my boys.

the evenings have been cooling off here...which makes it hopeful that fall is around the corner.
but really, who am i kidding?
in orlando, fall doesn't happen.  we get a glorious winter with fall temperatures, but i want a september-november "fall" time, ya know?
i want to put up pumpkin decor and not be sweating.

when i delivered kohen last year, on oct. 24th, the temp was a balmy 93 degrees that day.
gawl...i'll just enjoy the cooler (and by cooler, i mean 85 degrees) evenings.
talk to me again when it's mid january and 70 degrees...then i'll tell you how much i love orlando.

the light was scrumptious the other night...so i used it to capture some pics of my boys.

the kid looks like he's getting my mad cheerleader skillz.
did you know i was a cheerleader?
yup, tis true.
point those toes, caedmon.
and one of milo man...
oh, those big, brown eyes.
sure milo, whatever you want...it's yours, mkay?
and kohen.
look closely and you'll see two tiny teeth coming in.
woooo-weeee.  those teeth have been F-U-N.
i'm so sad because we lost our amber teething necklace last week...
dang it.
he's only smiling cause i was saying "you want some milk?  you do, don't you".
and, well, he knows i'm the milk provider.
he'll do just about anything for the goods.
he sensed i was just teasing about the milk.
*all pictures taken with my canon 40D, 24-70L lens*

happy long weekend ya'll.  enjoy the labor day.

oh, and i'm totally jamming out to the 100 best songs of the 90's right now.
man, can someone say AMAZING?
where else can you hear the cranberries, followed by kris kross, followed by smashing pumpkins, followed by salt'n'pepa.
so good.
i'm re-living my prime years right now.  (okay, i was like 14 in the 90's but whatev.)


  1. I was a cheerleader too! I can totally appreciate those mad toe touching skills, go Caedmon

  2. from one former cheerleader, mother of three boys and owner of the blue check graco stroller to another...aren't boys so much fun?! and oh my...it gets so cold here in the Canadian prairies, so, so, so cold. I won't miss them when we move to our next posting! Cheers!

  3. Thank you SO MUCH for putting such fabulous music on your site, especially all of the stuff from the Twilight Saga soundtracks. Without it, I never would have been able to get through the past hour of my Grad school work. :)

    Thanks again, and have a great weekend!

    ~ Natalie

  4. adorable!! Love all your photos!

  5. what camera do you use and what is your favorite lens?

  6. My kids must get teeth early. Gwen (4 1/2 mo)has two teeth already. They broke through really fast too. Thank goodness. (that they broke through fast, not the getting them early. . . makes nursing fun!)

  7. Feeling you pain NON fall pain. But who am I kidding I have lived in FL my WHOLE life, not much I know about seasons...

    Boys are awesome, really starting to find that out!


  8. Your boys are soooo ca-ute!

    I am hearing you with the cranberries and kris kross - so funny and nostalgic. Oh those brown plaid, brown lipstick (or was that just in Aus?) 90s.

  9. yes! i wish i was there jamming with you. next time we're together, let's make a dance video.

    and btw, yor pics are rockin'.

  10. i totally feel ya about the whole fall thing. it's hard to get in the fall mood when it feels like it is the middle of summer. i am SO looking forward to winter and 70 degrees!! :)

  11. LOVE this post.. your boys are adorable and i love the picture of caedmon laying in the grass... the broadleaf grasses of florida are so different than the skinny blades of bluegrass here in kentucky!

  12. i think i need that CD. i've worn the crap outta my 80's one.


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