what's happening in my kitchen.

anybody want to come over and do dishes?
playing a game of checkers with the bean.
checkers is the new favorite game in this house.
kohen, pulling all the magnets down and eating them.
as usual.
he's a fan of trying to find, well um, everything, and seeing if milk comes out of it.
the ninja turtle guarding the puffs.
momma enjoying her favorite snack.
are your happenings as exciting as ours?

happy weekend, ya'll.


  1. Mmm. Cherries. One of my favorite snacks too.

    I'd do your dishes for you if I could... And if my sink didn't look similar to yours at this very moment. Shh. Don't tell anyone.

    Great pictures! Have a wonderful morning playing checkers!

  2. Very glad to see someone's house and pictures look so much like mine.

    Just from reading your blog over the past year I have often thought, "How does she do it?" [meaning-stay sane, keep FOUR little people alive, etc] as I am dealing with 2 crying little boys at once. I just keep telling myself to breathe and repeating "I can do this."

  3. im glad someone elses dishes look like mine!! haha

  4. Heee, I love the ninja turtle the most! What a great life!!

  5. Simply beautiful. I love it!

  6. Your blog has the BEST music. Now I need to go get me some of it!

  7. ha! kohen doing a milk check...priceless

  8. I LOVE that you showed your messy kitchen! That's real life right there.

  9. there is nothing like fresh fruit, is there? dishes, gotta love them!
    enjoy your weekend!

  10. so thankful ninja turtle is standing guard. those puffs are valuable!

  11. Love your pictures as always!

    Happy weekend!

  12. So, yo...I know you are ONE rad mama, and this is not meant to offend...and I'm pretty sure you already know.... I just found out about magnets last year, so, let me share:

    They are suppose to be SUPER dangerous for our young ones. The pic of your baby made me cringe a tiny bit.
    If you knew this and don't freak out like me...well, carry on. If you didn't, glad I said something.

    I'm just a paranoid freak about them now and I thought I would share some of it with you. *smiles*
    Please know that I am just looking out for our babies....us mamas must stick together.

    xoxo Veronica

  13. The dishes are never done here....just when I clean it out, they pile right up again. LOL. Love the craziness, we are just as hectic here....love every minute of it. xo

  14. at least ur dishes are pretty.

  15. besides the magnets, let me tell what else is a hazard in your kitchen:
    first, those dishes? seriously, they could fall out and hit your child on the head. can you imagine the damage? second, that ninja turtle just looks mean and dangerous. he's got to go. third, you left the stems on those cherries don't you know what a choking hazard those things are! i mean come on emily, you know better than that... use your brain. listen, i know you are an awesome mommy, but if you don't start paying attention to these things, i well CUT you! "SECURITAY!"
    love you,

  16. Love that you're all into checkers at the mo - we call that game 'draughts' in Australia, which is nowhere near as cute as calling it 'checkers'. Hope you're having a great weekend! LOVING your blog as always :)


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