8 years old.

i have an 8 year old today:

how that's possible, i'm not quite sure.
but i am sure of my love for him.
8 years ago, he made me a mom.
8 years ago, my life changed.
{my sweet, lil' asian nugget}


this boy challenges me on every level, every day.
i sometimes feel like i'm looking in a mirror, when i'm dealing with his stubbornness.
he makes me want to pull my hair out...and i'm confident mr. andersons gray hairs are because of this child.

but we wouldn't trade any of the hard times.
because for every good moment we have with him, it makes it all worth it.

happy 8th birthday, caedmon.

you are a treasure, you are loved.


  1. Hahah reading and hula hooping, quite talented! So happy your little man is growing up. :)

  2. What a great multi-tasker! I love that pick with the hula hoop! Happy Birthday, Caedmon!

  3. Sso beautiful! Happy Birthday Caedmon :)

  4. Happy 8th Birthday to your sweet boy!

  5. Happy birthday!! 8 years old, wow!! :D

  6. Happy Birthday to your first born! That hullahoop picture is just the best! Hope you all have a wonderful day!
    Kate from ummmnowwhat.blogspot.com

  7. Happy Happy Caedmon!

    There's something special about the first. Made me cry reading it thinking of my own making me a momma. Of course, it's just him right now, but one day maybe there will be more. But he's so so so special.

    Hope today is wonderful!

  8. Happy birthday lil man! He looks like a gem!

    And happy 8 years of being a mama!


  9. Umm maybe I started thinking about my almost 2 year old turning 8 & maybe I started crying...maybe.

    Happy birthday to your big man!

  10. Happy birthday to your little man!! And i completely understand the thing about seeing yourself in your son my boys are 10 and i can't believe the lessons god teaches me through them:))


  11. Happy Birthday, Little Man! The thought of a year and a half overwhelms me.....god knows how I'll handle 8 years! Happy eight years to you as well, Mama. I love that he's enjoying a little Narnia in that picture =D

  12. Ummm...is your eight year old really reading the Chronicles of Narnia on his own?! Good job!

  13. aww happy birthday to him! love the pics!

  14. happy birthday! what a sweet post that was about him!

  15. Happy Birthday Caedmon!!!!

  16. happy birthday, caedmon! hope it's a great one!

  17. Happy birthday Caedom!

  18. @paris, yes! he is quite the reader (and has been reading since before kindergarten!)
    smart little kid (clearly did not get it from me :P)

  19. I loved this so much I tagged you in my own post! Happy birthday, little dude!


  20. So precious. The hula hooping while reading picture is hilarious! Happy birthday to your little man!

  21. A very talented 8-year-old, I see. Happy Birthday, Caedmon!

  22. Happy mom-iversary to you! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Caedmon! :)

  23. My friend gets all depressed reading blogs because she thinks everyone makes their life sound so much better than it really is. She thinks every mom makes their life sound easy, their marriage sound perfect, and their kids sound like angels... so I gave her your blog! lol! You are so honest but because you love your kids and family so much- it's always a good honesty. Keep on, keep on!

  24. awww... happy bday boy!
    my eldest just turned 8 in january.
    time flies!
    those lucky (or not so) first borns, huh?
    always being the guinea pigs. :)


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