goals, words, resolutions, oh my.

i'm not big into making goals when it comes to the new year.
i used to pick "a word" for the year, but i don't particularly like doing that anymore either.
resolutions always fail a few weeks into the year, so forget about those.

instead, i thought about how i could try to make every aspect of my life better...and for me, that was to be more intentional.
more intentional in my marriage...parenting...eating choices...my actions...words i say...ways i treat my friends...the list could go on and on.

so, the first thing i needed to do to be more intentional in my life?
delete my personal facebook page.
(i will still have our blog facebook page)
this was something i've been thinking about doing for a long time.  i've spent way to many hours of my life reading about people that i hardly know and what they are cooking for dinner, where they are shopping and what they are buying at starbucks.
we are more connected to everyone in our life these days, but yet, i've never felt so disconnected.
rather than picking up the phone to call a friend, i would just check in on facebook.
that is not being intentional.
i want to hear friends voices...i want to see them in person...i want to mail a real letter or card.

and how many things in my real life did i miss because i was burying my face in my phone/iPad/computer, checking on other people and their lives?

so, after much thought...and lots of going back and forth...deleting facebook just became the right option for me. 
so, this week is my last week---i'm transitioning to just my blog facebook page.  i realize the importance of facebook when it comes to social networking, and i've been trying to be a better communicator when it comes to you all, the readers, thus the reason for having a blog facebook page.  i can communicate right there with you.
i learned from this girl how to run just a page and not have to deal with your personal page, so i'm on it.

sidenote:  please know that i respect you if you have a facebook page...i'm not judging.  i will still have our facebook page for our blog, and i understand the importance of having a page for some---some people have family in other countries, etc. and it's their only communication.  in fact that is one of the reasons why i hadn't deleted my account yet.  my sister has been in europe, studying abroad and it was our only form of communication for the past few months.  so i get it. 
no judgement here.  promise!

let's end on a happy note, shall we?
cute picture of hadley bean, commence.


  1. My husband recently deleted his FB page - he said it was too much drama and people have so many "friends" now that they can't really keep up with anyone. I'll be honest, I hate him not having one. I feel like it's kinda like getting rid of your cell phone in this day and age. But I will say that I've had to get more deliberate about talking to him (rather then leaving hinting status' on my FB) and writing him letters or cards versus just writing on his wall!

  2. Love this post! Every year I write a page full of resolutions that I stick to for about a week then they gradually just fade away. I have also desided to be more intential in my relationships and to put more into them. I have often thought about deleting my fb page...but just can never do it! This might have given me the extra push I need. Happy New Year to the lovely andersons!

  3. I totally understand your thing with FB. I go back and forth between deleting mine or not. For now, I have been deleting "friends" like a madwoman! If we haven't spoken in years, you're gone. If I wouldn't really call you on the phone to see how you are, you're gone. I'm keeping my FB to stay connected with my closest friends and family. No more time-sucking, FB creeping for me! :)

  4. If Facebook weren't so darn convenient...for example getting people's addresses for my Christmas card is so easy with fb. I've been thinking of just giving myself just 10 minutes in the evening, instead of checking it so often.

  5. good for you, emily. and, i love the new look for your blog. it's fabulous.

  6. you are so inspirational! no one in may family has ever had a fb page. like you said, i have heard way to many stories of people reading what they are having for supper that night...thank you for this post. happy wednesday!

    p.s. lovin' you new bloggy look and am glad you kept the title...except added one more girl. ;D


  7. 1. I love the new look of your blog.
    2. I never had FB- I must give myself a shout out and say I could see the negatives it may bring, so the hubs and I opted to be FB free from the beginning- and we have survived just fine!
    3. Hadley is adorable.
    Happy Wednesday!

  8. I deleted mine two days ago and I feel SO liberated and free!!! I feel like a HUGE weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It's so nice to just be able to spend time with my kids and not worry about what everyone else is doing. I've struggled a bit because FB was a huge part of my life, but I'm working through it.

    Good for you, girl!

    Lindsey :)

  9. Thanks for this post. Got out of the FB haze back in October and haven't missed it at. all. Good for you!

  10. Way to go! I also go back and forth on this all the time. It is so stupidly addictive. I am proud of you. Send me some waves so I can get the strength to delete mine.

  11. http://thecreativeplace.blogspot.com/2012/01/one-little-word-2012.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+blogspot%2FexeMP+%28The+Creative+Place%29

    this blog showed up in my reader right after your post. . .what a coincidence!

  12. do what is best for your sweet mama! being more intentional is definitely more important than any avenue of social media. i admire the commitment and i am working on being more intentional myself:))

  13. I deleted my FB page for the exact same reasons.. I was sick of finding out big important news on FB! Whatever happened to actual communication??

  14. Definitely makes me think - - - think that I spend too much time reading pointless information about others, when I could be spending that time blogging more often - recording the memories that matter! Or better yet, spending time with my little Ellie Beans. Seriously though ----> ponder deleting facebook, commence.

  15. i've thought about deleting my facebook SO many times. Still haven't done it, though. Perhaps you'll be my push :)

  16. I love your blog, your beautiful family... and I love your use of the word "intentional."

    I try to live my life purposefully, too. My specific purpose is to live life to the fullest by keeping the correct balance... God, family, others.

    I don't always achieve the goal, but I always strive!

    Every six months I empty my "invisible" busy basket of unnecessary, busy activities. They may be good activities, but they may not be the BEST.

    Good luck with your intentional living!

  17. I deleted my fb 2 months ago....And i can live without it!

  18. hello! i never really comment but i read your blog and was drawn to it because i was on staff with crusade at cal poly slo for a few years. ;) i deleted my facebook a year ago - best decision ever. and i'm looking forward to reading about your upcoming move! just wanted to pop in and say hello. ;)

  19. Good for you!!! What a fresh start to the new year! PS - I love your new blog header. :)

  20. Its funny, I think my facebook is on its way out too. I realized that I check it all day at work, then come home and after I get the boys in bed, I am back on it again. I think its time. I just want to feel free of it once and for all! How adorable is your little sweetie? You guys honestly have the most beautiful children! xoxo


  21. Right with ya momma, never had a facebook for all the same reasons. Hate being in a crowd and people having discussions about "facebook" life and not the real one. I miss out on keeping in touch from old friends, but if I really want the relationship to work, I'll intentional make it happen.

  22. you are very inspiring! I think its great you did that

  23. love the picture of hadley :)

    i don't think i'll be deleting my personal facebook page anytime soon, but I do want to go though and weed out the people that i never talk to. just because we went to the same high school does not mean we are friends!

  24. I've considered doing the same thing many times. Although I don't feel ready just yet, I'm still considering it. Great post.

  25. Emily, I totally felt the push to delete my account after I read your post today. You are so right about being connected but feeling so disconnected. I've been flip floppy about it and felt this absurd fear to delete... but then I realized there is this thing called a phone and you can call or text or write a letter or email... so many more personal ways to communicate then random posts to 1,000 "friends". I know I will have withdrawal at first, but I already feel better about myself. Facebook free 2012!

  26. Wow huge step! I've tried deleting my Facebook page in the past, it truly can stress me out sometimes, but I have family that the only way they can connect with Judah is by visiting my Facebook page. They don't understand how to look at my blog act ;-) But my husband on the other hand deleted his. He felt he didn't need it and he does fine with out it :-)

  27. I soooo want to delete my facebook account. Bravo to you for biting the bullet and doing it. Lately I have been thinking a lot about how much time of my life I spend reading about other people's lives (facebook, twitter, blogs, instagram, etc.). I feel like I need to let a lot of it go so that I can truly enjoy my own life. It's so crazy that pulling the plug can be so scarey.

  28. My husband and I both deleted our personal FB pages right around Halloween. So many people didn't "get it" but its been so nice. Your so right about wanting to have those special relationships with those important to be more than fb. Fb became such an easy route for everyone and everything but I opted out and I'm really happy about it!

  29. emily...i can't tell you how much this post blessed me! i have been praying lately that God would show me where he wants me to grow this year, and when i read the part in your post about being intentional, it was as if the light went on over my head! i get so frustrated at myself for not being more consistent, etc and it occurred to me that the main reason i'm not seeing the changes i want to see is because i'm not being intentional. duh! anyway, i am now working towards those changes and realizing where i need to be more intentional. thank you for sharing this!
    and i love the new look of your blog--so cute!
    and olive---words can not express how adorable she is!!

  30. i am taking a facebook break for january and i can tell you that in less than a week the surprising unintended outcome for me is that i am all of the sudden much more content with my life than i have been in months. i just wanted to spend more time with my kiddos and reading books instead of getting sucked into FB and i feel so free! i will go back to it in moderation, but this month is awesome so far. i feel you. if my blog was popular at all i'd do the same thing. the only reason i leave it up really is to be able to keep up with people from where we have moved and hopefully connect to new people for ministry. it just sucks me in with magnetic force when i "hop" on for just a second!


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