featured sponsor - mavuno market

a while back, i was able to feature mavuno market, and a cute little bracelet from there.  this month, they are our featured sponsor.
read on to hear what this company is doing, all over the world.
oh, and if you are a klove listener, you might have heard them being featured all day yesterday!

What is Mavuno Market?

Well, we are an online marketplace.
A marketplace where we think shopping changes lives by helping others emerge from poverty ... one purchase at a time.

Mavuno is a Swahili word for “harvest”.
We are in the business of creating a harvest of hope.
We are bringing hope to oppressed women, widows and orphans because we believe that business can transform lives.

We exist to fight poverty through job creation.
We create sustainable income-generating programs and then ...
we give artisans access to local and global markets to sell their products.

We are committed to giving 100% of all profits back to artisans and organizations that will help further our vision of fighting poverty.

So, when you shop at Mavuno Market,
you not only get a beautiful piece of jewelry made from recycled cereal & cracker boxes,
or a really cool purse or handbag made from recycled grocery bags...

...you can also shop, knowing that the money you just spent is going to help someone who desperately needs your help!
We have products from Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia, Ghana, India, and Haiti.
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