sponsor intros, made with love, and 35 weeks.

we have some fabulous sponsors with us this month...take a looksie and start some holiday shopping early, or just have fun browsing their blogs!


i am excited for a fun blogging series starting on monday
you may remember last year, i did  made with love mondays...well, that's going to be starting again this monday, and running every week, until christmas.
my goal is to hopefully inspire you to hand make a few of your christmas gifts (handmade can be so much lovelier than store bought).
i have some ahhhh-mazing guest bloggers lined up for this series--come back to be inspired!

i had fun with the lovely miss sarah bray yesterday.
she snapped some belly photos for me...

check it.
the watermelon is in full effect.

i always have fun with her during our quick photo sessions...even when i step in dog crap and get it all over myself.
it's the best.

happy weekend y'all.


  1. yep, you straight up stuffed a watermelon in your shirt. nice. :) you look wonderful!

  2. You are looking amazing Emily! Must be an exciting time for your family! (Is it going to be a christmas babe?)

    Looking forward to the Made with Love series! I LOVE Christmas and crafting so sounds perfect for me!!

    Ngaio May xx

  3. WHERE did you get your boot socks!??! Love them! I bought some at Target last week but they are super tight and look weird!

  4. How CUUUTE are you!!! And look at how long your hair is!?! Love it!
    Blessings to you Mama :-)

  5. Awesome! Great photos and memories. You look beautiful and so happy!

  6. you're so beautiful! what a lovely way to remember your pregnancy... i never want to remember what i look like when i'm pregnant. i blow up like a balloon!

    just a few more weeks... you're on the home stretch!

  7. You look fantastic! Gorgeous pictures!

  8. you are too cute, LOVE the watermelon with your tiny tights and boots. adorable, you're just adorable!

  9. I am so jealous how good you look! Your all baby, legs still thin! Not me, I've gained not only in the belly but in the thighs & bum too!

  10. Yes, watermelon definitely. But you look absolutely gorgeous!!


  11. Can't wait for the new series to being. And look at you all stylish with your leg warmers and boots! So cute! And ready to "meet" this baby. :)

  12. You're adorable :) A watermelon is better than "pregnant all over" like I usually get! :)

  13. such an adorable preggo tummy! :)

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend :P

    Oh you are my choice for my follow friday feature post this week :) I hope you go check it out :)


  14. dammit em. why do you have to be so cute pregnant...i will slap you. i love this song.

  15. 35 weeks?? wow, seems last last month you were hurling your way through first tri!
    home stretch baby!! yah~ :)


  16. teeniest pregnant woman ever. seriously.

    happy weekend! :)

  17. you look so cute.... thanks so much for "embrace the camera. :)

  18. oh my goodness.
    aren't you adorable?!!
    i was so wide in my pregnancies.

    W I D E.

  19. Gosh Emily, you must be the most beautiful person I 'know,' both inside and out.

  20. Love love love your blog. And your belly is super cute!

  21. hello cutest preggo everrrrrrrr!

    kudos for rocking heels still!

  22. oh you are too cute! congrats on your pregnancy. i just found your blog and love it! can't wait to follow along. :)


  23. you are so adorable!!!!
    thanks for the sponsor love! xo

  24. You have to be the most adorable preggo ever! & I love your outfit! Those boots are so cute!

  25. Love the red leg warmers/socks! Beautiful pictures!


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