happy mail day.

i was all giddy at the mailbox yesterday.
not only did we receive word that we are getting a grant from showHOPE (insert me jumping up and down at the mailbox here) but, i also got a fabulous t-shirt that i've been anxiously waiting for!
kelly and her husband are in the process of adopting a little one from s. korea.  they have made a couple different shirts to raise money for their adoption.
one of them in particular, made my heart skip a beat when i saw it.
i thought to myself "I NEED THAT SHIRT" (and yes, i really think in all caps sometimes).
it's perfect for me and my family.
so i bought one:
i know it's hard to tell cause of my bust getting all up in the way,
but the shirt says "love knows no color"
and there are 5 birdies (1 a different color) and 1 mama bird.
oh, my heart loves this shirt.
{and lovelyn, i think this shirt--literally--has your name all over it :) }
click here to purchase one of your own and help support their adoption.

i tried to have milo take a picture of the shirt for me and this is what i got:
oh heeeeeey, dirty and cluttered refrigerator area.
thanks for trying, milo.
so, you're stuck with the "bust all up in your face" picture, which is kind of awkward.
but even more awkward is the fact that my dad reads this blog and i just said my "bust is all up in your face".
ehhhhh, yuck.


  1. on the site...love
    check this one out...
    my friends are adopting a little girl from Africa as well. the video is gorgeous. Maybe you could show them some blog love?

  2. Great shirt! I laughed a little at thinking about the dad reading "bust is all up in your face". Too funny.

  3. This is the perfect shirt for your family! So cute!

  4. You're so funny. Love the shirt. Praying this next month goes fast.

  5. Your new shirt is simply fabulous!
    Also- your photographer has potential... :D

  6. That shirt is great! And so perfect for you. Very cute!

    And my fridge is about 100 times worse :/

  7. Love it! I'm all about getting one for myself!

  8. nice rack.

    see you tomorrow biznatch!

  9. I love this shirt! I wish they had maternity sizes so I could fit it over my gigantic belly.
    Oh and I love the little board with the clothespins in your kitchen (yeah I notice weird things like this). Your kitchen looks so cute and family-ish :)

  10. maybe next time you can wrap those womans up so we can see the shirt better.

    glad a package arrived to brighten your day, you needed it ;-)

    see you saturday!

  11. as if there were a way that i couldn't order this!!!!


  12. LOL love the shirt & your humor! :)

  13. Bah! I used to work with Kelly & now here she is on your blog (sorta...). Small world! I'm thrilled to be following both of your adoption journeys.

  14. love it!!! & i love that you posted the pictures Milo took. :) what a wonderful mommy ♥erica

  15. Thanks for the shout out! You look great in the shirt!!

  16. Such a cute shirt! And the word "bust" just makes me laugh. :)

  17. Love the shirt! & the ending cracked me up - LOL!

  18. I heart that shirt. And Milo's attempts at capturing it!!

  19. Perfect!! Have you been thinking about what your banner on the blog will say after Elsa arrives?

  20. where's dad's comments. I've got to stop reading while nursing b/c when I LOL laney has a cow.

  21. Love your kitchen area with all the photos. Reminds me how much I need to actually PRINT all my photos and HANG THEM ON MY WALLS like you do. I like that frame with the clips and pics... did you make that? :)

  22. Oh and btw, I love that shirt :) It's awesome.


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