made with love mondays: DIY chalkboard platter.

jami, hannah, ashley and i have been BFF's since high school...we still get together once a year, intentionally, for a girls weekend.  if you know us, you know that these weekends are HILARIOUS.  we take time to enjoy each others company, eat lots of cookie dough, watch the latest twilight movie, LOL at r. kelly videos and usually raid ashley's closet.
they are fun.
i love these girls...we've been through A LOT, individually and together, and yet here we are...still going strong.

today, i have jami showing us how to make a thrifty lil' gift.
jami and i are like two peas in a pod.
if you know us, you know that we are one in the same...i might be a bit more feisty, but that balances out our relationship quite nicely :)

if you don't know jami, you should run (if you can do that with your fingers) to her blog.
be prepared to spit your food/drink out all over your computer screen as you laugh out loud at all of her stories.

and lastly, i hesitated to post this when i saw the hideous pictures she has of us.
i mean, GROSS.
and yes jami, we were definitely "fluffier" then.
can someone say ghetto bootie?
and yes hannah, you too shall be embarrassed by these pics--the side ponytail?  awesome.

before i start this post, i think you should see some awesome pics of
me and emily in high school and collage. i believe we were a little
fluffier then. or is that just me? also, please enjoy our outfit

i have been friends with emily for 11 years. i mean, i knew her a
couple years before that but she was a popular cheerleader and i was a
nerdy tom-boy playing boggle in my basement with my other nerdy
friends. my senior year, somehow, emily took pity on my nerdyness and
randomly stopped by my locker. she said, "you're funny. we need to be
friends." you think i'm making up that story, but i kid you not, this
is exactly what she said to me. from that point on, we were friends.
and actually, i can never thank her enough for initiating our
friendship. she's a crazy gal, with a firey personality, and a big
heart. and well, i love her. tear drop.

(this picture is hot)
now that i've embarrassed both of us...let's do a craft!
so this is pretty simple, even you non-crafters can do this...

1) gather your ingredients:
chalkboard paint
silver platter from the dollar store
paint brush
blow dryer, if impatient (like me)

2) slap the paint on the platter going all the way up to the rim.
you'll want to try and not leave huge brush marks, but there will
definitely still be some.
it's handmade, c'mon.

3) display!
i have hot glued ribbon to the backs of these so that they
can hang. but i like just setting it on a cookbook holder and calling
it a day. this will probably end up going to one of layne's
teachers...and it only cost me $1 (because i already had the paint from
previous projects).
booya, budget!


love this james, thanks so much.
i decided to pair mine with a mason jar that i decorated and filled with ground up coffee.
like jami said, this will probably go to a teacher.

happy monday ya'll...go get your craft on.


  1. you threw in that nasty ghetto picture to get me back, didn't you. LOL. not appreciated and i'm gonna get ya. prepare yourself. hahahahahaha.

  2. Great teacher gift idea. I was talking to a teach last night who said PLEASE no more mugs, tote bags or apple paraphernalia. She'd be delighted to get this.

  3. LOVE this! For our wedding reception last year, we collected dozens of cheapo silver platters etc from thrifts, yard sales and antique stores. Too much was not given away. I see a whole line of chalkboard serving ware coming... Would this work on rounded things like cups you think? I think it should... Also, I enjoyed your outfit choices.

  4. yet another reason for me to LOVE chalkboard paint. so cute!

  5. Very cute idea!!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I have to say I'm a bit jealous of your BFF group. :) No, really I just think its cool you have stayed so close for so long. I have drifted from my K-college friends because of life choices, life circumstances, and also, sadly, because of my faith. To have 3 good friends that can share in all of life's joys and tragedies with you AND share a faith in Christ is such a blessing!! I am so thankful I have made new friends that are right there with me - including YOU!! :)

  7. I have 3/4 a mind about me to paint my entire house 4 feet and down in chalkboard paint.
    Kids go erase the walls, company is coming over!
    I think it could work! Lovely craft, Good job!

  8. I am a Kindergarten teacher and my best gift received yet was actually given to me today. It was one of those cute snowman soap dispensers from Bath & Body Works and I'll most likely put it in the kitchen to add some Holiday cheer.

    I looove the coffee idea, especially if it's really GOOD coffee! :)

  9. So first, I wish I would have talked to you guys in high school, I needed some cool girls to say "Hey be our friend!" second - You two were and are beautiful, not fluffy. Love the crafts!

  10. fun idea! a craft project that doesn't use a sewing machine--count me in

  11. Ok, LOVE it! I am not sure how I found ur blog, but been following in my reader for awhile. Beautiful family, and wow! Are u so creative!

    So, I told my husband, "LOOK! We could do something like this for the teachers this year!" He's like, "We need it by Friday! Just get a candle..." Well, I got a few candles, and I think I've got the same plates! Found at $ Tree that you show in your example. I swooped by Michaels, they didn't have the hand paint, but they had chalkboard spray paint. So, girl, I got ten silver plates sprayed already!!! Boo-ya! He didn't think I could get it done... just wondering though, since I've never used this paint or done anything like this before (so not talented); how many layers do I spray on? And do you have an example of how you hot glued ribbons on the back?

    if u have time, would love some input, my email is wendiacklen@hotmail.com; I also, wondered if you mind, I put a cross-post later this week from my blog to yours... to share with all my followers where I got the cute-sy Idea!

    Have a beautiful day!


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