made with love: DIY felt cupcakes

my sweet IRL friend (in real life, for those of you who are not down with the internet lingo),  amy, is over here today...showing you how to make the most adorable felt cupcakes EVER.
seriously, enjoy.
Ello governors'.
When Em asked if I could jump on board for her Made with Love jig, I knew
right away what I wanted to make.
See, back in October my daughter, Buggie, had a school dealio where she had
to dress as a literary character for a book parade.
And to my chagrin she choose Pinkalicious.
Truth time, I despise Pinkalicious. I think she is a little brat.
But I digress.
I needed to make her cupcakes for her outfit and in doing so, came up with a super easy and cute little cupcake. Perfect handmade pressie for little kiddies who enjoy playing tea or kitchen.
She did nail it. 

Here is what you will need to make a 4 pack of felt cupcakes:
- felt in two colors {for the bases you will use about 1/4 of felt and for the icing one sheet}
- embroidery thread in two colors
-embroidery needle
-stuffing {if your house is like mine, there is always an extra stuffed animal around ready for a craft sacrifice}
- paper cupcake liner
- sequins
- hot glue gun

Ok so there is a group of pics I totally forgot to take, oops.
Take your paper cupcake liner, flip it top down and trace 4 tops.
Then cut down the side and cut the bottom off.
Then trace those two pieces 4 times.

Now to stitching all together. I used the blanket stitch. Super easy and super cute.

step 1:
 About a 1/4 inch down from the edge of the long side piece, stick your needle through sideways and pull through to your knot.

step 2:
 Then on the top piece stick the needle through. DO NOT pull through.

step 3:
 Loop your needle under the thread between the two pieces, then pull through.

step 4:
Then pinch the two pieces together and stick the needle through both pieces. DO NOT pull through.

step 5:
 Stick the needle under under the loop you just made and then pull through.
Repeat steps 4 and 5 all the way around, then tie off.

Now you will most likely have some extra on the long side to cut off. Then stitch up the seam, with a basic stitch.

Then stuff the cupcake, you want more in there then you think. So keep stuffing.
No sagging cuppies here.

Then do the blanket stitch on the bottom piece, but before closing make sure you cupcake is nice and full with stuffing.

Then for the icing.
Take the other color felt cut 2 strips long ways 1/4 of an inch wide.
Then with your glue gun start glue them down. I use two strips of felt to make a tall topping of icing.

And every cupcake needs sprinkles, so with the hot glue gun, go to town adding your sequins on top. {side note in the pic above of Buggie, you might have noticed I added cherries. To make those I just took a red pom pom ball and hot glued a piece of green ric rac to the top for the stem}

Once you are done you will have the perfect little addition for an afternoon tea party.

And to give them as a sweet little pressie for Christmas, I purchased a cupcake box.

Serious cuteness people.

With a pretty bow on top, these are ready to go out to Buggie's friend for Christmas.

So there it is.
A simply sweet handmade gift.
Thanks Em for having me!

thanks amy!
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  1. Love that first picture. What a "sweet" gift.

  2. I despise Pinkalicious too. That book is "lost" under my bed. But the cupcakes are adorable. Too cute.

  3. adorable!! The cupcake queen approves :P

  4. what a cute idea! I absolutely love it :D thanks for sharing!


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