DIY: button earrings

since finding out that we are moving, i have slowly been purging and packing all that i can.
when we moved to orlando, we had like, 4 weeks to prepare.
if you think i'm psycho now, you should have seen me then.
i like this business of having 4 months to prepare to move halfway across the country.
it's much nicer.

so, anywho, purging.  one place in particular that needs a good purge is my junk craft area.
i mean, there is stuff in there that i haven't touched since we moved here.
why?  why am i holding onto it?  it's because there is this glimmer of hope that one day i might be able to sit down and craft it up, glorious style, and i might need that flower sticker, or that bottle of glitter, or that cute pom-pom ribbon.
note to self, "self, you will never use a bottle of glitter, no matter how much you think you might."
i'm just not a glittery kind of gal.
so, i've been slowly detaching myself from the stuff.
in particular, my ridiculous collection of buttons.
i do love buttons, but i just don't need them taking up my space.
so, i picked out a few to make a fun, easy craft and then got rid of the rest.
 if you're in the area and love buttons be on the lookout for a few thousand at your local goodwill.

here's what i made for a valentines day teacher gift:
{i did not come up with this idea on my own...over the past year i've seen it a few different times on the in-tra-net, i just can't remember where.  this was pre-pinterest, of course}

1. you need a button and embroidery thread.
2. thread through button holes.
3. hot glue to your earring (found at hobby lobby--a package of like, 100)

these are cute, eh?
cute as a button. 
that's a total dad joke (you know, those lame jokes that only your dad tells yet he always seems to crack himself up)

here's the graphic if you'd like to do the same thing for your sweet teachers, or whomever you wish.

right click to save it to your computer, then print it on white card stock at the size you'd like.

and, remember way back when, when i talked about a central florida blogger get together?
yah, sorry i dropped the ball on that.
i mean, i only had a baby, but that's no excuse.

here ya go.
-once you RSVP to amy, she will give you all the details of what we're doing, and where it's at-
please RSVP by march 5th
-if you emailed me last time to tell me you were interested, you still need to email amy with your RSVP-
hope to see lots of you crazy bloggers there!  (but not literal crazies...stay away)


hope your weekend is better than olive's.


  1. I feel your pain. My craft room looks like as a bomb's hit it because I'm trying to do it up. So I'm going through everything to see if I really need to it. Usually...no lol. But, errm, will the earrings not add to your stuff???

  2. ohhhh that picture of Olive is awesome. She is so cute! I always keep some kind of piece of foam, scrap paper or old playdough container because i might "need it" someday. I think its time to purge my craft closet...soon.

  3. i am so sad i don't live in florida....actually, i like living in ok...just sad i can't come to the blogger meet up! have fun!

  4. Oh man.. my craft room... its a disaster zone. CEREAL (that means seriously) :)

    you crack me up. :)

    thanks for the tutorial! :) Adorbs!

  5. you are the cutest most awesome creative person in the whole world. love it. thanks for being so inspiring.


  6. When I see someone make a rude or tasteless comment on your blog, it makes me want to mumble inappropriate things under my breath. Just thought you should know. :)

  7. Those button earrings are ridiculously cute!! I might have to share on my page as well! Have a wonderful weekend

  8. Those earrings are a perfect idea for a gift (or yourself..hehe! Thanks for sharing that!

  9. oh, olive...you are precious indeed!
    and thanks for the project idea.
    we're gonna have fun with this one! ;)

  10. The earrings are so cute and Olive is as cute as a button! Oh my that picture is adorable!

  11. Oh my goodness, that little face is awesome!

  12. Oh poor baby lol!
    She's still cute as a button even with that face.

  13. adorable buttons, cute as a button :-)

    and I told Amy I am trying to convince my husband that we should make our Florida trip the first week of March :-) to make the meet up

  14. Just found your blog and am excited to add it to my Google Reader! It looks like you guys are having some serious fun :-) I have a baby too-- Little Lulu, 6 months. Visit sometime!

  15. Ok, I totally missed your post about moving!! I'm so excited y'all are moving to Dallas - yay for Texas (which is not considered the midwest (just sayin)). Eat lots of good Tex-Mex for me when you get there!

  16. Such a cute, simple idea! You are so good about teacher gifts! I need to get better about that...


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