easter jars

sometimes i look at my kids and i think "i hope they are grateful."
and not just in a "thank you for my gift" type of way, but grateful for the life that jesus has laid down for us.
we are so undeserving, but he died for us. 
for you. 
for me. 
for my kids.
i know that this past christmas season, i had a stirring in my heart to do things differently.  i wanted my kids to appreciate christmas for what it truly is about, rather than the gifts. 
when i read my bff's posts here and here, i thought yes, that's it!
something does have to change.
and now that we are upon easter, the stirring hit me again.
my kids love easter baskets and eggs full of candy...but i don't want that to be what easter is about in their eyes.
so, this year, i changed it up.
rather than a basket full of goodies that i've done in the past, i made an easter mason jar.
the idea sparked in my head when i read this post.  i saw it and immediately knew that's how i wanted to go about easter this year.

you might be wondering how this is different, because there is candy in that jar.
the important part is found in the egg.
you see, at the created for care retreat, i was encouraged to pick a verse out (1 for each of my children) and to pray that specific verse for them all year.
each year, i will pick a new verse.
i've been diligently thinking and praying about what verse i should pick for each child.
i finally figured it out for them, and i thought this would be a perfect way to show the kids what their verse is.
so, inside the 1 egg in their jar, is their verse for the year.

so, let's be real here.
my kids aren't going to be excited to open an egg that has a piece of paper in it.
i know one day, they will appreciate it more, but they are small and don't understand the importance of this now.
so, to make it fun for them, i included jelly beans at the bottom of their jars.
i also picked out an easter themed book for each child.
so easter morning, their special gift will look something like this:

here are the 5 jars:
{all the jars were saved salsa and pasta sauce jars}

praying a specific verse for each child is important to me.
and i know it will be important to them too, one day.
i hope for this to become a tradition...that every easter morning, they will get to find out their new verse that we're praying over them for the year.
it might not always come in the form of a mason jar with candy, but it will always be special.

this is a good step in the right direction to redirect my children and their hearts...and really, it helps to redirect my heart as well.

have a happy easter weekend!


  1. I l.o.v.e. this idea. You definitely hit the mark.

  2. Wow I LOVE this. I hope I remember this when I have kids.

  3. Brilliant and Beautiful! Thanks for inspiring Emily!

  4. great idea!!! I loved that challenge by Susan Hillis too! I love the idea to put them in jars - super cute and FREE! ;)

  5. I love this....I hope you don't mind I am copying it! :)

  6. OMW, Emily, I love this idea! With two girls of my own, I am constantly reminded of the challenges of raising them in this world. What a great way to remind them of the importance of our Saviour and to remind us parents that it takes active prayer for our kids. Thank you for sharing! I pinned it for the rest of my friends to see too!

  7. thank you for the inspiration, emily. i have been struggling with the baskets this year. we cut out the excess last year, but i wanted to also up the truth factor. i think a verse in an egg is it! and i LOVE the focus of picking and praying one for the year. happy weekend to your clan! he is risen!

  8. love love love it! You're so thoughtful! happy Easter

  9. I love this! Can't wait to have kiddos of my own to do this with :)

  10. emily, i love this! i find myself feeling the same way at Christmas and Easter. i think i am going to have to start a new Easter tradition as well :)

  11. this is great. way to keep easter about Jesus!

  12. This is a great idea! Almost brought me to tears how sweet it is to have a verse you picked out for each child and pray for them. What a kind heart you have and an inspiration you are to me!

  13. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!

    I have the same exact feelings!
    I just can't help myself

    And check it...
    while reading this...the part about things needing to change, Josh Wilson's "Something's gotta change" was playing in my kitchen.

    HAPPY EASTER to you and your beautiful family!!!!!!!


  14. Such a great tradition!! Love it. I love the idea of starting them with a tradition like this when they are young so that they don't become all about the "gfits" they get for Easter and Christmas. Thanks for sharing! :))

  15. what a beautiful idea! i love this.

  16. This is a very wonderful idea! I was just blogging about the importance this morning :)

  17. I really love this. Thanks for sharing.

  18. I love this idea. We keep our baskets very simple, and also do activities like resurection rolls to reinforce the understanding of Easter. I love adding a special verse for each child.

  19. Such a beutiful idea Emily! Happy Easter! He is Risen! (Jumping the gun a bit but pretty sure I will be too busy to leave that on your blog on Sunday)

  20. those are freaking adorable and God focused. i heart you.

  21. What a wonderful idea! I did something like this a few years ago for a special group of former students. I chose a verse for each of them the first day of their senior year and prayed it over them until graduation. I then framed the verses and gave them to them as graduation presents. :)

  22. i love this idea, emily. thanks so much for sharing.

  23. what a beautiful idea. love it.

  24. I like this idea.

    When putting together my son's basket I wanted to include a book but couldn't find any that I really liked... all the books that explained Easter, in my opinion, would have scared the daylights out of him. They talked about how Jesus died and was nailed to a cross and how he was dead for three days, which did happen, but that's not what I want to drill into his heart and mind. I want to drill the love God feels for him.

    I think the verses are a non-scary, easy way to share how you love them and God does too! :)

  25. This is amazing! Exactly the kind of thing I have been looking for!

  26. Wow! I love the idea of picking out a specific verse and using it all year to pray. I have no kiddos, but I might do that for my husband!

  27. This is an awesome idea! And I love the idea of praying a specific verse over each child for the year. Amazing.

  28. I don't even have kids yet, but I am so not really a fan of turning Easter into just a candy egg hunt. So I'm saving up ideas like this for when the time comes. :)

  29. This is an awesome idea!!!!!!! I haven't picked a verse to pray for each of my children yet but I surely plan to and if I can get a verse I will add it to their baskets since I already have them.

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  31. What a great way to celebrate Easter and show your children how to delight in scripture!! Lovely :)

  32. nice, meaningful easter tradition. thanks for sharing it (:

  33. I love this!!!! I think I'll go finish off the salsa so I can do this ;)

  34. that is a great idea! i may steal this for when my baby is older :) lots of people forget what Easter is all about

  35. I LOVE this!!!! I knew I was seriously messed up when I found myself staring at the candy at the store thinking "I'll go home and throw away all the left over Halloween candy and replace it with this!" What the heck?!!!! Only in America would I ever think such a crazy thing! I will be doing this too. I love love love it!!! Thanks for sharing.

  36. This is an adorable and great idea! I love that you put so much thought into which verse to give to each child, too.

  37. Wow, this is beautiful and it totally makes me want to do this and take back all the silly gifts I bought at TArget yesterday. Thanks for this post.

  38. oh, how wonderful!
    love it, especially the verse praying for each kid.
    beautiful. praise jesus, HE IS RISEN!


  39. ok wish I would have read this post earlier than today... such a GREAT Idea.. I lost my verse among the move but you just motivated me to find them again! thanks for helping me keep my eyes fixed on Jesus!

  40. love this verse idea.
    prepare to be copied lots,
    put me at the top of the list:)
    thanks for sharing your beautiful ideas and wisdom.

  41. Thank you for sharing this! I know many of us share the desire to "pare it back" and encourage gratitude and understanding in our kids. You have some wonderful ideas here and I thank you for sharing them!

  42. OH! This is great! What a good idea... a verse for each child!

  43. What a great idea. I want to pray scriptures for my kids too and involving them in the knowledge that something specific is prayed for them is great. Thanks for the idea.


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