pom-poms o' power.

that title is said in my best goonies voice.  pinches o' power.
you remember goonies?  maybe not?
we say 'pinches o' power' all the time in this house.
if you haven't seen goonies, please do so, asap.

so, now onto more awesome things.
such as a DIY for a pom-pom.
you know those things that are plastering the intranet everywhere you look.
i for one, am in love with pom-poms. 
i don't care if they are over-used.
they are the easiest and cheapest, cute decoration you can find out there.

so, here is a step-by-step tutorial of how you can make one of your own.

gather supplies:
tissue paper (for 1 pom-pom you will need 8 sheets)
pipe cleaner or wire
step 1:
lay your sheets out, stacked on one another.
begin folding like a fan.
when you're done folding, this is what it should look like...
step 2:
find the halfway mark by folding it in half.
stick a pipe cleaner (or if you're using wire) where the middle is.
i used a pipe cleaner because i had them already...i wasn't sure if the pipe cleaner would show, but once the pom-pom was fluff-ified  you couldn't see the pipe cleaner.  worked out nicely.
step 3:
make the pipe cleaner or wire, tight in the middle, so that the sheets are held tightly together.
step 4:
thread the ribbon through the top of the pipe cleaner.
step 5:
cut the ends...either scalloped or into a point.
step 6:
fan each side out.
step 7:
fluff it out.
one would say to be careful not to rip the tissue paper, but i tore it lots of times, and it still looked fine.

pom-pom o' power.

so, yes, i'm emily and i'm a pom-pom addict.
i use them at every party i host.
every room i decorate.
where else can i use them?
i'll find a place.

happy weekend ya'll.


  1. WHen I first read pom poms, I thought the yarn ones. I have been making those like crazy. I have yet to try these, but have told my daughters that I was going to make some for their rooms:/ someday.

  2. Ha! I love that you quote Goonies. It's a favorite! The pom pom is a great decoration idea. Maybe someday I'll be motivated enough to be that crafty :-)

  3. Goonies = one of the best movies EVER

  4. wow that's probably the easiest tutorial ive ever seen. haha i can't believe how easy those can be to make.

  5. LOVE.

    Actually, 2 of my friends and I are throwing a baby shower tomorrow - I made 5 of these yesterday & have 5 more to make this afternoon. I'll probably use them for my wedding, too! ;)

    {I think I'm the only one in my church who makes these, so they aren't overused yet...}

  6. These are much easier than what I'm in the middle of right now. I'm making one that involves a paper lantern, tulle, and hot glue. It's a big pain in the butt, but I refuse to give up! It's for a baby shower, but I think I'll hang it in Peyton's room just because it's taking so long to finish!

  7. Um awesome? Yes, I think so!

  8. love goonies... let my kids watch it, even though it has bad language and inappropriate humor. call me a bad mom. it's a classic.
    and i also love tissue paper pom-poms, in fact i'm getting ready to make a bazzilion of them for 40 table centerpieces at our school's fundraising auction. wish me luck. i will probably never want to see another pom-pom again in my life.
    thanks for the tutorial :)
    love you,

  9. i love 'em too and it's high time i made some of my own.
    thanks for the easy peasy tutorial!

  10. Ahhh! Perfect timing! I was just coming to look at where you ordered the ones for the pom-pom/paper balls overhead decoration in the kids room...I want to do something similar in the girls room! Thanks!

  11. so what i did wrong was make the folds too small. gotcha...phew. i will try again. cute schtuff.

  12. glad to see you don't have to buy martha's and spend twenty bucks. thanks for sharing. enjoy your weekend.

  13. A) LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the Goonies! We watched it every day one summer as kids...and we quoted it every day that same summer! Booty Trap!

    B) Love tissue pom-poms! Made them for my daughter's first birthday, then hung them in her room after the party was over. I love your tutorial!

  14. My name is Wendy and I am a pom-pom addict too. Ha! I made a dining room full of these babies for my sister's highschool graduation. Actually they adorned the living room and kitchen too!!! And there are a couple yellow beauties hanging in my daugher's room right now! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  15. Cute Idea! I am trying to add more red into my kitchen and make it a little more funky...maybe I 'll add some of these this weekend. Thanks for the tip!

  16. I love these too! So cute! Have you done them with a flat back and now you have wall flowers? My girls all have some version in their rooms!

  17. LOL!! Love the goonies quote...goonies was on tv the other day so now it is on our dvr and the kids love it. We have watched it twice already. What a classic. Anyway love the pom pom tutorial. I can't wait to make some with the girls for their room.

  18. Love this! I made one today, as soon as I read your blog! But I only had 4 sheets of tissue paper, and one of them isn't even the same tissue! It still looks good though, and I will be making more soon! Thank you, thank you lovely lady! x

  19. Yes -- they're still gorgeous even if everywhere...it's the fluffing out part where things go wrong I find. Love your little pom lesson! Have a great weekend :)

  20. Thank you for sharing this!! I really want to make poms for Jett's birthday party (coming up in 2 short months - sad face). I can always count on you to show simple ways to make things - love! :)

  21. phew! i thought i was the only one.

  22. I saved this post for "later" and just made my first pom-pom. I may become an addict...


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