lately, i have been trying to potty train kohen.
it's not going so great.

and i'm kind of okay with it, kind of not.
one side of me wants to be done changing this man-child's diapers.
the other side of me knows that it's probably not going to happen when 1. he's not that into it and 2. i'm not ready to be that into it.
it takes a lot to potty train a child.
well, it takes a lot to potty train an anderson child.
so we practice.
and sit on the potty in front of the T.V.
nothing ever happens.
i make him chug water while he's sitting there, but the kid is good.
he holds it until i put his diaper back on him and then says "i went potty!"
every time we leave the house i say to the kids "does anybody need to go to the bathroom before we leave?"
and he responds with "nooooo, i don't need to go to the baf-room".
great kohen.  great.
i wasn't exactly talking to you, but good to know.

i know it'll happen.
i know he'll learn eventually.
you would think i would have the hang of this potty thang by now...4 kids later.
but alas...i don't.
i just figure eventually the kid won't enjoy sitting in his own poop.
but, i do have stubborn children.

in the meantime, i'll embarrass him with these awesome photos.


  1. Cute photos.
    Boys usually take longer than girls to potty train anyways, for some reason boys really don't seem to mind sitting in a wet diaper!
    When I used to potty train tons of kids [I taught preschool & spent awhile in the 2s room]
    Some tricks I learned for boys are:
    1. Put a goldfish cracker in the toilet and let them aim at it [idk why they find this awesome, but they do!]
    2. Buy a couple of books that are designated potty books and can only be read while on the potty.

    Good luck!


  2. bear was about 4 for 50 making it to the potty the first weekend we tried. he'd sit on the potty and watch tv, get up, and pee on the floor. i decided to put it off. i'm not that into it right now either. i loathe potty training.

  3. Haha these pictures are great. My manager has his first child now and is determined he's going to potty train her in one day! I hope Kohen is ready soon for your sake!

  4. ha! im not bragging but i had it way too easy training mine. really did nothing, the kids decided when they were ready. the last one trained herself dispite me begging her not to. we were in the middle of home renovations and she was ready...i was not. i cant even tell you the many times i begged her to just pee in her diaper, nope. definitely slowed down the tiling process, but im thankful for it now.

    and oh my goodness i cannot imagine what it takes to get your crew out the door. i had 3 in 3 years and that is hard enough with potty time before we leave, shoes, jackets, etc. i cannot imagine having your crew, yikes!

  5. i'm so embarrassed for him. hahahaha. not. he deserves it. :)

  6. Oh no! Is it really going to be that hard? My daughter is two and I am feeling the pressure to start but she will refuse to have a nappy change even when the smell is bothering people in the next room! Maybe we need to wait. Super cute photos and great for significant birthdays down the track!

  7. Oh man, we had been trying to potty train Jack, and last week? I quit. He's not there, he was bawling when he had to poop and begging for a diaper. We will try again later, but until then, I am totally fine with my quitter status.

  8. I have no shame in admitting that I used bribery (m&m's) for each my kids during potty training bootcamp. Hang in there Mama!

  9. oh dear Lord! these are so adorable! :)

  10. oh, boy - good luck! in the mean time you get to take such cute and funny pictures of the little dude! :) i love it!

  11. It will happen. I always tell moms that you don't see kindergarteners in diapers. (Well there are exceptions) It is the hardest thing, ever. And I worked in a toddler room........ My youngest came to me potty trained.....that was nice, hah.
    Just wait til it's really warm and let him go pantless.

  12. I'm about to enter the wonderful world of potty training. I'm terrified. I'm going to try and hide this fear from my son. I think toddlers can sense fear.....probably ;)

  13. I've decided that thus far, potty training is the most difficult part of parenting! (Does this mean I have amazing kids who just pee their pants.) I'm currently potty training my daughter who has Down syndrome and Lord have mercy...I'm pretty sure my grey hairs have multiplied the past couple month. Great pics of your little guy.

  14. I say you have enough on your plate without worrying about that!
    put the potty away and when Olive potty trains, he will want to LOL!!!!
    seriously, he's sooooo CUTE!

  15. I crapped in my pants in K Mart a few years ago.
    Caught me by surprise.
    It wasn't cute.

    These pictures are cute :-)

  16. too funny! love the pics :)


  17. I must admit that this is the one time that I bribe my children...M&M's all the way. I guess it worked...five kids successfully potty trained...all before 3!

  18. each kid is different and you can't force it. when they're ready they're ready. don't rush it and don't stress. my daughter showed interest early and then it just disappeared. i didn't do anything else. when she's ready she'll let me know. i pushed my son and it backfired on me....ended up a stressful YEAR of trying to get him potty trained. but when he was ready it was easy and no accidents! he's still not night trained at 4 but my dr said it's normal and not to worry about it so i'm not. good luck!

  19. Ha ha! I'm on my third....and it's gotten harder with each one.

  20. After my four, I think the first comment here sounds good....really tho, HE will when he is ready and then he will be trained in a day :) hugs to you ....

  21. Oy. See Ryann is awesome at going in the potty... when she feels like it. Some days she doesn't want to go in her diaper at all, frequently asks me to go to the bathroom. Other days she just straight up refuses to go. I'm stuck in the middle... I don't want to push her and make it harder than it needs to be, but the kid is just being stubborn. Little punk. Oh, and she hates underwear. She doesn't mind not wearing a diaper, but the other day she told me "No. I don't want panties (Grammy used that word. I hate that word.). I don't want a diaper. Just pants." So do I just let my kid go commando? Oy.

    Good luck!

  22. Having potty trained 5 kids I can still say I know little on the subject. The only thing I know is that they have to be ready. A little reluctant is still ready in my book. For us this was somewhere around age 3 (before 3 for our daughters and after 3 for our son). ...oh and also taping up sandwich bags with prizes on the bathroom door is good motivation.

  23. love it!
    we are at the very same fork in the road as you are! AND we have the same potty chair - easy breezy, you can take it anywhere :) ha!
    LOVE the new profile pic on your sidebar - ever so precious!!!
    Lots of love - and HAPPY HAPPY Easter!

  24. love your blog...and your family! love those potty pictures- perfectly tasteful and perfectly real!

  25. I don't have any kids, but I overheard my coworkers talking about potty training their boys and they said something about a cheerio in the toilet and then aim and sink it. They said their kids are really responding.

  26. Oh heavens. This just made my day! I'm going to have to start potty training my first born here sometime soon. We live on a farm so I'm hoping pee pee's might be easy-ish... just drop the drawers and go in the field! :)

    Your children are SO adorable!



  27. haha - i love this. Sky isn't really into the potty either and he'll be 2 1/2 in June. Oh well!

  28. LOVE it!!!! Haha! Definitely in their timing!

  29. I am at work right now reading this, and I just did a Real "LOL"!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Oh this made me laugh! We are working with our little guy and it isn't going as seamlessly as it did with the first. My husband tells me not to worry, no one goes to college wearing a diaper. College!?!?! I'm praying for kindergarten!

  31. Lilly was the same way at that age. I tried so hard to make her go on the potty and she would hold it until she got her diaper back and immediatly pee. When we tried a year later- she got it immediately. Strong willed children, amiright?

  32. ahaha, I loved this post! He is soo adorable! Mine was all about it for awhile...and then stopped wanting to go and then back to wanting to...man, it just is a lot of work! I so get it. They'll get it eventually. My son is 21 mos old, how old is your guy?

  33. haha! These are the best photos ever! :) MUST be presented on his wedding day. or prom day.. :)

  34. i'm terrified. my boy is 3 and people keep asking when we're going to start.

    but i can't. i can't and i won't and they can't make me. its too scary.

  35. HATE potty training. By far my least favorite part of parenting...I've been loathing starting my third. I think I even got a little anxious reading this post! Ha! Good luck to you on that! :-)


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