the adoption questions.

Why did we choose to adopt an older child?
both mr. anderson and i knew we didn't want to adopt a baby.  we have been so blessed with getting to have 4 babies of our own, that we wanted to let others, who couldn't have children, adopt the babies.  we just felt called to adopt an older child.  one who might not otherwise be adopted, because of their age (but really, elsa is such a doll, i couldn't imagine her never being adopted).  there will always be a need for people to adopt older children.  when they say there are 6 million orphans in ethiopia right now, that is not including all the babies that haven't been born yet.  6 million (mostly older) children...waiting for a home.

I thought you had to adopt in birth order from Ethiopia?
there is no birth order rules for ethiopia (meaning, we could only adopt a child that is younger than our youngest...don't mess with the birth order).  i think some adoption agencies only allow you to adopt in birth order, but ours was not that way.

Do we plan on adopting again?
well now, if we told you the answer to this now, what fun would that be?
we like to keep you on your toes.  :)

Books/resources recommended for adoption?
is it bad that i didn't read any adoption books?  i've started many, but haven't finished.
my friends, heidi and jessica are the ones to ask about adoption books.
they are always recommending some.

What have been my fears in this adoption process?
my fears in this process have been much like my fears with bringing a new baby home.
will i do a good job loving ALL of my kids, PLUS my husband?  (most days, the answer is no)
will they resent us one day for having a big family?
will they get along well with elsa?
will elsa feel like the odd man out?
will their emotional needs be met?
i'm quite confident that everything we do in life, is met with some fears.  this certainly is no reason to not move forward with it.  had we given into our fears, and not adopted, we wouldn't have sweet elsa.

How long was the adoption process?
from the time we decided to get started, to the time elsa was home, it was a little less than a year.  it could have gone faster, but we poked around the first few months.

Did we consider any other countries?
at first we thought we wanted to adopt from china, so we could have a little chinese girl, to fit in so perfectly with our family.  but then God placed ethiopia on our heart.  and we couldn't say no.

if you have any other questions regarding our adoption, please leave them in the comment section of this post and i'll answer them there as well.



  1. this might sound crazy and i know you have mentioned it before but Elsa really does resemble hadley. the eyes, its all in the eyes! well, and maybe the nose! haha

  2. Emily, will you post again the statistics regarding children in Ethiopia? I know there is an astronomically high % that don't make it to their 6th birthday - if my memory is serving me correctly. I know you posted the information before, I just can't find it. Thank you.

    I love that your family LOVES like there is no tomorrow.

  3. "Perpetual Blind Date" I totally agree! I love that. They do have the same happy eyes and noses. Adorable.

  4. she just fits right in and I am SO HAPPY to see her smiling face with your other kiddos! what a blessing Emily! I am so happy for you guys!

  5. Did you ever have a "freak out" day? you kinda answered a little about that in the "fears" question but I'm having a day like that today. We know the little boy we are adopting and I've actually gotten to take care of him a couple times and I'm kind of freaking out about his care, what it will be like to have 2 kiddos etc. I'm sure it's similar to when you are having a second child but I don't know what that's like so I'm just freaking out and it's scaring me. Please tell me this is normal?

  6. I don't want to get too personal, but how expensive was it? My husband and I have often talked about adopting, but the cost really is what holds us back. I know you can do fundraisers and what not, but it's still a pretty expensive process, at least from what I've heard. Thanks!!

  7. What agency did you use?

  8. I think she fits RIGHT in.. she looks VERY happy!

    I am sure this is in your blog somewhere, but I haven't found it yet.. which agency did you use?

  9. in the top picture of Hadley, Elsa and Milo, the three of them look really similar. maybe they have similar eyes and mouths when they smile.

  10. Great post! She is such a cutie!!

  11. I adopted my little boy through a private agency about 8 months ago and is hoping to adopt again. I am search for more options... What agency did you go with...kind of personal, how much did you pay?

  12. Thanks for all this honesty. We have also thought about adoption. Still debating. There are many children here in our country including older children who need a good home. Thanks for your story!

    Blessings ;)

  13. Wow! Under a year from deciding to finish? I think that is fast, isn't it? Ours seems to be taking forever, so to me, that seems fast! That's awesome!

  14. love this

    my husband and I are praying about adoption, I believe we have to be married a bit longer (only a year with a honeymoon baby). But also I really feel the Lord tugging on my heart to adopt a child with Type 1 diabetes like my husband.

  15. I love your answers to the "Fears". Yes. I agree. And I worry about most of the same things. But, we are doing it.

  16. these pics just warm my heart :)

  17. What adoption agency did you go through?

  18. love it! thanks for sharing!!!

    cute pictures! (esp. the first one.)

  19. I would love to know the agency you used and just a rough price of Ethopia adoptions. We have 3 bio kiddos and have been on 2 waiting lists in the US for a year waiting for a child. We are starting to explore other options to speed up the process. Blessings to you!

  20. Adoption is so beautiful! Thank you and Mr. Anderson for opening your heart to such a blessing. I wouldn't be where I am today without the process of adoption. :)


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