sponsor highlight: lisa's lovlies.

first off, a big thanks goes out to all of you fabulous people who have sent your donations in via snail mail.  we honestly can't thank you enough!  BUT, not only are we so grateful for your donations, we are also so grateful for the sweet notes that are coming in with them.  i've saved them all, and am putting them in elsa's box, so that she can look back one day...and read about how so many people couldn't wait for her to be home.  love.

one of our fabulous sponsors this month is lisa's lovlies...
(did you know you too, can be a sponsor?  email me for details!)

she makes beautiful jewelry...
a while back i bought myself this nose hoop, so i can officially be a hippie.

here's a few more beautiful items in her shop (that i love).

good news for ALL of you (and by ALL, i mean everybody...including international folk).
she is giving away a set of these earrings:

here's the detailed description of this item:
Cold forged and oxidized sterling silver hoops featuring 4.5mm gorgeous green Chinese turquoise skillfully hand wrapped around hammered sterling silver hoops finished with comfortable artisan designed hooks. These earrings are rich with color due to the oxidization of the sterling silver and meticulous polishing to add depth and beauty.
These earrings are lightweight and measure 1.2 inches long including the hooks. The hoop is about 1 inch in diameter.

beautiful, eh?
so, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post---1 entry per person---strictly enforced by the comment police.
bonus points will be rewarded if your comment makes me laugh.
i've heard random.org likes funny comments.
just sayin'.
give-a-way is open till thursday evening.

have fun and tell your friends.


  1. Count me in - Here is a funny link for your Tuesday:


    Oh, I guess I don't know how to link within a comment (my HTML knowledge is very inferior). I promise you it will be worth your time to visit that link.

    Thank you for all of your honest, funny, faith-filled, joyful ramblings and fun photography on this blog - it always makes my day!

  2. Well, it's a bit early for me to be funny but I really love those earrings. Since they are "Lisa's Lovelies," they should go to Lisa, right? 'Cause it just wouldn't be the same if they became somebody else's lovelies. ;-)

  3. Love the earrings! Love your blog!

  4. Well, I may not be a hippie and have a need for nose hoop, but I do love me some ear bling! :)

  5. cute earrings. I don't have any clever remarks this morning.

  6. what beauftiful earrings!! My 1 year old will just love trying to rip them off my ears!! :)

  7. I love me some turquoise...it is clearly stated in my bio on my blog. Therefore, abiding to the rules of fairness, I should automatically be awarded these earrings since I've made that fact known before this giveaway even came into existence!

  8. Beautiful! My 17yod would LOVE them!

  9. Yo...it's almost my birthday and those lovelies would look oh so lovely on my little lobes. This scorpio feels lucky!!

  10. .....um......yikes! I was all set to comment and then I read I needed to be funny and, let's just say, I've got a little comic stage fright! And Random.org likes funny comments? Who knew?!?! No wonder my number never pops up!

    And,P.S.? I really like Heather's comment up there; makes sense, I get it. But, no. I'm calling No Dibs. ;)

  11. This morning my 3 year old was doing something she wasn't allowed to do...I told her to please stop....she said..."Mom, I’m CAN do whatever I’m allowed to do!!!"..

    gotta love kids and gotta love those earrings....

  12. these earrings would be great for my nipple piercings.

    did that make you laugh of throw up?

  13. Em, 1st Nato's comment did indeed make me vomnit in my mouth a lil' (and chuckle at the same time) and speaking of vomit I soooo need a pick me up right now. I have been mopping up vomit, tending to a super high fever & am in over my head in "soiled" laundry with some bug that is attacking Gabi's body. So - yeah - pick me pretty please! Longing to learn more & meet little Elsa Anderson :)

  14. boo random org! thats why my comment hasent been coming up! hehe.. love the earings! i could def. rock those babies! =]

  15. Love the earrings. Want them, so: here you go...

    (this is for the breastfeeding mama that you are)

    Sitting in a waiting room at a pediatricians office, 4 year old walks up to a random breastfeeding woman. "what are you doing?" Lady says, "feeding my baby!" Little girl, "wow. with your boobie?" Lady, "Yes." Little girl: "hmm, my mom has 2 of those but I don't think she knows how to use them."

    Love you em!

  16. i heart handmade jewelry. but let's be honest::most of us heart ANY jewelry ... even if its made of macaroni!

  17. Her jewelry is AMAZING!

    Hey Emily? Guess what? Chicken Butt. Guess why? Chicken Butt Pie.



  18. yes. please pick me. thanks!

  19. Oh I love those. I also love your blog. My family is also trying to adopt. :)

  20. Emily--

    I don't even care about the earrings. I just absolutely love the rawness. I love your life. It is beautiful. Your kids are wonderful and more than anything...you are incredibly talented and are SO gifted in creativity. If you do nothing else in this world, you have touched so many already! Your kids are so lucky to have such a great momma...not to mention you birthed naturally (ouch). I did too. Quite an amazing thing really, if you are able. You are an inspiration to me and the funny thing is, you don't even really know me! Isn't it amazing how far you can reach without knowing it? Be blessed pretty lady. You are so loved by the Lord. ~Jenna

  21. Those earrings are awesome!

    Too busy to be funny today :P

    Hope you have a great one! :)

  22. Dear Random.org,

    I have green eyes, so those earrings would totally work for me. It's true. You'll have to trust me on that.


    P.S. I love you :)

  23. the earrings are beautiful! I'm going to have to go visit her site now :)

  24. Those earrings are AMAZING. I want them BAD

    And in an attempt to make you laugh I am going to tell you sthe STUPIDEST joke I know (but I think it is hillarious!!)

    Why does Snoop Dog use an umbrella in the rain??


  25. Those earrings are beautiful.

  26. Super cute earrings. Hopefully Luna won't rip them out of my ears!!

  27. I'm lovin those colors!

    What do you call someone who doesn't fart in public?

    A private tutor!

    *bahahahah* Oh man, that's so cheesy I'm probably the only one who thinks it's funny. :)

  28. yo. you need to stop posting such wonderful things on your blog. For one, its making me drool. Secondly, I am becoming BROKE. and also, all my time is being comsumed by all the other blogs that i am being sent to and have attached myself to their lives. i am officially cheating on my boyfriend with my computer. unacceptable!!! but very worth it if you ask me...
    those earings are amazing. i just went to her store and would like everything. can we make that happen? :)

  29. I love all things turquoise these days!

    Sorry, I'm just not funny when put on the spot :oP

  30. I like the inner hippie.

    I totally just stumbled upon your blog via Ashely Ann's.

    So you don't know me at all...

    but if you did (or even if you didn't) one thing that would certainly have you laughing is watching me dance with the hippies. you might just want to put that nose hoop on and join in :)

    Coooool jewelry!

  31. It's 3:00pm and I'm just now able to have my first cup of coffee for the day. So yeah, my brain will not produce anything funny right now. Sorry. :)
    Love those earrings though.

  32. love these! unlike you, I am an accessory anorexic. i am seriously the most unaccessorized mama ever. but i love accessories?


    the 3yr old cries in the tub because the 2yr old splashes his hair and gets it wet (we only wash the afro's once a week). the daddy responds "when you take a bath your hair sometimes gets wet." and the 3yr old replies back "yep, that's right. and when you get baptized your hair gets wet too!"

    have a great day!


  33. rest assured, if i had something funny to say....i would say it.
    but i'm running on a major caffeine drought, so that's that.

    LOVE lisa's shop - people that can make gorgeous jewelry like hers amaze me.

  34. Why did the Roman chicken cross?
    She was afraid someone would caesar!

    I sure hope Random.org likes cheesy jokes as much as I do because I love those earrings!

  35. love the earrings...i am a turquoise girl! plus I am 1/48 Cherokee, or something like that, so i should get them...even though they are chinese turquoise. what is that? love you!

  36. Yummy! Pick me please :) I also love her blue sapphire studs and might have to snatch some up!

  37. Not funny, but I will help clean the office when I can! So does that sound like a good bribe?

  38. This is so fun! And thanks for visiting my blog and the sweet comment--you made my day!

  39. Hey Em,
    Love the earrings! Pick me, pick me! <3

  40. gorgeous...you, your family, and the earrings!!!

  41. I'm not clever with the funny remarks, but I LOVE the earrings. :) Thank you!

  42. the pressure to have a funny comment makes me come up empty...but i do think the earrings are real purty. :)

  43. well, as usual, i think nato wins first place in the funny department. not sure how i can top that....unless we go down the peekachoo piercing route.... =)

  44. I don't really have anything funny to say, but I hope I win! :)
    BTW, I bought the owl hat you posted about a while back. It's for my new baby! I can't wait to get it.

  45. Beautiful earrings! Even if I'm not funny. ;-)

  46. Love the earings but I am not very funny! LOL

  47. Ok I do think this is one of the funniest things I have watched in awhile! :)


  48. Long time reader, first time commenter. I'm "international" and I love winning things...especially when they're so pretty:)

  49. oh! I LOVE those earrings! :)

  50. My victory dance for this win will include: double over-head fist pump...mashed potato-type dance move with my legs...giant smile...and I'll make the hubs join me.


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