from first child, to sixth.

I mentioned on Monday that Olive has a fun new saying (butt cheeks).  I also mentioned that if she was my first kid I would be mortified, but seeing as she's my sixth, well...you know.  Butt cheeks just doesn't take such a high priority.
It's funny how things change, the more kids you have.
I'm sure you've seen the commercials where the mom is with her first kid and she packs everything in the house to go out for an errand.  Then kid #2 comes along and she throws a diaper in her bag and is good to go.  Yes, that's us. 
Except that usually we forget the diaper too.
Look, I consider it a win if I make it out my door with all 6 kids in tow. 
Ain't nobody got time to remember a diaper.

Forgetting diapers is my life...and here's a story to prove it.
The other day I needed to take my whole crew to the library.  I was finishing up getting ready, so I asked my oldest to take Olive and buckle her up.
Once I got to the car, I confirmed she was buckled and headed off.
When we get to the library, I take her out of her seat and realize THE GIRL HAS NO PANTS ON.
Or shoes.
I ask my other children, "ummm, did anyone notice that Olive was pants-less when we left the house?"
I get stared at by all the kids, like deers in a headlight.
I think to myself "oh well.  Hopefully the old saying No shirts, No shoes, No service (No pants) doesn't apply to a 1 year old" and we head into the library.
Picture her skipping all over the library with a shirt that's too small, and just a diaper.
This is my life.
No wait, then she poops.  And mama forgot a diaper at home too.  We currently have no diaper, no pants and no shoes with us.
Somebody please give me an award now, cause I'm very deserving of it.
I text Mr. Anderson "Olive just pooped and I don't have a diaper to change her."
His reply "Just change her diaper and then put her pants back on her without a diaper.  She'll be fine till you get home."
How Mr. Anderson remains confident in my parenting ability baffles me.
Needless to say, our library trip was cut short by a pants-less, poopy 1 year old.  Okay, and really me because I forgot all of her proper essentials.
I can't wait for her to tell stories one day of how we let her say "butt cheeks" all the time and never put pants on her.
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  1. lol you win some you lose some... at least you have 6 beautiful children that are all healthy, happy, and (many times) hilarious :)

  2. oh my word...dyyyyying!!!! the pants, the deer in the headlight kids, the poop....this is my life!!! I have four, so I can only imagine this business magnified by TWO MORE!! so hilarious!
    for real though, I just had a baby after five years of NOT having babies and I forgot too many diapers. I now have a little bag with diapers, wipes, and an extra outfit (that is undoubtedly too small now) in the car at all times. its been a lifesaver!

  3. Beautiful photos! I only have three kids, but oh, how I can relate! Here's a funny story, one day this summer we were going to a friend's house for a play date. I yelled downstairs to my two older kids to get some shoes on and get in the van. Surprisingly, they actually obeyed and by the time I got out there with the baby, they were all strapped into their carseats, so we left. Not until we were getting out of the van at our friend's house did I notice that my 5 year old daughter had no pants on! Seriously?! She did have her shoes on, though. :)

  4. awww that is the most hilarious story,I love it! And OMG is Olive just the cutest thing or what?!

  5. Haha, too funny!! I already feel the same way and we only have 2!!

  6. You always put sunshine in my days !

  7. this story is amazing - thanks for making me laugh today!

  8. Oh darling I hear you!! As a fellow mama of six I can completely relate to how just getting out of the house is a massive mission in and of itself! I took my eldest son to the doctor a few weeks back and after waiting for over an hour just to get into see the doctor... just as my sons name was called the baby did a massive poo (yanno... one of those leaky freaky ones) and so I sent the boy into see the doctor by himself while I whisked the baby to the car to strip him off and change him. It wasn't until after I removed all the soiled clothes and cleaned him up that I realised I had not only no spare diaper but not one single item of clothing either! I had to wrap him in a blanket.. and run back inside to help the son with the doctor! Certainly wouldn't have been in that situation with the first baby! So glad to know its not just me!! ;)

  9. Oh I so needed that laugh today!!! That was the BEST!!!!!

  10. It took me until my third kid to realize that I will always forget something-so I keep one spare everything in the way back of our car in a plastic shoebox. Saved me 1 jillion times.

  11. Honestly, well done getting out of the house at all. I am impressed! With even just 2 littles, I feel like it takes forever to get ready to go anywhere and go through my checklist to keep myself uber-prepared for whatever scenario might strike while we're out. I suppose the more kids you have, the more you let go and know that bringing everything anyone might need would drive you insane so you just roll with it and leave when you can!

  12. Honestly, well done getting out of the house at all. I am impressed! With just my 2 littles, I feel like it takes me forever to get ready to leave the house and go through my checklist for whatever scenario might strike while we're out. I suppose the more kiddos you have, the more you just let go and accept the fact that if you tried to bring everything anyone might need you would go insane, so you just leave the house when you can and call it a success!

  13. haha loved this story!! My two younger siblings were the last of us four and I swear my younger brother lived in nothing but his underpants for the first 3 years (he thought he was Tarzan and refused to wear clothes or get a hair cut) and my little sister was often found eating rocks and sand.. And this from my mom who is the primist of proper ladies and forced me to drink tea from a tea cup and "sit like a lady".

  14. This is just too funny!! Love it.

  15. LAUGHING! We only have four, but I always forget diapers, and often shoes. The other day I had one pantsless, as well, but luckily there was a cinderella dress-up dress in the car! :) (And I admit, I remember forgetting diapers with the first!)

  16. Real life right there! Even in all its crazy it remains absolutely perfect. Thanks for sharing this- best thing I have read all week!
    XO/Lena @ Root&Blossom

  17. i laughed so hard, i almost cried :) thank you for sharing those (hilarious) everyday life stories!

  18. Usually I'm one of those silent readers. I have been enjoying reading your blog for over a year now. Today I couldn't help but laugh out loud and remembered reading something similar on Instagram a few days ago. http://instagram.com/p/fd1ep4rqRX/ She's and awesome photographer and mommy, you should check her out :)
    You see, it doesn't depend on the amount of children ;P

  19. Emily, I've been reading your blog for a long time and this just may be my most favourite post of yours ever!


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