embrace the camera: 4/12/12

this may, i will have officially "embraced my camera" for 2 years.
this means that my children have SO many memories of us, documented and preserved for them to look at one day in the future.
knowing that they will forever have memories of their mom and dad, while we were all young, is something that i treasure.  and i know that they will treasure it too.
they will definitely look back on their childhood someday, and realize it wasn't perfect...but i hope they can see all the memories we've documented through photos, and remember how much they are loved.
kohen does not enjoy doing anything that i ask...especially standing still for a picture.
so, that makes these pictures that i got of him and i (and hadley, photo-bombing the pics) extra special.
all it takes is a good tickle and a camera phone that he can see himself in.
and boom. 
5 minutes later, i've got a bunch of pictures and some fun memories with my son.
and i love hadley in the background.  i didn't even know she was there till i looked through the photos later.
so listen, get your camera out today and get in a photo or 2 with your kids/spouse/friend/etc.
you may not feel great about yourself, but it's time to get over those insecurities and document a bit of yourself.  i know that you'll regret having these days pass, and not having any photos with you in them.
and if you can't do it for yourself, then do it for your kids.
they love you just the way you are.

your turn, lovelies!
here's the nitty gritty on embrace the camera:
1. take a picture of YOU with your kids, spouse, friends, etc. the point of embrace the camera is to get in front of the camera and to document a bit of yourself.
2. link up your POST, not your blog, that way we can see your embrace post.
3. link back to our blog by a text link or using our button in your post.
4. and lastly, have fun and visit each other!
leave each other lots of love---it's not easy to get in front of the camera---bravo to all of you who join us every week! your family will thank you for it one day :)


  1. haha those are really good! maybe I should try that to get a real smile from Jack!

  2. He's a little prince and Hadley had me giggling =) I think if it wasn't for participating in embrace the camera these last few weeks I wouldn't have any photos of my son and I. Not many anyway. Thanks for these posts =D

  3. I really need to jump on this! These pictures are so sweet and I'm realizing that my boys don't have that many pictures with me in them. Hmmmm....you've got me thinking...

  4. 2 years of this!? WOOHOO!!!!!

  5. oh he is too cute. . .I miss those little boy days so much!!

  6. haha, love the phrase 'photo bomber'!

  7. Congrats on two years! and thank you for inspiring me to EMBRACE!

  8. Loving the collage! Cute pics :)

  9. I love what Embrace the Camera is all about - thank you!

  10. i think the iphone might be the key to success with my three year old as well. when she can see herself it goes much better! great pictures!

  11. Love this series and the colors are fantastic! It's been waaaaay too long since I have participated in Embrace and will try to do so today, since it's the girls last week of Spring Break.


  12. "they love you just the way they are" made me cry... my kids love me just the way i am. greasy hair and yesterdays mascara... getting out my camera now. thank you!

  13. I've started "Embracing!" Thanks Emily. This really hit a nerve with me and I'm hooked ;)


  14. I love the collage, and I love what you have done.. I love that now I can have memories with my baby too. :)

  15. TWO YEARS?! Wow - I'm very new to this wagon, but I'm very happy to be on board! I'm visiting from Holly's blog (The Aprecio Trio).

    I love love love this concept.

    Carry on!

  16. Ahh his hair!! He is so cute! Thank you for encouraging us to embrace the camera...I LOVE looking back and seeing us in more pics with our kids because of it :)

  17. "and if you can't do it for yourself, then do it for your kids. they love you just the way you are."

    For some reason these words about made this pregnant Mama cry :)

    ps. Beautiful pics, as always :)

  18. Love that little photo-bomber! You have the best smile.

  19. So cute! I love the top center photo :)

  20. These images are so precious! These are great memories. Congratulations on such a beautiful family. And thank you again for Embrace The Camera!



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