random. my favorite kind of posts.

it's about to get all random, up in hurrrr.
brace yourself.

a picture of how clean our kids room is.
when 5 kids share one room it's NEVER clean.  let me repeat, NEVER.
even when i say "go clean your room" this is what it looks like when they are finished.
and the kids are proud of this, i tell ya.

a rare and quiet moment.
i love how i didn't hear him for 10 minutes, so i automatically assumed he had sharpied my couch or something, but instead i found him looking through a book.

caedmon (my oldest) told me that he wished his school had a talent show because he wanted to bring his radio on stage and do a dance to "dynamite" all by himself.
and all i could think of was napoleon dynamite, dancing to "canned heat" in front of the whole school, with his velcro sneakers and zippered pocket pants.
and i had this really proud mommy moment...like, i love that my kid wanted to do this.
he also informed me that he was going to open a frozen yogurt shop and pay all of his employees in frozen yogurt...and he thought it was the grandest plan of all.
my son, the entrepreneur.

for the past 2 weeks, we have had swim lessons everyday.
my 5 oldest all took part in them.
kohen's face pretty much sums up how he felt about swim lessons.

and well, i can't get over how much olive looks like me as a baby in this picture.
i mean, it's a funny face, but i'm pretty sure i have a picture of me as a baby, making that exact same face.
heck, i'm pretty sure i make this face at least once daily.
i always thought it was the asian genes that made my kids so cute, but i'm beginning to think it's my genes.
can you even handle that, mr. anderson?
i've recently gotten into the hunger games fad.
i know, it's like 3 years late, but whatev.  i don't like to do things the normal way.
{thanks amy and sara for that one...they brought me to the movie and i had no clue what it was about.  true story, i thought peeta was PETER, until like 3 weeks after i saw the movie.  who names their kid peeta anyways?  oh i know, a bread man.  get it?  pita bread.  that was a horrible joke.}
i'm in the middle of the second book and it's gooooooooood.
do not spoil it for me...or i will kick you in the shins.

and i mean, can we all agree to agree that this face should be the face of NASCAR?
could he be any cuter?


  1. I just read the first Hunger Games a couple of weeks ago, so I am late to the party, too. I'm headed to see the movie soon, and I need to start the second book! Love the pics of the kiddos!

  2. Love random posts! That is variety all there on a plate! Lovely photos, lovely memories!

  3. do MORE random posts!! I love 'em!!
    ohgoodness!! your kids are THE CUTEST!! I love how on the sign it said "except the top of the car I can't reach".. or something like that. ADORABLE!! And Olive? hahahahaha!!!

  4. i l.o.v.e. love random posts and this one is terrific! hunger games? yes! hilarious comment on your cute genes :) face of nascar? um, yes!!
    great post!

  5. goodness your kids are just ADORABLE! Love this random post!

  6. Welcome to The Hunger Games obsession!!! I've read all three books twice and I've seen the movie twice.....and I have a quote from the last book tattooed on my arm. They seriously changed how I think about SO much! And I love random posts, they're awesome!

  7. Yes, if my sons' room has 300 legos instead of 3,000 on any given day, I declare it clean. You learn to let it go. : ) Have a great weekend!

  8. I love me some random! They are the best posts.

    Your kids are too stinking cute.

  9. The car wash picture is priceless!

  10. I love that car wash sign so much!!!!! How adorable. And I would definitely work for that fro-yo shop!!

  11. Random, but awesome! What a happy post today.

  12. I'll work for him!!! Free frozen yogurt?? I'M IN!!!!!!!

  13. So excited you got into The Hunger Games! I just got into the books right before the movie came out and just love them! I'm sure everyone in their mom has said that already though haha! P.S. Is Caedmon accepting applications? I would love to be paid in frozen yogurt! ;)

  14. I think I'm dying from cuteness overload right now. That picture with everyone acting silly is so priceless!

  15. love it!! those quiet moments when you actually catch them doing something sweet rather than naughty... priceless!

  16. I LOVE this post.

    I love your son's entrepreneurial spirit. Makes sense.

    Swim lessons...had ours last week for one. Done. Last summer. Two kids. I can't imagine 5. Phew.

    Have a great weekend!

  17. randoms are always good :). i've read the first hunger games, and then someone semi ruined the end of the trilogy for me. i was (am) so pissed.

  18. I just finished the 3rd Hunger Games Book yesterday ~ MockingJay. Took me 1 week to read all three. Yes my kids were neglected for a few days, but I promise I did feed them! Enjoy the books ~ they are good!

  19. I love this post :) "The VERY top I can't clean." Cracking me up.

  20. i am so OCD and ADHD and just generally all over the place, so this random post works perfectly for me


    and so totally YOUR genes...of course :-)

  21. Your pictures are always so adorable but the one of Caedmon reading is killin me! Its like you could get a picture where hes in the same pose in 20, 30, etc years. I love it :)

  22. AHEM. Peeta is the only reason i read those books. and i wanted to get a boy kitty JUST so I could name him Peeta, but alas, kitty is a girl.

    Peeta, Peeta, Peeta.

  23. random posts are theeeeeee best!! I need to unload a ton of instagram photos and what not of our random times, i think it's sweet your little was found reading a book. aaaaaand my girls' rooms look this way too, i have 2 to a room and it still gets that messy, dang kiddos!! <3


  24. How on earth do you get time to read a book... and how on earth are your floors so clean?

    You are wonder woman!

    Loved this post, but love every time we get a glimpse into your days.

    PS - Bet your glad the hyper emesis is over... Did you know its coming up to the first 'world hyper emesis day'. Maybe you could give a little shout out to spread the word? There is a great web site that talks about it. helpher.org (Not my site, but its awesome!)

  25. I love your random posts. And I giggled at the Peeta/pita joke.

  26. Love your random posts. And welcome to the club. When you finish reading Hunger Games, try Divergent. I like it better than HG so far..... And with all that free time you have, you really have no excuses. What's that you say? You're moving in like three weeks? Ooooooooohhhhhhhh. Nevermind then. You are temporarily excused. But one day, pick it up. I think you'll like it.

  27. Great post, Emily! Caedmon's car wash sign made me laugh out loud!

  28. your kids are adorable, thanks for sharing :)

  29. ha, I am totally the same way about the Hunger Games. At the end of the movie, i was like,"wait? what there is more books?" haha, I thought there would be closure at the end of the movie hahaha


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