made with love: DIY painted plates

welcome to our first installment of made with love!
like i said on friday, my goal with this blogging series is to hopefully inspire you to hand make some of your christmas gifts this year---saving you money while putting more love into your gifts.

i did this series last year, as well.
here are the links from those projects:

and this was not a made with love project, but a great christmas gift, none-the-less:


let's move on to our first guest, shall we?
if you don't know her, prepare your hearts to love her.

so hello there.
i'm  jami nato and i am emily's best friend since high school.  i would like to take this time to ask emily to take down her Facebook profile pic...which is me and her and 20 extra pounds in college.  i was clearly enjoying a lot of cookie dough then and have since reformed my ways.  we look gross.  mainly me.  so ya, awkward that i have to do that on the intranet.

--emily here...i interrupt this program to show said photo:
yes, jami, you look gross.
which is why it was my profile pic.
moving on...back to you!

now that the little business item is taken care of, we can move on to painted plates.  this is what ladies in the olden days used to do for fun...i think?  well i don't know, i saw it in a movie once.  so basically, that means it's true.

these are fun gifts for the friend in your life that has everything or nothing.  what i'm basically saying, is anyone would love this.

what you need is:
-some plates
-some enamel gloss paint from any craft store (it's with the acrylics)
-a brush
-a stamp or stencil
-a pinch of love.  just kidding.  or am i?

i bought these plates from the dollar store. 
yes.  holler.

and here's what you do:
 clean the plate with alcohol.

grab a stamp or stencil, and stamp a letter on the plate.  i used an over sized foam stamp.
i like black and white together because i'm into graphic, bold things.  but i mean, let your creativeness flow on the color choices here.
i guess you could hand write this on here, but let's be honest...your handwriting isn't all that great. haha. but seriously.
if you mess up, just wipe it off and start over.
if you have some imperfections, let it dry and scrape off what you don't like.

then, you're going to bake these puppies.  follow the directions on the paint bottle.  which is usually 300 degrees for an hour-ish.  they should be scratch resistant but you probs don't want to eat off of them.

how cute would this plate be on the wall though? 
no i didn't take a picture, just imagine it.

thanks for hanging with me on em's blog. i am honored to be her friend, even though she loves twilight and collects beanie babies

--emily here again. 
 twilight?  yes. 
beanie babies?  no.

thanks james!


  1. Definitely going to make some of these for family this year! =) Thanks for the inspiration. =)

  2. These are fabulous!! Love the graphic black & white. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. you guys crack me up!
    I found the nato's blog through yours Emily! love her blog too!
    you guys have a similar sense of humor that I LOVE!

  4. it's good to be jami. real good.

  5. dude, i hate you for posting that picture.

  6. I absolutely love the plates, but I love even more that you guys are best friends! Your blogs are two of my favorites because of your writing voices and senses of humor and it all makes sense now!! Thank you so much for the fun gift idea, Jami! :)

  7. this is amazing! So you can just wipe off the paint if you mess up? Or do you use something special to remove the paint.

  8. this is so fun!! love it :)

  9. I like these. A whole lot. Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  10. great ideas, thanks so much for sharing!! they really help :)

  11. you guys ever thought of taking this thing on the road? moms of 9 comedy duo? (oh my-9-that's a baseball team) i'd come out for it! yay for friends!

  12. Love these plates, and twilight :)

  13. love this, such a great idea :)

  14. Awesome Jami.

    ps I never read your exchanges with jami when drinking anything, guarantee laptop ruin.


  15. I am in loooove with this series! You two ladies are my friends in my mind!!! Here is a blog post I think you two might enjoy!! http://3wists.blogspot.com/2011/11/crafts-and-draftsnovember.html


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