embrace the camera: 4/26/12

it's embrace the camera day---the one day of the week where you should get in a few pictures.
seriously y'all...one day a week.
we can do this!
so on tuesday i wanted to punch mr. anderson in the face.  and by wednesday i was telling y'all my love for him, as we celebrated 9 years of wedded bliss.
this is married life, isn't it?
well, this is our married life anyways.
we love, we fight, we love, we fight, we fight, we fight, then we love.

well, our anniversary started off great when we both realized it was our anniversary a few hours after we got up, so we sent each other a "happy anniversary" text.
a text, people.
it's 9 years. 
10 years will for sure get a "happy anniversary" face to face.

we concluded the day by taking the whole crew out to eat.
i proclaimed loudly that i was not going to make dinner on our anniversary so i don't care if we have money or not, we're going out to eat.
we sat the 5 kids at a table, and then sat ourselves plus olive at another table so we could feel like we were actually on a date.
we are rock star parents.

when we got back from dinner i wanted to score a few pictures of mr. anderson and i.
just a few.  that's all i wanted.
and goodness, this was a challenge.

look...a cute one, right?

well all of our children are hiding behind us, just waiting to ambush our photos.
much like this one:

after many failed attempts at getting a photo with no kids in the background (seriously, someone was photo bombing every photo) we yelled at them and told them to get in their room, pronto.
then we put on our fake faces and posed like we were at the prom:

this next one is my personal favorite.
i envision us having this conversation:
"you're so funny"--emily
"noooo, you are"---mr. anderson
"no babe, you're the funny one"---emily
"no, it's all you"---mr. anderson
cheese central.
i just love that man.
well, when we're not fighting anyways.
your turn, lovelies!
here's the nitty gritty on embrace the camera:
1. take a picture of YOU with your kids, spouse, friends, etc. the point of embrace the camera is to get in front of the camera and to document a bit of yourself.
2. link up your POST, not your blog, that way we can see your embrace post.
3. link back to our blog by a text link or using our button in your post.
4. and lastly, have fun and visit each other!
leave each other lots of love---it's not easy to get in front of the camera---bravo to all of you who join us every week! your family will thank you for it one day :)


  1. Hilarious photo bombing aside (how adorable is that!) These came out wonderful. I love them =D I'm getting increasingly jealous of your awesome photo taking skills ;D

  2. Congratulations! I think the photo bombing picture might be my favorite. You guys are seriously adorable.

  3. So cute!!! Your crew can ALWAYS make my day!!! Happy 9 years to you and Mr. A!!!!

  4. this is absolutely adorable!

    the photobombs are the best

  5. I love you. I love how you try try try to put your marriage in the for front, kids will always have a place but you know without your marriage they would not be here, and I really love that.


  6. You are too cute! And funny ;) I love your family....And I await each of your blog posts!

  7. These pictures are precious, you guys are so cute! And the photo bombing pic is too funny!

  8. I wish you and mr. A the best ! Marriage sure has the ups and downs but you two are so incredibly cute and those kids...well...I AM ADDICTED to your cute blog arnt I?? lol

  9. Happy Happy belated anniversary! You two are fantastic together :)

  10. Happy Anniversary! I love that you tell it like it is :) Very cute photos of you two!

  11. Happy 9 years to you! I think my favorite is the one with your son in the back :)

  12. I love the middle picture. Adorable. Loved how the kids were hiding. So funny.

  13. seriously gorgeous photos, girl!

  14. You two are absolutely adorable!! You look so happy!! I hope after 9 years of marriage the hubs and I still look this happy! :)

  15. this is adorable. happy anniversary! love the prom-esqe photo :)

  16. Wonderful photos! Happy, Happy Anniversary!!! Fight, love, Fight, Love, then fight again. . . My husband and I have been doing it for 20 years. It's wonderful!

  17. Totally the photobomb one... it's the BEST.


    Thanks for encouraging us all to do this, Emily! I've been fairly regular at it this year. Not every week, but I'm embracing fairly frequently. Can't wait til the end of the year, to see ALL the photos I have of myself with the kids!

  18. Adorable!! I love that your kids purposefully wait to ambush your photos. I was "that kid" once upon a time.

  19. I love these! They are great, it's funny the way the kids are getting involved to give you a hard time, lol.

  20. You two look great! And my favourite has to be the one with Caedmon in the background. :-D

  21. I think the pic with Caedemon in the back should be framed!

  22. Love it!! You all look so happy and joyful:)


  23. congratulations!! these are such adorable & lovely photos! thanks for sharing :))

  24. really? you fight? my husband and I NEVER fight. Ever.


    two are

  25. these photos are super adorable!
    and i love cheesy conversations with my man.
    well, when we aren't fighting:)

    happy thursday, cutie. xo

  26. Very cute, and happy anniversary! I really appreciate how honest and real you are in your writing...it's refreshing...thanks so much, Emily!

    ~From another Emily

  27. Love them. Especially the second one :)
    Happy Anniversary!

  28. awww, such sweet photos! I would also like to get myself in the picture at least once a week, will try me very best to do just that!

  29. Oh and Happy Anniversary to both o' yah!

  30. oh my GOODNESS! these are ADORABLE! :)

  31. hilarious! and i told my husband that your camping post was like seeing into our future once we have 6 kids - love it!

  32. i've always enjoyed your ETC posts but never joined in.
    until yesterday, when i heard a mother of 6 talking about how there are huge gaps with her in any photos in her kids' baby pictures.
    and then she was talking about her own babyhood/childhood photos and how few there are of her with her mother.
    could be TIME...

  33. i've always enjoyed your ETC posts but never joined in.
    until yesterday, when i heard a mother of 6 talking about how there are huge gaps with her in any photos in her kids' baby pictures.
    and then she was talking about her own babyhood/childhood photos and how few there are of her with her mother.
    could be TIME...

  34. So lovely, hope my hubby and I look that happy at 9 years. Congratulations :)

  35. these are great! i love the cheese central one. mr. anderson knows how to lay it on thick. love it.

    and maybe next time i'll join ya'll.

  36. so great!
    good job just doing it.
    getting those pictures.
    happy anniversary.
    9 nine years.
    thats a long time to fight and love.

  37. love, fight, love, fight, fight, fight, love...

    that's REAL married life. :)

    Love these pictures--photo bombers and all!

  38. I love these pictures of you two! So cute and so in love!

  39. aww presh! the first one of the "nose graze" is my fav!

    p.s. please tell me someone caught the "OC" reference...

  40. can i just say that i love you?! literally truly love. what you say is so true and real life. and i adore that.

    happy anniversary. and seriously, congrats on having such cute kiddos and still being such a sexy adorable couple.



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