about that.

Let's talk about that week of blogging I just took off, without even planning it.
I'm sure I thoroughly angered my 2 biggest readers---Grandma and Grandpa.  Sorry guys!
We started the week with the Mr. and his birthday:
He turned 14.
Why doesn't he age?  I mean seriously.  Apparently I am gaining years for the both of us.
But back to his birthday.
It actually sucked.  I woke up with the flu.  Aside from my birthday, this was the second worst day of the year to wake up and have the flu.
I basically felt guilty about it the whole day, so I pretended to be fine and continued to help the family out.  Which resulted in 3 more members to succumb to the flu madness.
Note to self:  Self, when you're sick, STAY AWAY.
We spent the entire week passing it around.  Feeling better, then worse.
And we watched The Croods 189 times.  I found out it's apparently Kohen's favorite movie.
By the end of the week, things started looking up for us.  The 3 girls have yet to catch it which can only mean 1 thing:  they are more sanitary than my boys.  And me apparently.
The weather even was nice so we could get the germy kids outside for a while.
We didn't actually go get tested for the flu, but I'm pretty confident we had it.  Everyone we do life with has had it---it was only a matter of time.
We survived on a lot of water and a lot of oils.
I posted on IG the oil regime we used (you can find it over there @theandersoncrew).  The main thing we did was diffuse thieves around the clock.  And a quick tip:  to make your thieves last longer, purchase a bottle of clove too.  I do about 3 drops thieves, 4 drops clove.  Clove is a component of thieves, and a very inexpensive oil.  This helps to stretch your thieves a bit further.
I also used RC, frankincense and a lot of lemon.
This was our first major sickness this season!  I've always used our oils in a "preventative" mode, so to go into "treatment" mode was a new experience for me. 
For most of the family, the flu didn't stick around for too long.  I felt pretty crappy all week, but I attribute a lot of that to the fact that I hardly rested.  When you're the mama, rest just isn't allowed.
And when you have this stinker running around:
You really don't get much rest...ever.
Happy belated birthday, Mr. Anderson! 
You're welcome for giving you the greatest gift ever---the flu.


  1. Holy cow, your hubs does look super young! Sorry about sickness, that stinks.
    I was recently down and out sick and watched a season and a half of White Collar! Still haven't seen the Croods!
    Glad everyone is better!

  2. maybe mr. anderson is a vampire. thats why he doesn't age. also, i think hadley is part hawaiian.

  3. worst part about having a big family=how long it takes for sickness to pass through the family. Glad you're feeling better. Looking forward to seeing you at Hope Spoken, friend :)

  4. Emily, your family is gorgeous!!!! What a bummer having everyone sick. :( I just bought a book on using oils and fully intend on going the more homeopathic route this year. I've already starting taking some for my chronic fatigue and it seems to be helping some. Thank you for sharing your treatment regimen for the flu! We haven't had it yet (knock on wood) but it seems every single kid at the boys' school has...either it's out there waiting to pounce, or we're going to be super lucky.

    Glad y'all are doing better!!

    Being Barlow

  5. It's that lucky Asian gene :). My husband doesn't age either, I don't get it. He's younger than me to start, but he doesn't have to flaunt it every birthday. Happy Belated Birthday to Mr. Anderson!

  6. did keith eat his raw garlic on toast?


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