passing the time.

well, since it's christmas break, and we are sitting around doing nothing but thinking about our sweet girl in africa, i figured i better do something fun so these kids would like me.

i had planned on making gingerbread houses with them over break, and i'm so glad that ashley did it first---she had the most brilliant idea of hot gluing the graham crackers together first...to make it easier to frost.
ummmm, brilliant!

not only did it make things much easier, but it allowed me to sneak in a bit of my OCD creative side in the mix.
i made every ones house a little different so we could have a bit of a village, and it would look symmetrical with some tall and some short.
i know, OCD.

milo thoroughly enjoyed decorating his.
he preferred the "let's see how many goodies i can get on my gingerbread house" theme.

here's mine...i went with a vintage, 1960's inspired flat roofed home.
(seriously?  i'm totally kidding here---but it does kind of look like that).

caedmon was all serious about his.
he even drew out his creation before actually frosting and decorating.
he had grass on there (green skittles) and even made a santa face and an elf face on either side of the roof.
this art major is quite impressed.

hadley practiced her licking skills and made sure each candy would stick good by licking them first.
every few minutes i would catch her with 18 marshmallows in her mouth.

i brought down a few of my beloved cake plates to display our village.

notice that there are "tres" days till christmas.
thank you dora and diego for teaching my children spanish.

i do have to say that doing things like this is fun with the kids, but it takes a lot of me to stay involved.  my
to-do list grows by the minute while i'm sitting there.
then the crumbs on the floor start making me twitch.
i usually have to refrain from getting up and moving everything to wipe down the table just to keep it clean.
oh, and don't forget that ever important email that might have made it's way into your inbox.
it's a battle.
anybody else feel this way?
or is it just me and my OCD.


  1. I can't wait to hear the good news!! praying my friend
    cute idea !!

  2. I totally feel that way. It took everything in me to just sit on the couch with the kids this morning and do nothing when I knew I could be doing laundry, dishes, SOMETHING ELSE. But it didn't kill me and the kids appreciated it.

    I was a day late on the hot gluing trick. There's always next year.

  3. Good idea about the gluing. I did gingerbread house making at my Doodles school. She was not feeling well and her poor little house was caving in.
    Merry Christmas to you and those sweet little ones. Will pray for your baby in

  4. Waiting is hard, but it looks like your doing a good job of keeping you and the kids busy. Love the idea of pre-fab houses, that is a great idea and looks like the kids had a blast.

  5. I laughed at the “something fun so these kids will like me”...LOL
    I have had those same thoughts!

  6. I love it!!!! I cant' wait to be able to make gingerbread houses with our little African prince soon!!!! :)

  7. Your children are adorable! You completely inspire me to adopt, if ever we can't have our own. Also, I love the graham cracker houses. I remember making them when I was little -- some of my best memories. And Hadley is woman after my own heart -- eat more candy than you stick on the house. Finally, I think you are just OCD enough. LOL I realize the older I get (and yet I'm still so young) the more OCD I feel about certain things, especially involving my home.

  8. Umm...I think we might be related. Somehow, someway...I have the same OCD. Crumbs? Cringe. Adorable gingerbread houses! And your kids are gorgeous! Love reading your blog!

  9. oh ME TOO. I totally twitch over the crumbs. And I think the most annoying thing in my life might be the sound of cereal on the floor crunching under my birkenstocks. GRRRR. I want to say a bad word every time it happens. This morning I was coloring with the kids (nothing as fancy as gingerbread houses) and trying not to go into spasms over the covered counters and that stupid cereal crunching underfoot! :) Here's hoping the kids remember the coloring and don't realize it was a battle for Mama to do it! :)

  10. yes yes and yes..I totally agree!!!

  11. absolutely, 100% feel this way about every line of this. i could even just substitute one of our 5 kids names in this post and it could have been what i had written when we did this last week. =)

  12. oh, i am so with you. maybe i am you.

  13. I totally feel the same way...it makes me so sad that it takes so much effort on my part to just sit there and color/play a game/play tea party. I'm so glad to know I'm not alone. Moms can carry so much unnecessary guilt. One thing I DO love to do with my little one is laundry. She actually loves to put clothes on hangers and I have learned to put my OCD aside and let her put them on backwards, forwards, upside down, any way she can get it on there :-)

    Thanks for being real and reassuring the rest of us that it's ok that we aren't perfect Mommy's. :-)

  14. yep, totally feel that way. i really wish i could just clam down and enjoy the moment. i find i have to look away. and see their faces.

  15. first, tears from your Elsa post. seriously. tears. I didn't want to comment there b/c you had 116 and I thought this one might get read before that one. OCD? nah. okay yeah.

    please know, there are many times when i read your blog and i am greatly encouraged b/c you show *real* life and if just gives me that little nudge i need as a mama.


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