you are my sunshine.

little kohen is going to be turning 2 soon.
if you know me, you know that i like to do things on the cheap.
even with parties, i love for things to be beautiful and thought out, but i hate spending money.
i utilized many things that i already owned and ended up spending about $30 on the party (not including food which was pizza).  and it turned out so cute and fun!

this year, i wanted to have another sweet and simple little party for his birthday---so i decided on a "you are my sunshine" theme.
i love yellow...it's so bright and fun.
and let's face it---i'm not going to be able to pick the themes of my kids bday parties for much longer.
maybe i can get away with one more year with kohen--and of course, this new baby.
but that's it.

so, i've been pinning some "sunshine" painted boards on my pinterest account.
i liked them, but none of them were exactly what i was hoping for.
so, i used them more as inspiration, and decided to paint my own.

i took pictures of the process, so you could have a somewhat tutorial, but let's face it---it's pretty easy.
get a board, paint it, voila.

but first, you definitely need a helper if ones available:

i found my board sitting in my garage--it had lots of texture on it, which was what i wanted.

after you paint the board white, let it dry.
while drying, take a lunch break.
painting is hard work.

i free handed the letters, but you could stamp, or trace.

and then you're done.
and you have a lovely sign.  (mine is about 2feet x 2feet)
after we use this at the birthday party, i plan on hanging it in mr. anderson and i's room.

this took me about 45 minutes to do (not including our lunch break).
and i had all supplies on hand, so it cost me nothing.
that's a win.

happy sign making :)


  1. I love this - I love yellow too! And I wish I could freehand as well as you...stencils for me all the way!!!

  2. wow you have very nice handwriting for free handing!

    I love the sign! :)

  3. Wow I could never handwrite with a brush like that ! Even after 4 years of university art class !

  4. So, so cute! If only my 'freehand' looked like yours!

  5. I love it. It makes me want to start a painting project today.... to bad I have so much laundry to do that isn't going to be happening. :-( Oh well. Good job though... the party will be cute!

  6. so simple and cute, emily. can't wait to see what the party looks like and how you do it! i love that pic of kohen with a milk mustache, btw. can't believe he's already turning 2!

  7. That's crazy impressive free hand my friend! :-) Amanda

  8. I love scrap wood that I find in the garage. Thanks to hubby and boys making stuff and leaving things behind for crafty mommy and girls.
    Birthday on the cheap-we did a bakery party for my 7yr old. Donuts, mini cupcakes and cake pops. Pretty much close to free since we own all the baking gear.

  9. You free handed that?! My free-hand writing could be mistaken for my son's five-year-old handwriting, not a beautiful template. Good job!

  10. Genius!!! Love it!
    p.s. your free-handing is pretty much rockstar girl!!!! :-)

  11. Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing -- I have a huge pile of scrap wood in my garage and now I know just what I'm going to do with it. :)

  12. Very cute and creative. You have great handwriting! Or paintwriting?

  13. i guess you could pop that in the mail for me if you want. ha.

  14. Too cute! I love that song..


  15. Oh wow, let me add to this list of comments and sing your handwriting praises! How is it that some people get all the good talents? lol :) If I made a sign people would tell my 8 year old she did such a nice job for her first attempt at paint-writing. Super cute idea, and my favorite song to sing to my babies. My little Avery,in particular, now 3 years old, would always stop crying to that one. {Sniff sniff} How quickly time marches on....


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