to mr. anderson

this is the post where i unashamedly boast about my birthday coming up, and give mr. anderson a list of what would be nice, wrapped for me, the morning of the big day.
if you are a parent/grandparent/loving friend/great blog reader then feel free to take notes as well.
love these aprons from anthropology.
just think of all the amazing meals i could cook, if only i could look cute while doing it.

i want this one piece suit from lime ricki.
i am a modest mama.
4 kids does not equal a bikini body, and besides this is a dang cute one piece.
i could wear this and look totally cute in it---it's a win win for me and mr. anderson.

i've wanted a bike for some time now.
i'll take any sort of cruiser bike...preferably with a banana seat to take me back to 1988 when i rocked it then.
but, i am oddly drawn to this bike as well...
i think i'm thinking practicality here.
i could easily throw 1 or 2 little people in that basket and whisk them away, right?
yes please with this bed frame.
it's from IKEA.  and what do you know, we live about 20 minutes from that glorious store.
easy peasy.
i envision the head board of this bed frame decorated with a white string of christmas lights.
i am such a fan of these bib necklaces from my friend's etsy store.
i've hinted at this for about a year now but mr. anderson hasn't caught on, i guess.
look, mr. anderson---i want this!
and of course, the good old fashioned wad of dolla dolla bills will always suffice.
look, i'm turning 29 this year.  i need something to lesson the sting.
now go, get your shop on.
you've got 15 days, but who's counting?
oh that's right...i am.


  1. Happy upcoming birthday! I will be 29 on the 16th. Love the things you've picked out.

  2. I am in love with that apron on the right. Its like an outfit on its own!

  3. Right on! I was actually thinking of doing this tonight, too, but seeing as how Gabe doesn't read my blog, I'd say your chances of getting what you want are WAY better than mine! :)

  4. That's the cutest swim suit website. I need to keep that site in mind for next summer when I don't have a beach ball attached to my stomach! The one you picked out is cute!

  5. yes, that is all very cute stuff. which is why we are BFF's. we both have incredible taste.

    and also, what happened to that STRING BIKINI you told me you bought for this year...with the american flag print and the eagles?

  6. You have some good taste! hehe. Love it all! Here's to hoping he gets the hint ;)

  7. fabulous idea. I created my sweet hubby a gift giving guide 101 for me but it didn't quite do the trick. I think I will have to take your more blunt approach to next time. Although Mother's Day I did score some wonderful Anthropology items - it was a WIN!

  8. one kid doesn't equal bikini body for me:( but i never wore one anyway,modest is hottest! happy (upcoming) birthday!

  9. Love your wish list!!! My B-day is the 16th- I knew from the minute I visited your sweet blog you were a fellow cancer!! Happy early Birthday you beautiful mama you!! Hope you get everything on your list!!!

  10. CUTE aprons! I'm totally with you with the banana seat bike! My bike was purple with a sparkly white banana seat! I know, I'm cool! And I have that bed frame... love it ☺

  11. Diggin' the wish list, friend. Thanks for introducing me to that swimsuit site. I am not a bikini mama, either. I also want one of those bib necklaces. Love them. Hope you get some of your picks for your b-day!

  12. An early welcome to the 29 club! I've been a member since March, lol. I'm loving your wish list...esp that first apron and the necklace, I think your hints to Mr. Anderson we subtle enough ;)

  13. so sweet. i love this list. happy birthday! :)


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