happy anniversary, mr. anderson.

today marks 9 years of being mrs. anderson.
a lot has happened in 9 years...and i thought it would be fun to re-visit how it all began.
enjoy the story of mr. anderson and i :)
well, it all began with us being born.
true story.
mr. anderson was born in the good ol' state of california---and lest you forget that, he'll remind you daily.  he was busy being a cute lil' asian kid…
while i was half a country away, eating all the cheetos i could get my fat hands on and hamming it up in kansas.
growing up, i was what some may call "boy crazy".
while mr. anderson never had a girlfriend until he asked me to be his.
quite opposite, i tell ya.
fast forward to the winter of 2001. (i know, big jump)
i decided that i needed to take a break from dating boys...sort of a fasting, if you will.
i told the lord, "okay, i'm gonna take 3 months and not date any boys...seriously. why are you laughing at me, lord?"
okay, the lord didn't laugh, but most people (like my BFF) did.
they didn't think i had it in me...neither did i, actually.
i liked boys.
a lot.
so, 3 months...i could do this.
i would spend my time focusing on my life, and who i am when i'm not dating anybody.
fast forward 3 months.
i apply for a spot to go to this "preview weekend" that campus crusade for christ holds yearly.
it's basically a weekend where you get to tour their headquarters...and see about working there in the future.
well, they only took 75 college students, and i, my friends, did not get accepted.
bummer---especially cause it was the dead of winter in kansas, and hot and sunny florida sounded oh so appealing.  my pasty white skin was beginning to look scary.
well about 5 days before the weekend, i got a phone call saying "a spot has opened up and would you like to take it?"
i replied back with "hollllla.  me and my pasty white skin are there!"
so, now it's the morning i was supposed to leave for sunny florida.
when i woke up, there was about 2 feet of ICE outside.
 not snow people, ICE.
kansas had just survived one of it's biggest ice storms ever.
when i get to the airport i realize that my flight is 1 of about 10 flights that are still flying out.
only about 8 hours delayed.
so i finally arrive in florida and at this point, i've missed the whole first day of the weekend.
i'm sitting in the hotel lobby, waiting for everyone to get back from a meeting.
college students start flooding in through the doors, and in he walks.
this day just so happened to be the day my dating fast ended as well.
i think not.
i am completely drawn to him, because:
 1. he is asian.
2. he is rocking a thrift store t-shirt.
and 3. he has an afro. yes, you read that right. an afro.
i am bound and determined to meet this kid, but little did i know that God was bound and determined to make us meet too.
i went to bed, dreaming of my future with a kid whose name i didn't even know.
{i know what you're thinking---we look better with age---and i would agree}
the next morning i wake up and go get my breakfast.
as i'm pouring myself a bowl of fruit loops, i see him again.
i felt all a-flutter.
sweaty palms.
worried about tripping as i walk back to my table.
you know, the usual.
i proceed to chat it up with the people at my table...really not listening but making myself look oh so appealing, as i laugh out loud.
 i'm hoping the mystery boy thinks this is the fun table and wants to come over.
no such luck.
i finally get to meet him because we are put in the same group for a crusade headquarters tour. we secretly talk in the back, not listening to the guy giving the tour.
so rude, i know.
but this is love we're talking about here.
the moment when it became real love to me was that night at dinner. we end up sitting at the same table and are chatting it away.
i am full, and can't finish the food on my plate. mr. anderson asks "are you gonna finish that?" referring to the leftovers on my plate. i felt like we had been married for 20 years. i mean, he hardly knew me but he was comfortable enough to want to eat the leftovers on my plate? (or maybe he was just a hungry, growing guy---who knows, but i like to think that it was the first). i know this sounds weird, but that moment changed everything for me.  i knew i wanted to spend every moment i could with him that weekend.

after dinner, we ride back in a conversion van full of people.  we pull over at this really cool place in orlando...have y'all ever seen wayne's world?  there is a scene in the movie when they lay on their cars and watch the planes fly over them, right before they land.  well, we go to that place.  and everybody is out of the van, but only mr. anderson and i are laying on the roof of the van...watching the planes fly over us (crazy!).
fun for us.
awkward for the 7 other people that were with us.
time to return to the hotel and call it a night.
i dream of him, yet again...only this time, i know his name.
the next night, there is a group of us that decide to go eat at T.G.I.Fridays.  while there, i proceed to show him how muscular i am, by flexing my muscles...not just "here, look at my muscles" but rather "here, look at my muscles, but first i have to take my sweatshirt off and pull my sleeve up as high as i can. no really, hold on...look, my muscles are hugei don't care how awkward this is for everyone involved, just look at them." not my proudest moment, but clearly, it worked.
side note--he still makes fun of me for doing that.
we both have flights leaving waaaaay early the next morning, so we decide to stay up all night and talk.
we talked about our lives...past, present, future.  he wanted 5 kids.  i wanted 5 kids.  it was a match made in heaven.  we sat and talked for nearly 6 hours.
it's now time to head to the airport.
my stomach is all a-flutter again. we didn't really clarify what we were doing...did he like me?  i certainly liked him, but i didn't want to make a move.  so, i waited.
as we are saying our good-byes at the airport, he utters his famous last words "well, we'll see what happens".
mmmm, excuse me?
what the heck does that mean?
tears well up, but i suck it up and proudly agree that "yes, we'll see what happens".
i board the plane with knots in my stomach now.
i really liked mr. anderson, but apparently he wasn't so sure.
was it something i said?  was it my old lady grandma shoes that i was wearing?  was it the fact that i insisted on showing him my rather large muscles?  was he intimidated by those muscles?
what was it?
as i sat on the airplane, i started thinking about if i should just email him as soon as i got home...or should i wait for him to email me.  everything in me wanted to wait for him to make the first move, but goodness, we all know how long boys take to call you and i just couldn't wait.
so, i went against everything inside of me, and sent the first email.
here's what i wrote: (we printed all of our emails, so this is really the first email i sent him!)
hey nerd.....how's everything going? okay, so i know that probably according to the "boy meets girl" rules, i'm not supposed to email you first....but, i was just wanting to see if y'all made it home okay. right after i saw you by the security, i got stopped by this security guard....he was like "ma'am, i need to check your bag again"...i'm thinking, "what is going on"...then he said "you're going to need to come with me" and he escorted me to this back office and these police men were there and they started questioning me.....okay, so i'm totally lying. none of that happened. i just wanted to remind you how funny i am.

welp, i hope all is well in california...i'm going to bed fairly soon, cause for some reason i barely got any sleep this weekend....hmmmmm.

hope you're having a great day....or night....whenever you get this! talk to you soon....em
clearly i liked writing ................ the dots are overwhelming in that email.
and i had to throw a little humor in there, so he didn't think i was just being psycho.
and well, apparently that email worked, cause i got a phone call the next day from him!  and guess what?  he decided to fly out to KS to visit me---and he was coming in like a week!
holy cow.  i loved this man already.
i told my best friends about him and my weekend. and instead of saying "em, seriously.  you just met this kid"...they were actually really excited for me. (jami used this situation in her maid of honor speech at my wedding---she said "yah, emily came back from orlando and she's all 'here, i got you this coffee mug....and i got me a boyfriend"....ummmm. well, yah, kind of.)
i told those girls that "i met the boy i'm going to marry"....and it turns out that mr. anderson went home and told his roommates that if he could have married me that weekend, he would have. WHAT?!
so, he comes to visit...and this is crucial for us.  we have a great time together...and decide to make it official.  he meets my family (i can only imagine what my dad was thinking----oh man...this boy has flown all the way from california to see my daughter---yikes!) and from there it's long distance dating.  we got to see each other once every month and then in august, we got engaged (we started dating in february).  we were driving down the coast of california, and we pulled over in monterey bay...there is this amazing cross on the beach...and underneath that cross, he asked me to be his wife.  (after we had just gotten into an argument, of course).

in december, mr. anderson graduates from college, minus an afro.
he moves to kansas and we are married in april.
i was 21 and he was 22.
and from there, well you know, the rest is history:
9 short months after our wedding day, caedmon is born. 
good timing.
mr. anderson, where would i be without you?
probably sitting on a beach somewhere, getting tan, sipping a margarita and reading blogs.
but whatever, this life we've chosen sounds so much more appealing than that...thanks for loving me.


  1. Awwww! Such a sweet love story. Thanks for sharing with us Emily. You had be laughing and getting teary-eyed all at the same time. What a wonderful, wildly fun adventure you are on!

  2. I absolutely loved reading this! Happy anniversary Andersons!

  3. happy anniversary. i love your love story :).

  4. Love it! Happy anniversary :-) As I was reading your story I couldn't believe how similar your story is with mine in so many ways!

    I giggled a little when you wrote that you knew what we were thinking- you get better with age...cos that's what I was thinking! ha ha!

    Hope you get a chance to celebrate :-)



  5. Love your story. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww what a FABULOUS story! :) THank you for sharing it!!!!!

  7. Love your story. You crack me up!

  8. Love your story. You crack me up!

  9. Love your story. You crack me up!

  10. i got really confused when you mentioned this keith fellow. . .you know we only know him as mr. anderson. please try to keep your references straight next time! thanks for sharing your story, it made my heart smile!

  11. Great story. Just read it during my son's early morning piano lesson. Congrats on an event-filled 9 years!

  12. Love this, I had butterflies reading it!

  13. Mr. Anderson has a first name!!! Lol! What?! I got stumped on "Keith" there for a second....oh and your "showing your muscles" reminds me of my embarrassing moment on my first date with my hubby. We had known each other for a few years but I'm 5 feet tall and he's 6'3. I tried to run and jump up on his back but misjudged how tall he was and pretty much just jumped into his butt! Haha! He still makes fun of me to this day!

  14. love this!

    thanks for sharing such a sweet, romantic story. you have a beautiful family!

  15. this was a blast to read! I love it! You have the most beautiful family

  16. Ok, this cracked me up. B/c after yesterday's post, it's all about your love story, but hey- that's life right!?! You get ticked off and you make it up! Love how real you are! CONGRATS on 9 years!

  17. Too cute not to comment! Love that he moved to be with you. And the 5 kids part! Y'all totally succeeded! :)

  18. I loved reading your love story Emily! Happy anniversary to a Jesus loving, wonderful parent, in love, couple!

  19. Love a great love story. Always good to go back to when it all started to remind ourselves how lucky we are to be with the one God chose for us.

  20. oh man, come on..I worked hard on my eye liner this morning and now it is all running and I look gross..but wow...ya'll can tell a story. A LOVE story.

    I am crying.
    no joke.

    ya know...I LOVE love. And I am a gal that was taught I could "always do better"...crappy message to send a kid, but whatever. It is what it is. But I think I do this with my life...with my accomplishments, and yes, with the love in my life...always thinking I could do better.

    You have inspired me to write my love story...not to blog it...just for me, to read it, see it...remember it. Because we all have beautiful stories...but those dang kids and bills are such an awful distraction!
    We tend to forget.

    thanks for this
    thanks for sharing all of it
    happy anniversary
    and I LOVE the afro
    really. I do.

  21. such a great story...made me cry...thanks for sharing

  22. I love this... People don't believe me when i say... I didn't know him but I honestly felt the Lord say he is the one!!! We didn't talk or date for 2 month and then when he FINALLY asked me out we were engaged in a month and a 1/2 :) When you know you know...right!!! :)
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  23. Thanks for telling us your story! It was so sweet. Will you share a wedding photo? I bet you made for a beautiful bride :)

  24. happy anniversary. hope you get to do something very special....without children!

  25. tears in mah eyes! so cute, i love it. happy anniversary! i love that God totally had this love story planned for you..... (lots of dots)!
    glad you got over the crappy camping night too to write this down and remember how much you love him!
    enjoy your day together!

  26. tears in mah eyes! so cute, i love it. happy anniversary! i love that God totally had this love story planned for you..... (lots of dots)!
    glad you got over the crappy camping night too to write this down and remember how much you love him!
    enjoy your day together!

  27. I LOVE this post. Hearing how people met is amazing. You two are so adorable, and you have the most beautiful family. Fate is a funny thing huh? :)

  28. Congrats! What a lovely history you two have together. Hope the next 9 years are as wonderful as the last 9.

  29. LOVED reading this!! Isn't it amazing that God can give us boy-crazy girls the most romantic love stories after so many heart breaks.(course that was my experience yours may have been different) Really, I totally relate with this story...beauty from the ashes so to speak. When you write it out like this you can really see that they are way more awesome love stories than we sometimes give them credit for.

  30. Oh I live this post! What a great story. Happy anniversary!

  31. You guys are so cute!! Happy anniversary! And how funny, when I met my Asian hubby 12 years ago he also had an afro...I think we look better with age too! :)

  32. LOVE hearing "how I met" stories - what a wonderful one! Truly a testament to God putting us exactly where we need to be and when we need to be there. Happy Anniversary to you both!

  33. love, love, love it!
    i love to hear how God works.
    my husband and i were married as wee babes too.
    i was just 20 and he, 21.
    makes me laugh now.
    we really did grow up together.
    congrats on 9 great years!
    it only gets better...
    (but really, i'm only 3 years down the path than you... ha ha ha... what do i really know?!?!)

  34. EEEEK! I loved this!!
    Happy Anniversary.

  35. happy anniversary to you!! love this story.

  36. Chris still remembers when your (future) hubby came home from Florida, said he met the girl he's going to marry, and then slept for a whole day. The roomies were a little baffled, but God had a plan! Happy Anniversary!

  37. Loved this. You are such an awesome writer.

  38. I adore love stories. Each one is so special. Thanks for sharing you, especially after that "real" post yesterday. :)

  39. Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing!

  40. Happy Anniversary! Great story. Olive is your little bonus child :)

  41. oh how i love your story! such great details!

    although our stories are unique, i was the first girl my husband ever asked out too and it made me smile to read this part. i love it all!

    so much to celebrate today, live it up in honor of 9 years together!

  42. oh how i love your story! such great details!

    although our stories are unique, i was the first girl my husband ever asked out too and it made me smile to read this part. i love it all!

    so much to celebrate today, live it up in honor of 9 years together!

  43. Happy Anniversary you!!!!

    Your story is wonderful! Made me cry. I love how the Lord works everything out, including love stories that would could never in our wildest dreams try to create on our own.

    and PS you look so familiar as a kid! I spent allot of my childhood in Kansas after we moved back to the states from Germany (military brat) :-)

  44. Oh my stars I love this post. Seriously. You're my fav. Your perspective hits home with me every single day. We are meant to be friends. It's a fact.

  45. What a cute and crazy story! You two were obviously made for each other. CONGRATS!

  46. what a great story - the start of a beautiful family. happy anniversary to you two!

  47. Happy Anniversary. Your love story is beautiful!

  48. Happy Anniversary. Your love story is beautiful!

  49. Happy Anniversary. Your love story is beautiful!

  50. Such a sweet story--happy anniversary!

  51. Praise God for this beautiful story. Thanks for sharing it with us. I loved it. :-)

  52. Love the story! Our relationship flourished over email too and we have them all printed out to read and laugh over time and again! Our first was born nine months to.the.day of our wedding...! :)

  53. I love this story - thanks for sharing. It reminds me so much of me and my husband, only we met when he was 15 and I was 16. I first saw him in a PICTURE and said I was gonna marry him and that was the end of it. Here we still are...14 years later...7 of them married...sheesh...where does the time go?

  54. haha, cracking up that you think ya'll look better with age;) I have to say the same for me and my mister. we were complete geek squad when we got married in college. i mean, we still are...

  55. That was such as a sweet story. I loved the email that you sent him. That is sooooo cute! I am sure your kids will cherish that when they get older. My daughter loves to hear "old" stories about us. Happy Anniversary!

  56. Dang, two blogs in a row and you got me rolling with laughter at 11pm!

  57. What a sweet story. I truly enjoyed reading how you met Mr. Anderson. And who knew, an Asian with a afro? That's such a unique quality - no wonder you were attracted to him.

    Happy anniversary and congrats on the many wonderful years of a happy marriage. I wish you many more to come!

  58. Happy Anniversary for the 25th, I loved your post so much that I linked it to my fb page....I am just so happy to know that you love your husband as much as I love my husband.
    Love reading your blog posts, don't comment very often sorry. You always inspire me with your written words!!! Being positive when you don't feel like being positive - I may not have faith in god, but you always make me smile and think that life isn't always as bad as it feels sometimes. Thanks Emily for a Beautiful post about Mr Anderson Luv Shaz xoxo

  59. awesome story :) I love reading about your family. Is it me, or does he look the same as back then? lol ;)

  60. Loved reading your story! Fun watching your life on this here blog. Will be great to see what God does in and through you as you move to Texas!

  61. I love your love story. Great writing by the way.-eypolapol.tumblr.com


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