made with love mondays: DIY boy gifts.

this edition of made with love is going to be a fun one...it's all about those cute, hilarious, sweaty, smelly, over-the-top boys in your life.  do you have any of those?  i've got a handful of them, and when it comes to gifts, i always want to find them something that's not plastic and/or has a gun attached to it.
i have a fabulous guest blogger, posting a boy DIY project...plus, i've attached some links to a few fun gifts that i found while surfing the intranet.  later, i'll also be back with another guest blogger, who will be showing a husband DIY gift :)

first up!
do you know ashley, from under the sycamore?  you don't?  well okay then, i will let you crawl out from under that rock you've been in...head on over to her blog...check things out...then come back.
be warned though, you'll be there for a while.
fabulous, right?  i love her blog on so many levels...but the main one is the fact that we both have 4 small kiddos.  it's always fun to meet another mother of 3 boys and a little lady.  we can relate on the wrestling matches that take place in our homes on a daily basis.  i usually read her blog and think "yup, that's happening right here, right now too".
she is also full of fabulous DIY projects.  i'm convinced that she will take over martha stewarts empire one day...she would be perfect for it.
so, she's over here today with a fun boy gift, that is super simple to make...sit back and enjoy :)

It is hard for me to remember that there was a time in my life that didn't involve daily sword fights and wrestling matches. The volume level in my house is always on high and you are guaranteed to find a Lego man hiding in the plants and pillow cushions if you come to visit. Even in our arts & crafts projects I have found that my boys rarely are content with a calmer activity like drawing or painting. To keep their attention when we are creating I try to include random objects that can combine to make whatever pops into their imaginations. I am also that mom that likes to give gifts that provoke creativity. So, I thought I'd share a recent gift my oldest son gave a good friend.

Basic composition notebook
Document box with dividers (mine was about $5.00 at Walmart)
Mod Podge
Boy friendly paper to cover notebook (I used the cover off an old kids story magazine)
Random objects (yarn, tape, glue, googly eyes, magnet strips, paper clips, scrap paper, sticky notes, rubber bands, etc.)

Step 1: Create a new cover for the composition notebook. Apply a THIN layer of Mod Podge to cover, place new paper on top, let dry. Trim excess paper on edges. Cover with a second coat of Mod Podge. If you put your Mod Podge on too thick it can cause bubbles.

Step 2: Using vinyl stickers create the child's name on the top of the box. Most kids like having things that are their very own. By adding the name it makes it extra special.

Step 3: Gather your items for the inside. I used a circle punch and cut out lots of random circles from envelopes, Starbucks coffee sleeves, paint samples, etc.

Step 4: Fill the box with your items. Office supply and hardware stores are great places to get items that aren't just your basic markers & stickers.

I attached 6 pencils to the top (in honor of Jaxson turning 6) using masking tape and string.

There are so many ways to make this personal to the boy in your life. I love the action and noise my boys bring to my life. I also love to see their creativity at work making things that would never come to my mind. Yeah for little boys!
Thanks for having me Emily....and thanks for sharing ideas for handmade gifts for boys!

thank YOU, ashley...fabulous tutorial :)
here's a few other projects i found while surfing the 'net.
enjoy :)

a cute mobile for a little man in your life:

a soft baby book---this is adorable:

this tent fits over your kitchen table---brilliant!  my boys would LOVE this...heck, even my girl would love it.

what boy couldn't use more belts?  at the very least, little boys might use these for weapons (at least mine do), if not for holding their pants up.

a trinket keeper?  yes please!  my feet are feeling the wear and tear of stepping on trinkets daily.  this would be a great gift for caedmon...he is a trinket lover.
these gift ideas came from celebrate the boy...it was a month full of awesome boy tutorials!
i'm hoping that this inspires you to create something for those boys in your life.  if you have or know of  a great boy DIY project, link up in the comments and share with everyone.

i'll be back later today with a husband DIY project, from my super sweet friend, amy!


  1. Ashley rocks and so does her art box. I know a few little guys that are deserving of such a fun gift. :-)

  2. Great ideas!
    That kitchen table tent is awesome! Makes me wish I could sew worth a darn ;-)

  3. I love these ideas! I think I'm going to make that cute little squishy book for my nephew! Thanks for posting this!

  4. Alright, are you sure these are you children? Or have they just been borrowed for picture ops every couple of days, because I HAVE no idea where you find the time to do all of these wonderful projects, and then even find more to share with us. Whatever you secret... rented children, or superpowers... I am glad.

  5. I love seeing DIY projects for little boys. It often seems blogland is overrun with projects for the little lady in our lives. Kuddos to you Ashley for such an awesome snips, snails and puppy dog tails project.

  6. These are such clever projects for boys. There's always things for girls but never the boys. Thanks!

  7. Oh gosh, I love Ashley, and this is such a fun idea. I need to tell you several things. 1. I LOVE your new header...background. Super cute...and I"m digging the pugly pixel garland...I just used it on Thanksgiving. 2. I am in the process of adopting from Ethiopia too and we're SO EXCITED!! Trying to decide between one or two right now!! 3. I just think your kids are so stinkin cute!! 4. Thanks for reading this extremely long comment. Have you received your referral yet, or are you still waiting? We are still in homestudy stage...:)

  8. Such cute ideas for boys! I have a couple of those and will be making some of these for Christmas surprises.
    BTW - Might I say I LOVE your playlist - been listening to it while I crafted all evening. :-)

  9. Such GREAT ideas!!!!

  10. since I don't have any little men in my life right now, I'm gonna keep this one in mind! it's a good one!!

  11. Dear Lovin' Them Boys,
    Oh, been lovin' Ashley's blog for a while now and am always inspired by her creativity. As a mother of two boys and a girl I have noticed it's easier to make crafty things for my daughter so I always appreciate ideas for my sons.

    Gettin' Busy Wid' it in NE


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