a good slap upside the head.

one of my favorite pictures of kohen--february 2010.

so yah, just when i start feeling like i have everything under control, i get a good slap upside the head.
i wrote my post on wednesday about loving these moments with my kids...
it was those very moments that i started disliking yesterday.
it's like the stress of everything caught up to me...and i just couldn't handle another child saying "mommy".
seriously...i wanted to run.
(and i did---to old navy).
i know, i'm blessed...but life can be hard.

and this blog wouldn't be real if i didn't say that once in a while.

here's hoping for a relaxing (ha!) weekend.
enjoy yours.


  1. Amen, Sista! We all have our moments of wanting to run ... hide ... and just plain be alone. Hope your timeout helped a bit.

    We can be blessed and thankful ... but that doesn't mean everything is wonderful ALL the time.

    "The days are long, but the years are short."

    Here's wishing you a better weekend...

  2. hahaha! girl the same thing happened to me, but i couldn't run to good old navy. i was stuck taking care of 3 sick kids, ugh! yup, im pretty much convinced that 3 sick kids at once is not fun. just because we love babies and would want more, there are moments when we cannot do it anymore and yes, we have to run to old navy. your an amazing mom and your a better mom for knowing when you need a little alone time to regroup. hang in there and hope you found some dang cute clothes to make you feel better!

  3. Totally understand! Hope old navy helped a little. Someones a little retail therapy does the trick. ;)

  4. Tell me about it! That was my day yesterday. TOTALLY.
    Ended up 'skippin' hockey camp so we could tackle the necessities... like bathing. (I'm sure others will appreciate it.)

  5. Did Old Navy happen to have their clearance stuff at an extra 50% off? I read that on the net somewhere yesterday.

  6. props to you mom ;) Oh, and I'm pretty sure I've told you this before... but I've left your page open all day and used it as a radio for the past... 3 days? <3 the music!! Thankie!!

  7. I had a good slap upside the head yesterday, too. Nothing big, but the small things just really piled up. And today has been so much better because of yesterday, I think!

  8. i feel ya sister.
    i usually just lock myself in the bathroom with a nice quiet bottle of red wine. just kidding. okay maybe not. anyway, you are not alone :)
    love you,

  9. Every mom experiences this. I went to Costco on Thursday night by myself, and that one hour was like utter bliss surrounded by puffy white clouds and dipped in dark chocolate. And then I came home. But it made the coming home so much more bearable.

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  12. I totally get it! I just posted on Monday about a similar frustration. It's great to be honest :)

  13. glad I'm not the only one that feels that way :) I love my kids. I do. But sometimes I've just poured one too many cups of juice, wiped one to many noses...or worse..bottoms! and have picked up one too many toys! Hope ON provided some relaxation...is there really such a thing for moms? :)

  14. Thanks for keeping it real. And for saying things that some of us are afraid to say. Motherhood is a wild ride and sometimes you want to get off, but most of the time, you just hold on and love every second.

  15. I hear you! It's hard to keep it all in perspective... at moments you just want it all to GO AWAY!!! Then you get those wonderful moments of transcendent love exploding in your heart and you know you wouldn't have it any other way... for all it's stressfulness and crappyness and misunderstoodness motherhood really is wonderful!

  16. Sometimes I just want an hour to shower and primp without interruption. And I only have one baby so far. Sometimes, we all need a little alone time. Hang in there and hit up Old Navy when you need to. I hope you had a relaxing weekend!

  17. Hi! I just found your blog and love it! I am pregnant with my 4th, so I definitely love to read about other crazy fun families with lots of kids too! It's encouraging! Your family is so cute too!


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