first day of school, unicorns and teeth falling out.

it's time for the obligatory post of pictures of my kids entering their first day of school.
i know, i know.
boring to everyone in the world BUT grandparents.
if it helps, i have a story to go along with the pictures.  hang tight.

{hadley doing her "holla, i'm going to kindergarten and i'm sassy about it" pose}

i like to label their "first day of school" photo every year.
makes it easy when i'm trying to figure out what grade they were starting.
and with 6 kids i need all the easy i can get.

i also remember to snap a picture on the LAST day of school and i label that as well.
it's fun to see how much they grow.
{just a random fact}

so, the morning started out much like any other school morning...me rushing around telling everyone to "hurry the heck up" because we were NOT going to be late on the first day of school.
hadley, being the lovely procrastinator that she is, had to be told about 15 times to eat and get dressed.
i've got to think of some sort of system with that girl so that she can remember to get OUT of her own little world and to jump back into ours and remember what she's doing.

(no kidding, i tell her to go brush her teeth and 15 minutes later i notice she's not done---when i go to check on her she's having a conversation with herself in the mirror.  only, she is a princess in a far away land and the evil step-mother is making her brush her teeth but if she brushes her teeth then the unicorns won't come to take her away from the evil-ness.  seriously, this girl really does things like this.)

{hadley---with teeth brushed---walking into school}

so, continuing on with our story...
as caedmon is coming out to the breakfast table, he informs me that his tooth is "hanging by a thread".
"go pull it out", i tell him.
caedmon proceeds to throw drama all over the place "i can't pull it out---it will bleed EVERYWHERE...why in the world does this have to happen to me on the first day of schoooooool?!"
drama i tell ya.  drama.

{caedmon, made it to school...but did the tooth make it?}

he continues to whine about it for 15 minutes...
i'm seriously angry now because he hasn't accomplished anything but making me mad.
FINALLY, his dang tooth comes out.
praise jesus...not just for the tooth coming out but the fact that i don't have to hear him whining about it anymore.
but then the drama gets worse as all the kids are freaking out about the tooth being gone and there being a little bit of blood.
now i'm the one thinking "seriously?  on the first day of schoooool?  why?"

we get out the door with time to spare...how the h-e-double hockey sticks this happened i shall never know but we made it.

and once we reached school i overheard caedmon telling his buddies about his tooth.
his exact words were "my tooth came out this morning and there was blood SQUIRTING everywhere!"
one of his spiritual gifts is exaggerating every story he tells.
wonder where he gets that from.


  1. My 6 year old daughter does that whole staring in the mirror thing too. It drives me insane. :)

  2. I'm 20 and still stare in the mirror sometimes and just think...I swear it's because I get bored of my own face so fast that my mind has to wander! Working on this...congrats to Caedmon losing his tooth! Hope the toothfairy brought him something wonderful :)

  3. My neice is like that about her teeth falling out. I love to snatch the little things, but she never lets me. Your babies look too cute and ready for their first day. Hope it was great!

  4. Love the dramatic...we encounter that on a daily basis here. I'm waiting on the edge of my seat for your magic "get everyone out the door on time and happy" formula.

  5. My 3 year old has an imagination like that.. it's too cute, but sometimes a little scary... lol!

  6. love you first day of school pics and the fun stories. i read them while sipping my morning coffee:)

  7. the thought of getting that many kids ready for school and then having even more left at home.... girl, it makes me nervous. You need a cape!!! (and gold wrist bands and red go-go boots-tell me you're not too young to know wonder-woman?!)
    ~mom of 1
    (pickebut is my word verification-haha! guess who is 7?)

  8. Best first day of school EVER.

  9. so darn cute! I am not a grandparent and I love this post! Good idea to take a picture one the first and last day!!

  10. Such cute first day photos! Thank you for sharing. Our only child is 3 right now and we are doing some preschool at home. I can't wait to take 1st day photos too :)

    LaVonne @ Long Wait For Isabella

  11. What an awesome 1st day of school story. I just love your blog. It brings a smile to my face every time.

  12. My daughter sounds like Hadley...LOVE the imagination, but not when we're trying to get out of the house!!! I have to tell her to do things so many times i feel like a broken record!! Great pics!

  13. My kids try not to tell me a tooth is loose because I try to yank it right out...limit the drama, right? Hope the rest of the day goes smoothly. My 1st day of school (yesterday) was a circus. I blame the 3 little ones :)

  14. my little guy found his FIRST loose tooth last night...on my birthday. can't say it didn't make me just a litttttle sad :(

  15. ha, ha, this post totally made me laugh. hadley and my ella must be hanging out in the same little world. ella's first day of 1st grade is this thursday and i am not looking forward to telling her to do everything 15 times...seriously.

    ah, your little guys are so cute.

  16. Can I just say how much I love you for being a real flustered angry with slow kids mom?! I think our little girls are the same person. Seriously...I asked her this morning how many times it would take me asking her to take her plate up and get her teeth brushed before she actually did it. That just made her mad. And now Im 'sooo meeeeaaaan-a!" Oy!

  17. Cute pictures. Good idea to take them at the beginning and end of the year.

  18. My little second grade daughter is the same way. She is always in her own little dream world.

  19. great idea about labeling the pictures. Would be super cute in frames as well!

  20. I wish Hadley was in my kindergarten class! She is precious!

  21. I love this whole post... and I love seeing other kid's first day of school pictures, makes me excited to take my own kid's pictures. Starting in 3 years.
    Have you read "Parenting with Love and Logic" by Cline & Fay? It takes getting on your kid's case to a very different place. A place where you aren't doing it anymore! I've used a few of their tactics on my toddler and it has worked wonders - the book is mainly for school age kids though. They are Christian, but don't overdo it.
    As if you had time to read! ;-)

  22. What a day for milestones!! Glad the camera made it along for the ride!

  23. I'm thinking about having my kids hold something, like a chalkboard, with the info written on it. That way, I'll know not only which grade, but which kid! :)


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