made with love: DIY paper star wars characters

i absolutely adore my guest poster today---
if only we lived closer, i would be at her house everyday, drinking coffee while our 10 children (combined) ran around and acted crazy.  well, now that i think about it, she probably wouldn't enjoy that everyday...or would she?
if you are a mama of boys, you will love this awesome gift today...enjoy!


Congratulations Andersons on the arrival of sweet Olive - she's awesome!

I started following Emily's blog when she was the mom of a daughter and two boys. Then she welcomed her third son. We were on common ground...both relishing the craziness of 3 boys and a daughter. Well, now she's got an even gendered house and I am a bit behind. Though I only have one daughter, I can say it is so much easier for me to create handmade gifts for her than it is for her brothers. Boys are just hard when it comes to handmade.

Little boys, however, are a bit easier to go handmade, things like hands-on felt books or stuffed toys work great. However, older boys...well if they are anything like mine, all they want is Legos or Star Wars. So this gift has my boys in mind. It doesn't involve near as much time or cuteness as previous Made With Love ideas, but it passed the approval of my boys.

Easiest gift ever. Ready for it?

Paper Star Wars characters?
I was tipped off to the blog Toy A Day
 (http://toy-a-day.blogspot.com/) on my facebook wall. The blog features paper toys you can simply download and print...wonderful.

What to include in your gift:
Printed paper toys
Kid friendly scissors
Tape (to reinforce things for rough play)

I printed the toys on card stock. My boys were very particular that there can only be one of each character, but lots of storm troopers. I would recommend printing off several to create a good stack for your gift.

Here's the links to the Star Wars Characters

I made this gift with lots of love...downloaded them to my computer with love, printed them off with love, stacked them in a pile with love, tied it all up with baker's twine with love. Lots of love, very little work.  Lots of happy boys.

These would be great as a gift to send distant friends or even on a kid's table at Christmas to occupy semi-little hands. Our little characters are now hanging from branches on the Christmas tree, that was after lots of play.

Thanks for having me Emily...keep those sweet pictures of Olive coming!

thanks so much ashley!  i seriously LOVED this gift :)

here are links from the previous made with love gifts:


  1. My boys love these paper toys too! Great idea to package them up as a gift!

  2. I have a LEGO BINGO game you can download on my blog. That always makes a fun gift too.


  3. You have just helped me SO MUCH! I was just talking about being baffled at what to give my 12yo semi-crafty brother, and this is it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  4. Question... I went to print these off and they print pretty small; half page sized, but centered on the page. Yours look like they fill the whole 8.5x11 - is that right? Just curious if I should be fiddling trying to enlarge or if that's the size they're supposed to be.

    Thanks for the great link! If I can get them printed the right size, my nephews will be getting these for Christmas.

  5. Carolyn,
    I opened them in Photoshop and actually had to reduce them to fit on a 8.5x11 page. I am guessing the resolution is different than what the software you are using to open them. Photoshop opens things at 300 dpi, when I did it I started a new document that was 8.5x11 at 72 dpi and then "placed" the file. I am guessing you could open them in any program and just adjust the resolution. Hopefully that helps!

  6. Thanks, AshleyAnn - that does help! I printed the one set smaller, but they will be for an older nephew. I'll use photoshop to print them bigger for the younger ones.

  7. Dear All
    Does anyone still have the Star Wars Characters saved ? I tried downloading but the links no longer works. I you have the files would you be so kind to email them to me vlenzlinger@hotmail.com
    I would like to use them for my son's birthday . Txs in advance !

  8. Dear All
    Does anyone still have the files for the Star Wars Characters ? I have tried downloading them but the links no longer works. If you have the files would you be able to email them to me. I would like to use them for my son's birthday
    Hope someone can help. Txs in advance !

  9. dear all,

    i have tried downloading them but the links no longer works :(, would some on be able to email them to me pleeeeeasssseeeeee. Thanks!!!!!! mi mail is karlamcea@gmail.com

  10. Dear All
    Does anyone still have the files for the Star Wars Characters ? I would like to use them for my son's birthday
    Hope someone can help. nathyac@gmail.com


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