oh hi waffles. yes please i'll eat 28 of you.

i have the most delish waffle recipe ever for you today.
i wish i could take credit for it, but alas, my good friend kelly is the lady behind it.
she made these for a girls night we had a few months ago (prior to me being sick)...and i swear i ate 12 in one sitting.
complete with whip cream, strawberries, chocolate chips, etc.
they are so good.


{hadley and her work of art}

here's the recipe:
2/3 C flour (i used whole wheat)
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 T sugar
3 eggs, separated
1 1/2 C milk
1/2 C & 1 T oil (i use coconut oil)

mix dry ingredients together in a big bowl. 
beat egg whites until stiff (don't allow any of the yolks to mix in or the whites won't stiffen). 
add egg yolks, milk and oil to the dry ingredients.  mix thoroughly.  (i actually used a blender for this part, because when you use coconut oil, it conforms to whatever temperature it's at.  the milk was cold and therefore made the oil chunk up.  the blender took care of this).
gently fold in egg whites into batter (do this with a spatula, and if you mix/whip it together the waffles will end up flat in the end).
pour batter onto preheated waffle maker (if you don't have a waffle maker, you can always do what mr. anderson did and wake up on black friday at 3 in the mornin' to get a good deal on one...cause you know, having a waffle maker is that important.)

so, i DOUBLED this recipe for my family of 7.  and in reality, i probably should have tripled it.
the kids topped theirs off with chips and leftover chipotle cause they were still hungry.
nothing like waffles then chipotle.

{mamas' waffle.  delish}

and if you eat 12 of them like me, your belly might end up looking like this:
{please note, fingerprints all over my mirror.  evidence of little people}

happy waffle eatin'.


  1. I have a feeling I would mess those up, with the rules about the egg whites and all. But the do sound delish! Oh and your bump? Freaking adorable.

  2. i'm making waffles tonight. no joke.

  3. ok. there should be a warning that pops up on your blog before one can read a post as delicious as that...especially for the preggos.

    because now i have to go to the store and then make these immediately.

    my whole day is now thrown off.


  4. oh yum!!! this morning we will have waffles! every time anyone says they are making waffles i think of shrek and the waffle making donkey. :) your baby bump is toooo cute. :)

  5. I love putting ice cream inside waffles.....So yummy. The waffles have to be warm.
    I don't think I have ever seen someone as cute as you with that baby belly. You don't gain weight anywhere but your tummy......so cute.

  6. I love a good waffle! I'm trying that recipe! Thanks for sharing! And don't you look so cute with your little baby bump!

  7. ahhh... ikea kids plates.... I love them!!!! (oh, and the waffles look great too! :D )

  8. ha ha! my mirror is the same way!

  9. You and your bump are just so dang cute. The waffles look awesome.

  10. those look delish. my mouth is now watering :) our low lying mirrors and windows look like that, but with the wet nose prints from our pups! thanks for the recipe!

  11. update: waffles DONE! and they were GOOOOOD! thanks emily!! :) and uh yeah-- we tripled the recipe for a family of 5 and there weren't any leftovers. :)

  12. Those waffles look delish!

  13. gah I wish I had a waffle maker...might have to send my hubby to the black friday sales in November! And you could not be any cuter!! Your belly is so precious and you look adorable

  14. yum, thanks for the waffle recipe...you look soooo dang cute...hmmm...I NEED grandchildren...:)

  15. YUM!! I will be making those for sure! Thanks for sharing and you are looking GREAT!!!

  16. my husband would flip out over this. He freaks out when you put pancakes or waffles in front of him!

    love it!

    AND, I am also (shamelessly) plugging a giveaway on my blog. But it is for a really cool vintage t-shirt (winner gets to choose their design from the website) so I don't feel too guilty about it ;) The Mitten State Vintage T-Shirt Giveaway!

    The Mitten State Vintage T-Shirt Giveaway!

  17. love the recipe! But I love your baby belly more! :)

  18. I also had waffles this weekend, courtesy of my boyfriend. They were delicious!

  19. I'm using this post as an excuse to go buy a waffle maker. Those look delish!

  20. Those waffles look delish!!! And your baby bump is about the cutest thing I have seen all day. Precious, precious.

  21. They look amazing.
    As do you. Love the belly!

  22. YUM! I have a waffle recipe I love, but I may have to add this one to my recipe book anyway!

    By the way, be sure to enter my Shabby Apple dress giveaway!


    Have a great week! :)

  23. Hey! We had waffles this morning! I always use coconut oil in my waffles and pancakes. They taste so amazing!

  24. I. LOVE. Waffles. And you look so beautiful, even with all those waffles in your belly ;)

  25. Those waffles look delish! :)

  26. ...and now I'm hungry.

  27. wow those waffles look amazingly delicious!


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  29. your baby bump is adorable. there's a swedish town close to where i live...we've stayed at their only b & b and they have the best belgian waffles. hmmm.

  30. those sound delish!! can't wait to make them. thanks for sharing! and i think you might just be the cutest pregnant mama i've ever seen! :)

  31. now im craving waffles :)
    such a cute bump!

  32. those look amaaaaaazing! and you look beautiful! :)

  33. You are so adorable...we are adopting from Ethiopia..pregnant...hoping to adopt another one from Africa down the road. Love your growing family....your willingness to DISCIPLE your kids....really neat!

  34. Making these this weekend!! And you are just plain adorable. Seriously. You and your little belly. Sheesh.


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