bunnies for buganda.

there have been many moments in my life, where God has used my children to speak to me.
i am often left humbled, knowing that the God of the universe, has gotten down on such a small and simple level to tell me something.
well, a few weeks ago, chalice sent some bunnies to my kids.

a sweet and simple little gift, that left my kids smiling...and left my heart feeling full.
they came at such a perfect time. 
i was feeling very overwhelmed with all that has been put on my plate.  from being a wife and mom to dealing with stuff with my mom, to dealing with our house (we put it up on the market that week and had a bunch of showings)...i was just plain exhausted.  not to mention, we had sick kiddos too.
blah, that always makes a mommy tired, regardless of if she is up with a newborn at night or not.

so the sweet bunnies arrive in my mailbox and as i'm passing them out, i notice the scripture that is sewn onto the back of all of them:

in that moment, i knew i was in good hands.
i was reminded that the Lord cares for us and our burdens...and that He wants to carry them for us.
all those things that were bothering me?  He's got them under control.
why is that so hard to remember in times of stress?
as i heard the other day at church, "he doesn't want to be our assistant."  he wants to carry it all for us.

so, even though this was just a simple bunny that brought a lot of joy to my kids faces...it also brought some peace and calm to my heart as i was gently reminded that He cares.

these bunnies aren't just bringing smiles to my kids faces, but to faces all over the world.
chalice has started bunnies for buganda, which sends a bunny to a child in africa, for every one purchased.
wouldn't this make a great little gift to stick in your kiddos easter basket?
and when you buy one for your munchkin, a child across the world will get one as well.
smiles all around.

{bunnies c/o: bunnies for buganda}


  1. I love how God works in the perfect little ways at the perfect times. I often sing "What a friend we have in Jesus" when my burdens seem too heavy. That song is such comfort to me.

  2. My father passed away from a terminal illness when I was pregnant with my first child. I am so sorry you have to go through this! It is honestly one of the hardest things I've ever had to go through. But I am a better, stronger, more sympathetic person because of it. God sees the "Big Picture" and everything is done for our good. In my church we believe that we are put here on Earth to be tested. To see if we will do all God asks of us and if we do we will live with Him and our families forever. I pray that you will and can be strong through all you are asked to do here on this Earth.

  3. I just gave my two babies each one!
    they're 19 and 5 months, so only the older one actually knows what the heck is happening, but I love Chalice's work and the bunnies are SO cute.

    was supposed to be an easter gift BUT well...they're too fun to wait for :)

  4. Super cute bunnies!

    I just posting something similar today based on the tests I'm going through. How encouraging to know that God is our ever-present help who LONGS to bless us!

  5. Just got ours love this! Thanks for sharing... Love how god can use anything to speak to us!

  6. Those are adorable! Thanks for posting. I'm always looking for products that give back. Especially to Africa. :)

  7. I love this cause!!! So wonderful. God really does care for us SO STINKING MUCH. :)

  8. cute bunnies. I love to see people trying to make the world a better place.

    p.s. every time I read the note about grammar lessons, I bust out laughing.

  9. those are so cute! God is good :)

  10. Love this post, Emily. Perfect timing is right..but that wasn't coincidence. These little bunnies are a great idea and for a great cause! I'll definitely be purchasing a few :D

  11. These are so adorable! And what a great idea, I love the get one give one idea!

  12. Love, love, love this! How adorable! What is NOT adorable, however, is the fact that I'm headed to Created for Care this weekend, and you, alas, are not. Next year?

  13. These are adorable! I'm gonna check out their site!!!

  14. Love this idea!!! Emily, that IS a lot to have on your plate and you're a strong woman!!

  15. emily, every time i get a glimpse of your story, it blesses my socks off.

    thrilled to see the bunnies here, chalice is my dear friend! LOVE your happy kiddos' smiles, too:)

  16. love this! Thanks for sharing this. I'll be buying these for my kids instead of candy for Easter!


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