i see a gold tooth in the near future.

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i would have posted earlier, but instead i was getting a crown replaced on my tooth.
for reals folks...i've had one cavity my entire 30 years of living.
that one cavity turned into a root canal which has now turned into a crown replacement for the third time.
ummmmm, i'm not sure if it's my tooth, or the dentist, but something is up.
it's like the tooth is begging me to replace it with a gold one.
we'll see tooth, we'll see.

so, i sit here with the entire right side of my face NUMB.
i love not being able to feel drool rolling down my chin.

and mr. anderson wasn't very nice about the numbness either.
he even said something funny to make me laugh (which looks very awkward right now)...
and then when i was laughing he said "okay stop.  don't smile again till that numbness wears off".
high five mr. anderson.

and when i was telling the kids something they were all just staring at me and then said "huh?  what did you say".
i'm all "you didn't hear?"
they didn't hear cause they were too focused on my lack of emotions on one side of my face.

i'll spare you pictures of myself, and instead post pictures of miss olive.

{crochet blanket c/o: dabble the shop}

happy weekend to you.
i've just turned nacho libre on for the kids which means i have 1 hour to surf the intranets.
just kidding.
i don't use my t.v. for a babysitter.


  1. I don't use TV as a sitter either...because really, the tv is like their older brother that I don't have to pay.

    That baby? On that blanket? Good grief that's cute. It's Olive on a doily. Unspeakable cuteness.

    And talk to me, sister, about the dentist...I suddenly have no teeth...really...be glad you might get the gold....mine are falling out of my head as I type.

  2. I never had a cavity in my life. I prided myself on my excellent, healthy teeth. Then I had a baby. At my next appointment, I found out I had seven cavities. SEVEN!!! My dentist just explained it by saying, "Pregnancy does weird things to your body." Cool.

    1. same here.
      with both my babies, over the course or pregnancy and breastfeeding, my teeth have been RUINED.

      thanks alot babies.

  3. hahahahahhahahaha that is the worst.

    something similar happened to me and my husband. he never cries, he is practically heartless.
    but the morning after our son was born, he was holding him in the early morning light yada yada yada.
    and he suddenly started crying. i had been begging him for YEARS to shed a tear and as soon as he did..
    my whole body was covered in the heebie jeebies and i said "stop it. don't ever do that again."

  4. squeeze those chubby legs for me...they are so stinkin' cute!

    Neither do I ;)

  5. k, that is HI-LARIOUS. PULEEZ post a picture of a half smile...you know we all have those ugly/ackward moments, but if you post it we'll finally see how you're sometimes only the second the cutest mom out there! :) and nornal, like us

    1. no way. mainly because i didn't take any :)

  6. olive looks like she's laying on a doiley. doliee? however you spell it.

  7. I would never dream of using the tv as a babysitter……never….no not me….; )

  8. That blanket is almost as gorgeous as your sweet girl!

    Take some time to pamper yourself! Sorry about the numbness and tooth! I've been through many medical things in my life, a kidney transplant being the biggest, and stuff with my teeth? My least favorite of all!


  9. I don't normally comment on blogs that I read, but just wanted to let you know that I love your blog! I have it bookmarked on my iPad and every night/ morning/ day while I am feeding my little Harper Ruby ( born just a few weeks after Olive), I check out your blog. Your family sounds like so much fun!! Keep it up girl!

  10. Love the pictures! Also wanted to stop by and say a big ROCK CHALK!!

    1. ugh, they are not doing so well right now, miss jessie. what's up with that?

  11. Oh, I hate dental work. Hope your numbness is gone and your kids are back to listening what you have to say! :)

  12. Hi! Just want to say that I love your blog! I don't think I've been here before. You have a beautiful family!

  13. Oh, and I LOVE this song!!!!!! :) I want to put it on my site! Wish I knew how. Ha.

    1. dawn, it's super easy! go to projectplaylist.com and create an account. you can make a playlist to put on your blog too :)

    2. Yah! Im super thrilled to know how to do this!!!

  14. happy sunday, emily!
    that blanket is amazing!
    as is nacho libre #favorite

    they don't think i know a butt load of crap about the gospel, but i doooooo.

    1. doooooooooo.
      love it.
      my favorite line is:
      and beneath a man...we find his...nucleus.

    2. the film is solid gold!


  15. it's rude that you have that blanket and i don't.

    and also, just get a gold tooth. please. it will look great.

    and also your babers is cute.

  16. go to a different dentist ASAP~
    MY sister had the same tooth done over and over and they finally PULLED THE TOOTH and
    now she has a space thankfully at the back of her mouth, but seriously, something is NOT right!

    1. oy. i've been to MANY dentists for this tooth.

  17. Oh no! I am going in today to again get a double confirm that its okay for my dentist to put my perm crown on top. This has been going on Since January (the replacing of a root canal bc my previous dentist left part of her tool in my root, then 5 months of root canal stuff/including the temp crown breaking that the new dentist put on bc she wasn't paying attention when she put it on/actually cracked whens she put it on and ignored my phone calls of coming back in to get it replaced) yeah it was a nightmare. Now I am terrified to go back to her to get my perm placed. So me seeing my dentist today is a two part series, to see if my root canal is good to get a perm crown and I am going to beg him to see if he knows of someone else who can put my perm crown on. The one lady is a nightmare.

    Ah, praying both of our teeth are fixed soon. Sometimes I wish they would pull my tooth out. Im tired of all the pain and teeth pain is literally in your head, its so close to your brain it makes you feel like you are going crazy, if you have teeth pain it affects every aspect of your life.


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