bacon and cannonballs.

for mother's day, all i really wanted was a picture of me and my kids together.
and i got it:
mr. anderson also cooked some fabulous bacon.
a picture with all of my kids AND bacon...all in the same day?
best day ever.

we spent the afternoon at the pool...and i made every member of my family gasp when i did a cannonball into the water.
i told everyone i wasn't going to get in because A) the water was freezing and B) i'm just not really a pool/lake/ocean/hot tub/any type of water person.
but as i sat there i thought "they would be amazed if i just got up and jumped in, without warning."
and so i did.
and then i got right back out because it was SO COLD.
the cold shock was worth the laughs and screams from my kids though.
mr. anderson said he hasn't seen me that adventurous since we were dating.
wow, i'm totally lame.

i also was greeted with presents from everyone.
they each picked me out something from target (they know me so well).
and to top it all off...i didn't have to cook dinner.

the day also consisted of lots of bickering, fighting, me yelling, time-outs, wiping booties, and so on.
even though it was mothers day, i'm still mom...never off the clock.
but that bacon made up for it all.


and hey...have you heard all the buzz about influence?

i'm gonna be there...and word on the street is that my BFF is going to as well.
come hear how you can use your voice to share the gos-pel.
check out all the info, then buy your ticket, then come and let's meet!
seriously, y'all...i want to meet you.  stop being stalkers.


  1. No-way this is in INDY!!! So I can attend, rather inexpensively because I live 30 minutes north. I'll talk with the Mr. and try to make this work. Maybe we can have coffee after all?
    Mom's day - I've long abandoned the notion that my cherub's will actually behave like, well cherubs and that I won't have to yell or my husband dragging them into an enclosed space "discussing" for the millionth time that it is Mother's Day and that it's all about mom today. On the flip side, I get breakfast in bed. Bacon, and I don't even have to share it. I echo your words - Bacon makes it all good. Happy Day!

  2. Eeep! So excited to hear you're going to be at the conference! I bought my ticket yesterday ;) Cannot wait!

  3. I bet that Texas will rekindle your adventurous side. :)

  4. sounds like a GREAT mother's day!! (: you look uber gorrgeous in the picture of you & your cute lil' kiddos!! im serious emily.. you have THE CUTEST family!! love youuu!!


  5. Have I heard about the Influence Conference??? I swear every blog I read is talking about it!! Little ol me in Australia misses out though! However rumour has it there may be some online material to access/purchase at some point- yeow! Your mothers day sounded perfect :-)



  6. I'm going to the conference! Really hope to meet you there!!

    Love this post too - sounds like such a wonderful day :)

  7. Sometimes doing those lame/adventurous things is awesome!! LOVE that you did that!!! :)

  8. Happy Mother's Day !

    Oh wow..I attended school with Haley and adore you and your blog as well as Casey. I think I'm going to have to splurge for this...especially considering I live about 10 minutes away from the Sheraton !!

  9. Ok.. no more stalking:) I bought my ticket first thing yesterday!! So excited:) I look forward to meeting everyone!

  10. "mr. anderson said he hasn't seen me that adventurous since we were dating. wow, i'm totally lame."

    I laughed OUT LOUD. So funny -- I know how you feel, minus 6 kids. ;) Happy belated Mother's Day!

  11. Haha! I'm glad you had such a great Mother's Day! You deserve it!! xo

  12. Love that there is another mommy of many who yells, has the bickering, fighting, does NOT look forward to cooking dinner, and can honestly say and not be embarassed by the fact that the house isn't always clean!

  13. Just found your blog through the wonderful blog trail. {1} Love that you got a picture with your kids! I need to make that happen... I don't know when I last got one. {2} Loved your comment about "stop being stalkers." Made me smile :) And I'll be there too!

  14. I love that you shocked your kids!!! So happy you had a great mothers day, Bacon makes any day great :-)

    I may just see if I can go that that conference! We had an "open wedding' (essentially a potluck wedding so we can invite as many people as possible bc I worked at a mega church and my husband grew up in big church down the street) and I wanted to invite all my non believer friends because we specifically asked the pastor who married us to share the gospel and the roman road was printed out with in our program. We had over 350 people show up including my starbucks muslim friend, I've known him for 8+ years and grew his trust in my faith bc I would give his cousin Sudi (she would walk 5 miles to starbucks) a ride to work on my way in to work at the church :-) it was neat the whole circle. Even had some of the people from my old club/rave days show up to the wedding :-) I love finding out new ways to share the gospel

  15. I love that picture - such a glimpse of real life as a mama!! My day was awesome too and filled with laundry, dishes, and sweeping (never off the clock)... but also filled with corn on the cob (that's bacon to me!) and gifts and the most wonderful letters inside my cards EVER!!!

    Sad I can't go to influence to catch up with you - but I'll just wait til C4C next year! ;)

  16. my mother day was just like yours, minus the pool and bacon and picture.

    it was THAT good.

    happy mothers day to you...hope you get more bacon

  17. You are too cute! I love throwing my kids for a loop with randomness like that! We celebrated our Mother's Day with Hand Foot and Mouth disease! Yay ;)

  18. Gosh, I LOVE that photo of you with your kiddos. So real.

    Doesn't bacon rock? Hubby made some for me on my birthday last week.

    And now, when I go swimming this afternoon, I think I just might have to do a canon ball...thanks. ;0

  19. What a fabulous picture of you and your kiddos! I'm excited for the influence conference!! Happy to be a leader with you

  20. emily, seriously. this made me laugh out loud!

  21. Oh my goodness, your blog is precious. So is your family. :)
    Happy Mother's Day!!

  22. Hey Emily! Do you know of a man's equivalent social media conference coming up? My husband is the social media director for our church and I was kind of excited about the conference (for him) until I realized it was for women only. Sounds like a real good time - enjoy!

  23. Your example of being a mother means a lot to me. The world is distorting the views on motherhood and raising a family, but you get me excited to be a mother. Thank you :)

  24. Agh, you're killing me! I want to go to influence SO MUCH, and now I'm missing meeting you! Gah. The family I nanny for is due with baby #2 around the same time, so I really don't feel comfortable asking for time off. Please say you'll go next year? :D

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  26. HaHa, It's late morning where I am on the other side of the planet . Going through the morning routine....Air1 Radio playing, homeschool well underway and then a little blonde 8 year old sees this post and says " Who's that mama?" My reply "Trudi's friend that has a way cool blog" She then says..."1,2,3,4,5,6,...Woooh, that is a lot of kids!" Then she smiles and in her dreamy eyes finishes the conversation wishing she had 5 sibilings. It was way too cute. Be blessed girl-

  27. I'm trying to talk my hubby into letting me go. I live right up the road from where the conference will be! Would love to meet you if I go.

  28. I wanted to leave a comment on your piggy bank post...but didn't see the link to do so. Sounds like your daughter was adopted by some beautiful, selfless parents-I can tell she's a survivor and God has only just begun with her story-).
    God Bless!

  29. I liked your saver in training post. My second son is similar-though not with money. Money burns a hole in his pocket.=) But, he is very into his "things". He will often sleep with a new gift. For days. None of my other 3 are like this. He just treasures things. But he also has a soft heart towards people.

  30. Just wanted to say I love your blog and gave you an award over on mine. Wanted to give others a chance to love you too! http://girlmeetscamera.com/2012/05/catching-up-blog-awards/

  31. Can I just say I laughed out loud when you said you were lame because your hubs told you that was the most adventurous thing you'd done since your were dating (sorry that I basically just quoted your whole post back to you). When you said you're not really a water person I thought that's totally me and then if I jumped in my husband would say something to the affect of what your husband told you. Anyway, point of my awesome comment is that I can relate.


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