let it go...she was having a blast :)

  9. I hate crumbs, too....but I let him help anyway :o) I think I might have a heart attack if I let Hunter push Peyton in that dump truck (we have one, too).

  10. Yum, we just made banana bread too!! Did you put chocolate chips in it? Those are a must in our banana bread!

  11. I love it! Looks like a wonderful, crumby, messy time! Fat baby in a truck...CUTE and HILARIOUS!

  12. I LOVE your banner! what did you do to edit the picture?! LOVE IT!
    tara pollard pakosta (signed in as my daughter ava)

  13. hilarious. are you not wearing a bra in that pic? LOL.

  14. FUN! Loving the baby in the truck, ha ha. Oh, and I love your bowls!!

  15. haha I am the same way about messes. My little second-cousins were here for the weekend and we made breakfast together Sunday morning. It was all I could do not to follow them around the kitchen with a dustpan.

    Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend! :)


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