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The Andersons

Hello, we are The Anderson Crew - two parents, six kids, one tiny dog named Albus and a guinea pig named Norman (or Norma - we aren't quite sure).  I'm Emily - married to Keith (Mr. Anderson) and together we produced those lovely six kids. Five the good ol' fashioned way and one through adoption.  But thanks to my husbands Asian genes, none of them look like me.  We reside in the suburbs of Kansas City, on a tiny piece of land that keeps us busy.

I spend my days trying to balance everything: household duties, a home based business, having fun and hiney wiping (someone always needs their hiney wiped). I also can make a mean quesadilla and you will often find us quoting Nacho Libre or Napoleon Dynamite because we like stupid movies like that.

My husband and I are generally mistaken for 16 year olds. I love that and am praying it still happens when we're 80.  Sometimes my spelling sucks and I cuss. I'm sorry in advance.

Our life isn't perfect, it's messy. Literally, I have 6 kids. Our home is never clean. But, we do love Jesus.  At least we've got one good thing going for us.

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