embrace the camera: 5/3/12

and i felt the need to reminisce.  it may or may not be because i forgot to take a picture this week.

with each day that passes it's bittersweet for me.
i love watching olive grow...but knowing it's my last baby makes me want to stop the growing too!
stay a tiny baby forever, please.

here i was at about 20 weeks prego with olive:

and then 37 weeks prego with olive:
seeing that picture makes me realize why people stopped and stared at me in stores.
i mean, that is a HUGE belly under there.

and a few of my favorites with her outside the belly :)

she is just like a little, edible, monkey.
for reals y'all...i can't contain myself and all the kissing i do on this babe.
rebecca from simple as that made up a really fun "embrace the camera" photo checklist.
just another way to encourage you moms to get in front of the camera.
if you're thinking---i don't know what kind of photos to take with my kids, well here ya go:
now you have no excuse.
so get on it mamas...get in a photo or 2 this week!
your turn, lovelies!
here's the nitty gritty on embrace the camera:
1. take a picture of YOU with your kids, spouse, friends, etc. the point of embrace the camera is to get in front of the camera and to document a bit of yourself.
2. link up your POST, not your blog, that way we can see your embrace post.
3. link back to our blog by a text link or using our button in your post.
4. and lastly, have fun and visit each other!
leave each other lots of love---it's not easy to get in front of the camera---bravo to all of you who join us every week! your family will thank you for it one day :)


  1. Olive is a baby that can always put a smile on my face!!!

    Thanks for the great embrace ideas too =)

  2. A little? edible? monkey?

    Ummm... okay.

    :) My little one is probably our last baby, too. I feel ya. I think, too, when you have your last baby and your oldest is old enough for you to realize how *quickly* time is gonna fly... it's all the more poignant.

    Or something deep like that :)

    Olive is a LOVE - that's for sure!

    ~Jacci in Ohio (mrsmogun)

  3. Olive is such a little blessing! Doesn't hurt that she's completely adorable to go along with it :)

  4. As someone who has never been pregnant, that second picture makes me a little bit nervous :) How great though that you have those memories in picture form!
    Kate at ummmnowwhat.blogspot.com

  5. Such sweet photos, as usual! And thank you for posting that list of ideas- it will definitely come in handy. Have a great day! (O:

  6. I could squeeze Olive's cheeks all day long!

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  8. yes jacci, a little edible monkey.

    don't you know they are all the rage in florida?


  9. she is the cutest thing Emily! thanks so much for sharing my checklist. :)

  10. Oh my WORD... how adorable! :) love those pics!

  11. Awesome ideas! I'm going to start checking off that list :)

  12. Loving that checklist....and little miss Olive too =)

  13. Your little Olive is a.dor.able!!!

  14. Love the checklist and all the pictures of the cutest.baby.girl.ever! Your torpedo tummy is entertaining too :)

  15. Although I always love reading your posts, your words are that much sweeter when "Holocene" by Bon Iver is playing on your playlist.

  16. seriously could she be any cuter with those cheeks!!

  17. Do you like that baby sling? What brand is it, I like the fabric. Thanks :)

  18. She is the blog baby of the year that's for sure! She could not be any cuter!!!

  19. Adorable. Especially her in the sling!

  20. Hi there, I'm new here. Happy to be your newest follower. Love this link up. Your lil Olive is precious. LOVE her name. I love any and all old vintage names. SO excited to read more here. Thanks for the link up.

  21. Your pregnancy photos made me chuckle! You're so cute and tiny and BAM! Baby Bumperoo! SO cute. :) Now I wanna be pregnant again.... lol


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