fire trucks, power rangers, dump trucks, oh my.

so when i asked milo what kind of birthday party he wanted, he responded with
"i want a fire truck party.  and a power ranger party.  and i like cars.  and construction stuff."
easy enough.
so, i set out to create a fire truck/power ranger/cars/construction zone themed party.
here's what i came up with...
the invite---i used red duck tape on there, to give it a more manly feel.
the goodie bags for the kiddos were in car lunch bags (that i found for .39 cents at the goodwill) and i also got each kid a construction worker hat.
see my flowers in the dump truck?

had a few of these hanging around.
i got the idea from this blog to stick the silverware in the dump truck.
clever, no?
the red rectangles hanging are duck tape on twine.
i got that idea from "smile and wave" as well.

i tried to make everything orange, yellow or red.
 our local grocery store had crush on sale, so i grabbed some.
here is the cake.
and this is the only place that a power ranger made an appearance.
the shape of the cake looked more like a limo, rather than a fire truck.
not my best cake, but milo loved it.
at one point, all the other kids were inside playing, and i caught this sweet moment between milo and his buddy.
they were seriously talking, like 2 old men that were just catching up over lunch.
it was hilarious.
anderson, party of 6.
milo had a fab time.
and in the end...that's all that matters!


  1. such a fun party! i loved all the ideas, i really need to roll up my sleeves and get more creative with my kids bdays. He looks so handsome and super happy, glad he had a great day! Luv the family photo!! I like how you 2 girls are both doing the same sweet/protective arm pose on the boys next to you, so cool! :)

  2. what an awesome party theme. love the pictures, too sweet!

  3. awesome party!! i dont know how you do it... i only have one kid (only for another 10 weeks tho) but i know how crazy bday party planning can be. your cake is great!

  4. you are officially the creative super-mom of the year. props to you for fulfilling the birthday party desires of a 3 year old! amazing. he's a complete cutie. i love his big boy hairstyle.
    love you,

  5. I love that everything was so simple and fun, Emily. Well done! Love the family pic too ;)

    Glad your little big man had such a great day!

  6. aww what fun! I think you did a great job on the cake ~ love the buttons! :)

  7. Cute party!! Awww, Milo is just so stinking cute!!! Love all of the birthday party ideas!! Cute!:)

  8. Where have I been? Using duct tape is brillant!!! It's always so hard for me to make a cool boys party unless camo is involved. BTW loved the cake and that was an awesome goodwill score, loved it!

  9. love it! you did a great job combining all those manly things into one nice package!

  10. man, i wish i was there to give him some birthday spankin's. love the decor...you rocked it!

  11. love all of it! Great job!!

  12. Happy Birthday!! What an awesome party! Love the pictures Emily!! xo

  13. LOVE the favors. Might be stealin' that one in the future. ;)

  14. So fun to follow the grown-up Em!! You are an amazing woman - wife and mother and personage! I'm loving catching up on you and your family's life. Congrats on the new family member.

  15. i love how you've been bit by my lovely friend hillary (cleo) northrop. she's very sweet :)

    ok the decor is awesome and the cake is super cute! u did a great great marvelous great job.

    when i do big parites for my kids, at the end of the day i just wanna hear my lover tell me over and over how good i did. i hope ur lover did that for you too :)

  16. Where did you get the paper lanterns? I just saw a fun project using them, but I don't know where to find them.

  17. hi there! in the second photo, you have 3 sweet photo collages hanging. i was wondering if you could tell me where you got those print. I LOVE THEM! thanks.


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